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  1. How often does Greece play Italy? Surely, it will be sold out or close to it. I think the fans will come. It's an important game for us.

    Team will be ready to fight to then end.

    At 26:34, reporter mentioned that pre sales are 12,000

    Starting line up prediction

    4 2 3 1


    Zeca (RB), Soc, Manolas, Koutris or Stafylidis (LB)

    Samaris, Kourbelis (DMs)

    Masouras or Bakasetas (RW) Fortounis (CAM) Kolovos or Bakasetas (LW)

    Koulouris (F)

  2. On 12/2/2018 at 11:08 PM, Torontoblue said:

    No team in ever in the history of qualifiers has qualified from pot 4.

    Not true. Turkey qualified from Pot 5 in 1996 and Latvia qualified from Pot D in 2004. But, you are right it’s not going to be easy.

    We will have a clearer picture after the next 2 matches.


  3. On 5/14/2019 at 5:52 PM, Rockafeller Skank said:

    ... make sure u don't drop points with all 3 minnows (Finland , Armenia , Liechtenstein)

    Yes, we should, but we haven’t done it in 5 years.

    We shouldn’t underestimate Finland. They are no pushover. But, yes we need to beat them.

    Pjanic will miss 2. Hoping they drop points with Finland.

    I think we are underestimating Italy. They missed out on WC2018 and are on a mission. They are a very compact team. They will not expect to lose to us. I would not be disappointed with a draw.

  4. Nothing better than seeing a gutsy performance from your NT.

    I like what I'm seeing with this Ethniki and looks like we have options in defence, midfield and forward. Squad depth is looking better. It's a start that gives hope and optimism.

    Can't wait for Italy on 8 June in Athens.

    Hope EPO organises 1 or 2 friendlies end of May. Greek Super League scheduled to finish 6 May.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Dean97 said:

    Has this squad been rumoured? Or is this what you want to see?

    Also does anyone believe if Manolas or Sokratis would’ve done the same pass that Kourbelis assisted to Fortounis? I don’t think so.

    Kourbelis and Siovas both deserve to start next game they were very under control at the back.

    I'm guessing.

    I think Anastasiadis got the tactics right with Liechtenstein, except for starting Bakasetas who has now gone 20 matches without a goal. Time to give Koulouris and Donis more chances in starting line up.

  6. Mitroglou hasn't played much at club level looks out of sorts. At his best, he is our best striker.

    The team will be set up differently in Sarajevo and I can see us playing cautious and using counter attacks. Donis will be handy on the counter. A draw won't be a bad result.

    Siovas and Kourbelis were both good today.

    Possible starters for Bosnia match

    ? 4 2 3 1

    • Vlachodimos
    • Bakakis-Soc-Siovas-Koutris
    • Kourbelis-Zeca
    • Donis-Samaris-Fortounis
    • Koulouris

    Masouras sub

  7. Likely starters was

    Πασχαλάκης, Μπακάκης, Παπασταθόπουλος, Σιόβας, Κούτρης, Ζέκα, Σάμαρης, Φορτούνης, Μασούρας, Δώνης and Μήτρογλου.

    Strike out Παπασταθόπουλος and replace with Ρισβάνης or Κολοβέτσιος ?


  8. The current squad has 7 players who have played 1 or 0 games, 11 players who played 5 or less games and 15 who have played less then 10. The only experience on the team with more than 35 games is Soc, Mitroglou, Fortounis and Samaris. 

    We need to find goal scorers other than Mitroglou.


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  9. Tzimikas I think is injured. Bouzoukis and Limnios got called up to the U21s.

    The core group he's picked are from 2013-2015 U21s who are now in their mid 20s. I can understand the logic. I would have liked to seen Lamprou and Chatzigiovanis, but they are just 21 and will get their chance sooner or later.

    The pick I like is the Aris LB Valerianos. Strongly built lad, takes players on, pacey and can get in a good cross. That's what we need.


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  10. 5 hours ago, J1078 said:


    you don’t get paid for playing for your national team.. they look at it as more of an honour to put the jersey on which it is.. 

    Are you sure? England pays

    1. £1500 for winning a match qualifier / friendlies
    2. £1000 for a draw
    3. £500 for a defeat

    Then there are bonuses for making it through to major tournaments, and even bigger bonuses making out of the Group stages etc. For countries like Greece, there would be bonuses if team make it to Euro. Countries like England, Germany and Spain would start paying bonuses once they get out of the Group stages.

  11. I have a hunch that the new coach is going to go with youth. I expect to see L. Lamprou, Koutris, Tzimikas, Galanopoulos, Limnios, Hatzigiovanis and maybe Mavropanos (if not injured) come into the squad. He made it clear when overlooking Lazaros for the Estonia match.

    Team has been hurt by injuries at key times; K Pap, Retsos, Donis, Stafylidis and to a lesser extent Manolas & Soc missed key matches.

    NT cannot continue to play slow tempo football against weak opposition. If we do, expect to see more of the same. Actually, this has been problem for 10-12 years. Difference now is we are losing these matches 1-0. Weak teams park the bus and embarrass us on the counter. When was the last time we scored 3 goals? I see progress, but it will be slow. 

    I also have a hunch that  Soc will retire if we don’t make it to Euro 2020. We can’t lose to Bosnia away. A win vs Italy would be a huge boost. We will need to do better vs Finland and the return legs v Bosnia and Italy will determine our fate if we don’t stuff it up before then.

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  12. ^Dean, re: Donis I agree. Donis is indeed an astute coach, not only tactically and in his understanding of the game, players, but also in the demeanour, and psychology - possibly the best Greek football coach going round. I can see why Pao is going well.

    This is a real good show.  

    Ο Ντέμης σχολιάζει με Δώνη, Κατσουράνη και Μπασινά την εικόνα της ΑΕΚ με τον Παναιτωλικό ● 25.11.18 


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  13. We need a team from Pot A that we can cause a surprise. Switzerland, England, France, Belgium are on another level. Netherlands are coming strong and won’t want to miss Euro again. Portugal under Santos are difficult to beat. I think if the stars align, players that are injured get fit, then we can cause an upset with either Italy, Spain, Croatia, Poland. But not in our current state and inability to score.

    Notwithstanding the coaches decisions, In the Estonia game we were extremely unlucky. Even Hungary who ended 2nd in the Group, dropped into Pot 4.

  14. True, but team needs a lot of work.

    Team lacks pace in key areas. Wingbacks aren’t fast enough. We need better options. These are important positions if we are going to score goals. Not enough players in the box when we get into dangerous positions. We make bad decisions going forward. Shoot when we should pass, shoot when we should cross. Pass when we should shoot. Forwards and striker are static a lot of the time. Team lacks belief and confidence going forward. Players don’t trust each other. Remember the Pelkas non pass to an open Fortounis vs Finland.

    If you look at this game we could have created chances to walk the ball in. Sorry, but Bakakis is not very good at this level. Gianoulis didn’t take on one defender. Too scared to make a mistake. Tzimikas and Koutris are better but are still young. I think there are others who play in Europe that we need to look at. Greek SL is not a good standard. I think some of the guys playing in Holland, Belgium and Germany are better. We need to start looking outside SL for answers.

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