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  1. I really hope we see a different system with Sweden, some changes are needed. Surely JVS can't start with the same 3 5 2 formation which was a disaster with Kosovo.

    Players playing scared of making a mistake, and consequently not winning balls that normally they would win, and not making good decisions when they have the ball. Play breaks down too often and too easily. Having just 41% of possession with Kosovo was embarrassing.

    I don't know the answer, but if I see the same formation, I will not expect to see an improvement.

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  2. Tough situation, because he had 3-4 injured players, but team should have got max points at Kosovo.

    If you sack JVS what then, bring on new manager and call back Manolas, Soc and Siovas. They all going to be retired by the time we make another tournament. The way forward for now is with Tzimikas, Gianoulis, Tziolis, Douvikas, Alexandropoulos, Hatzidiakos, Pavlidis, Mavropanos. In 2001 we played Finland and lost 5-1 with Karagounis, Basinas and Zagorakis in the midfield. 

  3. Sweden beating Spain means their match vs Greece now takes on a greater significance.

    Sweden on 9 pts after 3 games. Now that they beat Spain, they will be looking at top spot in the Group so they will be super motivated and confident to beat us, Kosovo and Georgia. With 6 out of 6 wins they just need to beat us in Sweden on match day 7 and top spot is theirs regardless of their match with Spain away in the last game.

    We must not lose to them in Greece otherwise we are chasing Spain for 2nd spot, and that will be extremely difficult.

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  4. Of those out injured, at least 3 would be starters. It’s bad when 1 or 2 are missing but that’s half or 3/4 of the attack. Next possible players who may start are Limnios, Chatzigiovanis, Mantalos, Vrousai or Douvikas. Players that are either not playing regularly, inexperienced or out of form. Not ideal when you need wins.

    Then again Greece seem to get results when it’s not expected.

  5. Pelkas - Shoulder Injury
    Return expected on Aug 30, 2021

    If Kyriakopoulos and Lykogiannis played in any other position than LB, I think they would be in this squad. Having said that Koutris is also a LB. 

    Good to see Fountas was called up. Can't see how Bakasetas not start under JVS.



    Retsos K Pap Mavropanos K Tzimikas

    Galanopoulos Bouchalakis

    Masouras Bakasetas Fountas


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  6. In our qualifiers, so far we have struggled to create chances with player selections, and 4 2 3 1 formation.

    So it was interesting to see some new players, and a line up vs Norway, using a 5 3 2 or 3 5 2 formation with wing backs.

    Masouras, Pelkas did well in both friendlies and then if you add Fortounis we have a solid front line. Tziolis is young but a solid backup. I would also add Fountas in the mix also. For me, Mantalos is currently out of form.

    Pavlidis or Giakoumakis our current striker options. They are best we have.

    K Pap, Tzavelas and Mitropanos all doing well, so we have a solid back line.

    Tzimikas, Gianoulis and Androutsos looking good as wing back options. Kyriakopoulos and Lykogianis as backups 

    Problem is and continues to be in the midfield. From these friendlies, I think Bouchalakis and Galanopoulos are ahead of Zeka and Siopis.

    Suddenly and inexplicably, it seems we have a settled lineup, but what do we do with our captan, Bakasetas. I am not anti Bakasetas, and I think he does bring certain leadership with the way he competes, but lacks skill and creativity of Fortounis. I don’t know if we can play both in the starting 11 or rather it hasn’t worked so far.

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  7. Not everything is lost, but pressure builds with every lost point.
    I think we’re going to need 15-16 pts to get to 2nd i.e. 4 wins out of 6 matches starting with Kosovo. Hope that Georgia can draw Sweden. Our games with Georgia away and Sweden away will be difficult to win but will determine our fate. On current form we can’t win. Time for JVS to take some risks and play a more attacking lineup, and use both Tzimikas, Giannoulis in starting.
    It’s 5 months between now and the next qualifier. I hope we got some friendlies booked.



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  8. Result was disappointing but we didn’t deserve the win and that was just as disappointing. Two shots on target. The performance was a concern. Someone said this and I have to agree The lineup was right, but tactics were not.

    I thought Tzolis should have started on the left. Fortounis on the right. As they did with Honduras.

    Tziolis shouldn’t have come off. Coach and captain have to support and get the best out of him. He has the ability just needs time. He’s a creater, and gets in positions. Goals will come sooner or later.

    Bakasetas didn’t impact the match. His presence not felt. This is most concerning as he’s team captain. Hard to understand what his role is as he’s not linking well with defenders and forwards.

    Mavrias fell at a crucial time. Cost us. Same play, Limnios switched off. Their no. 18 had to be man marked and not allowed time and space on the ball anywhere near the box.

    Giakoumakis strayed offside from a set piece. Cost us the go ahead goal.

    Giakoumakis and Zecca suspended next match.

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