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  1. Comparing Greece's 2004 Euro and this Iceland adventure.


    Both lost their last warm up game before starting the tournament, were never expected to get out of their respective Groups, didn't dominate possession, matches won by 1 goal, nice goals out of few chances, unknown players, played Portugal in the Group stage, all blue uniform, playing France in the 1/4 final. Still a chance to play Portugal in the final.

  2. I'm thinking their goal difference of -2 will decide their fate. Don't think it will be enough.


    It may not come to that. All they need is for Czechs to draw or lose to Turkey and for Ireland and Sweden to not win their matches.

  3. Group F, Italy, Belgium and Croatia matches are capturing my attention at these Euro's. 


    As a neutral, the Iceland Hungary 1-1 was the best game for me. Iceland with white uniform are so white, they're like angels gliding on the field and fans have the best war cry. Hungary are not a power but look hungry, playing with a passion and desire you would want from your NT.


    Today, Portugal had more chances to win a match than what Greece had to win a Euro. Santos must be shaking his head, thinking even the Greeks gave me 1-0 wins. Ronaldo is playing like an aristocrat, could take a leaf out of Italy who are playing like coal miners. As for Belgium. It's going to be tough for us, but I hope we learn by watching how Italy and Ireland played them.  

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  4. I remember his one and only match for the NT vs Malta 3-1 in 2011, looked nervous after conceding goal, wasn't clean and to sum it up it wasn't a good debut. I'd never heard of him before that match, and I sort of wrote him off. Then not long after signing for Middlesborough in 2014, he goes to kick a pass back only to have the ball take a wicked bounce over his foot, cause him to miss and QPRs Zamora to walk into an open net in injury time. Hmm, QPR won 3-2. Unlucky for Dimitrios but perfect for you tube. I thought then, why is a mid 30s Greek GK playing in the UK. What he has achieved since that time with Middlesbrough has been amazing stuff, and a credit to his perseverance and talent. Huge respect! Good luck to him and to Middlesborough. I believe a draw will be enough to get them through.

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  5. I remember Gekas scored 4 vs Latvia in 2009. They were going in from everywhere that day. Then 0 goals in WC South Africa, comes back and gets 14 in 3 months for Eintracht Frankfurt who are in top 4 by Christmas, only to then score just 2 more for the rest of the season and Frankfurt ends up getting relegated.


    Gekas is hot or cold, a sort of enigma. As soon as you like him he lets you down, then you forget about him and he pops up with a hatrick, just like last week. At his best, he can save a team from certain relegation, as in 2013 at Akhisar. At his worst, he misses open nets.

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  6. Just did a quick calculation and he's bagged 171 goals in 377 matches from 2005-06, incl. all matches played in domestic leagues, cups and internationals. That's an average of 15.5 goals a season. That is quite an achievement when you consider that Sion is his 13th club over that time.


    His strike rate in domestic leagues is 138 goals in 198 matches, 69% and at internationals 24 goals out of 78 matches, 31%. If only he could have matched that domestic strike rate in internationals.

  7. I didn't see the match but he started Oikonomou, Moras and Siovas as back 3 and Torosides, Tziolis, Fortounis, Stafylidis and Holebas in MF and a front two of Karelis and Papazoglou.

    I get what you are saying though. Used Toro and Holebas as WB and Stafylidis in a midfielder role rather than a Tachtsides who is not getting much club game time or Petsos who hadn't trained much. What other options? Tzavellas.

  8. You can't blame the coach for trying out players in friendlies and he practically used everyone in these two matches. 


    The positives are we scored 4 goals in 2 games, which if you take out the 4-3 win against Hungary was 2 more than our campaign in the Euro qualifiers. Also, Fortounis and Petsos look class players and important players going forward. The negatives are 1) we cannot defend set pieces, which in the past was our strength and 2) we concede a dumb goal straight after scoring. Even with Montenegro we conceded from a corner after scoring and we had Manolas and Soc in the starting line up.


    We need to find our best DM and soon. Tziolis not the answer. I like Samaris as an offensive DM, but historically has shown to be one of the worst at marking players on set pieces. Maybe K Pap is the answer, but will he ever be 100%.


    On a lighter note, lets face it we can't beat any island, fishermem and the like. Scibbe needs to get this right before Cyprus. 

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  9. Mitroglou, Samaris, Soc and Manolas gone back to their clubs.


    Probable starting line-up,



    ...................Oikonomou, Moras, Tzavellas..................

    ..Torosides, Fortounis, Tachtsides, Petsos, Holebas..

    ...............................Karelis, Velios...............................


    Pelkas and Diamantakos probably get chance off the bench. 

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  10. Next coach has to be smart, tough and ensure that the next generation of players knows what it is required to play for NT. On and off the park. Zero tolerance in my opinion.


    What I saw in the Hungary game was that we have talent, players that can run for 90 min. I saw a youthfull team given the freedom to play and attack the opposition, which they did very well. There was nothing riding on the game, but it is these sort of games that you find your next incumbents.


    Right or wrong, there have been 53 players tried in this campaign and the new coach needs to fnd a squad of 20-23 players to take us forward.

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