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  1. Patsa is going to sign for Omonoia in Cyprus
  2. Guys stop arguing about Samaras. Well done to the bloke for winning the cup this year, he play his part along the way. DUDE I know where you're coming from but Samaras being highly rated, even if he isnt that good, is hardly going to ruin the reputation of Greek football. js1000, come on mate, dont get carried away with the blokes ability. Have you actually spoken to anyone in the uk that doesnt think he's crap, or maybe average at best? You say name me one Greek player that's acheived as much as he has abroad at his young age, but in reality he hasn't done anything. He played a bit-part role last year and this year he won the scottish cup, it means nothing. From an individual perspective he's flopped at every foreign club he's been too. So although I think DUDE's a little too harsh, you're at the other extreme. By European standards Samaras is at the level that is between "average to crap", we have to deal with that. You also need to chill out on Basinas mate cos the man is a Greek legend. He's not lazy, he's gotten older and his energy levels have dropped; and yes he was loved by Mallorca fans. He played 75 games in 2 years for them and by many pundits/fans was considered one of the best holding midfielders in the league in his first year. All things come to an end though and 2 years down the line it was his time to leave, he was a great player though (in the mould of Campo or Tugay).
  3. Gekas didn't even make the bench for Portsmouth's 2-2 draw with Stoke. What is going on? Why on earth did they sign him if he isn't in their plans??
  4. It's common knowledge that Gekas is unhappy and wants to leave Leverkusen asap. But as far I know the only club that has shown a slight interest is Olympiakos. Has anyone else heard any interesting transfer rumours?
  5. He scored the first in Benfica's 2-0 win over Guimaraes in the cup.
  6. Gattuso is injured for the rest of the season, and Emerson can't run anymore. Yes they have Flamini who is a good player, but they also have numerous defensive injuries and Kats can play both in midfield, in central defence and at full back, so he is a versatile option for them. So why not? I hope he goes. It would be good for him and good for the prestige of Greek football.
  7. http://www.goal.com/en/news/1636/reggina/2...porn-movie-role All I can say about this is :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. I'm sorry guys but this news has enraged me: :angry:
  9. he didnt do quite as well as i hoped but it was his debut right? so considering that he did ok.
  10. If I'm not mistaken Papastatathopoulos hasn't even featured yet. He's been an unused sub in every game. What's going on?
  11. I think pretty much everyone here agrees that the Greek league is vastly superior to the Scottish league. Identifying that doesn't mean we won't give Samaras credit, it just means that he must do more to earn it. The moment you stop demanding more is the moment you stop acheiving more. As Oscar Wilde said "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking to the stars". If we want Greece to acheive stardom on the world stage again we need more from our most talented players like Samaras.I'm editing this post because I've just read the article that Plato-ny has pointed to in the greece forums where seitaridis says in an interview that ninis couldnt last 10 mins in training because he was so unfit. maybe that's why he doesnt play for the nt or for pao at the moment. now ask yourself how the kid could let this happen? could it be because he was so overblown as a player that he began to believe his own hype and started becoming complacent? its dangerous to overblow your players so we're just remaining realistic about samaras.
  12. Personally I agree with DUDE but I do think he is being abit harsh. Anyone who watches the SPL and the Superleague knows that the our league is miles ahead of the Scottish league, they are incomparable so its silly to over state samaras' acheivements. But sometimes a striker needs to score goals to re-find his confindence. I used to play youth football at quite a high level, when I was at Arsenal I was topscorer for two seasons running (I was a striker), but towards the end of that second season I got injured. I missed the first couple of months of the new season but never came back in the same form. So where i scored 20+ goals in my first two years in my third year i ended the campaign with 4 goals. I was told I wasn't needed any more so I left and went to a non-league (semi-pro team) called Dagenham and Redbridge. I obviously dropped level significantly but I was getting enough goals to get some confidence again and later that season I moved to Crystal Palace. I didn't make it as a pro in the end for a couple of reasons but the moral of the story is that dropping a level isnt always a bad thing DUDE. Samaras played in Holland which is a weak league and he showed promise, he moved to the prem where it didnt work out so he's moved to a weak league again. If he finishes top scorer he may attract enough interest to move to a big league again where his game will improve enough for him to offer something to ellada. Give him time, at the moment he's doing well.
