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  1. Here's a really fascinating read, about why Zikos was shown the door in 2003-04. Rehagel was himself an eccentric old man. A genius IMO. They should make a flick about this one day. To think that Rehagel opted for Katsouranis in favour of Zikos who was playing for Monaco, being one of the elite teams in Europe at the time.



  2. ^Socratis interview.


    Interesting how he said, once they lost a couple of matches, that it was very difficult to reverse it. Loss of confidence. Being a team sport, the individuals must have trust and confidence in each other. Which is clearly now a major part of the problem.


    The only way back is hard work, players who are committed to the cause, prepared to sacrifice and support their teamates, selfless and willing to run hard for 90 mins. Zagorakis was leader not because he was most skillful, fastest. He worked his arse off, got the respect of all the players on the team and that rubbed off on the rest of the team. Coach needs to find those players who willing to do that. Rehagel took a team of nobodies and won the Euro. In his first game in charge, he lost 5-1 to Finland, then 1 month later nearly beat England in England.

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  3. Amazing to think that the squad for the Faore Islands match and the friendly with Poland incl. Katsouranis, Tziolis, Vyntra but Holebas who is one of our best, most athletic players, plays regularly for Roma and is now 100% fit has been left out. We are desperate to win and we are 1 foot in the grave and every qualifier from here on is a cup final. We need all our best players. Even if he not start the match, you would expect he could be used as a sub.


    Interview with Holebas,


  4. At 23 he's still got a lot in front of him, and most if not all success stories have their low points. He overcame knee injury which was more serious than this latest setback.


    In my opinion and all injuries aside, K. Pap can be the next Karagounis for the NT. Not by the position he plays on the field but by the way he plays the game. I can't explain it, but I can see it every time he plays for the national team.


    This kid knows only one way to play, and that is he gives 100% all the time for his club, and then add another 20% to that for NT.

  5. Since 2012 in Turkey, Gekas has scored 45 goals in 73 games including just 1 in the last 12 since the appointment of Roberto Carlos on 2 January 2015. He also had 23 in 45 games for Eintracht Frankfurt from 2010-12.      

  6. Kone appears to me to be an enigma. You either like him or you don't. I personally rate him.  he's aggressive, attacking style gives us something and I'm not sure we have too many better options in that position. Skill wise, he's scored some great goals, 



    He did not play vs Romania, Finland and Northern Ireland, started vs Faroe Islands and came closest to score ((hit the bar), and vs Hungary had two headers which on another day may have gone in.   

  7. Yeah, I aggree. Samaras, probably is the most recognised Greek footballer. He's had 11-12y in Europe, incl. a good 7 years at Celtic, Champions League, Europa, 2 WCs and 2 Euro's by age 30. I fully understand his decision to go to Saudi as he enters the final years of his playing career. Samaras, still has a role to play for the NT, but just may not be starter every match.

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  8. There were 2 key objectives in the Hungary match. One was to not concede and the other was to win the match. On reflection I think we dominated this match and just failed to score. For 30 mins in 2nd half we had them pegged. I think Hungary will drop points against Romania, Northern Iteland and possibly away to Finland.

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