  13. i dont think dude is crapping on him. he's merely saying that the reason samaras doesnt replicate that form for greece is not merely because he doesnt get support from greece's midfield as clover has argued but also because he is playing against weak opposition. he's right too. look at how many goals samaras has scored from being all alone in the centre of the opposition's defence. if he starts performing like that in the champs lge too and for greece we can start getting excited otherwise bigging him up too much is premature. you have to understand that samaras is arrogant too so the last thing he needs is for people to start blowing wind up his ass. he needs to keep working hard because at the moment he's just an average player.
  14. Gekas continued his return form with a goal in Leverkusen's impressive 0-2 win at Stuttgart.
  15. Scored 2 today in Celtic's 3-0 win! :tup:
  16. Is Lua Lua leaving for sure then?
  17. Reyes would attempt to replace Lua Lua and he isn't good enough to do that.And which Garcia is being linked? Sergio Garcia prob wouldn't come to Greece but there's no reason that Luis Garcia wouldn't. However, he wouldn't get into the Olympiakos team. He plays on the right and there's no way that he's better than Galletti.
  18. If the rumours are true, he'd be a really good signing. trabzon's best defender.
  19. Greece striker Gekas prepares to shine on big stage Reuters, Friday May 23 2008 By Barney Spender ATHENS, May 23 (Reuters) - Fanis Gekas needed a spell in the Bundesliga to blossom into the striker who will lead the line for Greece in their title defence at Euro 2008. Gekas, who turns 28 later this month, was always a good goalscorer from the moment he started his professional career with his local club Larissa, who were then in the second division. But he was never the finished article. He consistently found the back of the net too for Kallithea, with 46 goals in 99 league appearances, and then again for Panathinaikos, who he joined midseason in 2005 on his way to becoming the league's top scorer. But something was still wrong. His first touch was poor and, in spite of an impressive strike rate of around one every two games, he came across as an inconsistent finisher. His break came in 2006 when Panathinaikos signed Dimitris Salpigidis from PAOK, with Gekas due to go the other way as part of the deal. However, he put his foot down and managed to secure a loan deal instead to struggling Bundesliga club VfL Bochum. It proved to be a turning point in his career. Playing in a tougher league and away from the critical eyes and voices at home, the hard-working Gekas moved up a level. His season there turned him into a fans' favourite as he notched 20 league goals, helping the club secure a mid-table finish and making him the top scorer in the Bundesliga. Gekas then moved to Bayer Leverkusen where, despite spending more time on the bench, he still managed to score 11 times last season. In the meantime, he has begun to look more comfortable and confident on the ball in a Greece shirt, especially since German coach Otto Rehhagel started using him in a three-man forward line. Having made his Greece debut in 2005, Gekas had to wait for his 15th international appearance before scoring in a 2-0 qualifying win over Hungary in Crete last June. However, he has since gone on to score five more, including a hat-trick against Malta last November, and will be looking to add that tally at Euro 2008. (Editing by Trevor Huggins)
  20. Well I don't think they are indicative of anything genuine, but I'd take 8th in the world any time! They've become a lot more realistic now because the quality of opposition is taken into account. Gone are the days when the U.S. would be in 8th position because of 9 consecutive wins against teams like Hondouras.Now it's much more realistic and as such is reflective of how amazing Otto and the boys' acheivements have been.
  21. He'll probably leave in the summer, but why Oly? He wouldn't get in the team.Aris are reported to be interested, and that would be a much better move for him.
  22. Dude I agree with you that the scottish league sucks. But give the guy a break. Motherwell had a completly unorganised D but he did well to find get the ball and finish it easily.What to see a nice goal agastn a good team? Check this one out vs West Ham What do you got agasnt him? :P In DUDE's defence West Ham were not a good side last year. They only survived relegation by 3 points.
  23. Samaras scored the winner today in celtic's 2-1 win at motherwell. the goal came from a corner
  24. He really is a natural goalscorer. What a great purchase buy AEK. These are the sorts of foreign imports the league needs, not bums like Conceicao.
  25. I have no doubt that he can add muscle, but I because of his naturally small frame that muscle won't make much of a difference to him. He's tall and slight, he'll never be strong, whatever he does. So he needs to become more explosive in his game (which is a type of fitness in itself).
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