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  1. Better Call Saul season 3 is starting up in the Spring. Just finished watching Ballers season 2 and really enjoyed that.
  2. It's pretty segregated in this country regarding blacks and whites. Blacks mostly live in their own neighborhoods where whites live in their own. I live in a city where its probably 98% white and it's rare to see a black person walking down the street. Likewise, you can go into neighborhoods where its 98% black. Not all black communities are war zones either. We have some middle class communities that are probably 60% black and all is quiet and kept and safe. It's interesting dynamics here but I wouldn't really call them good dynamics. It's a problem that isn't going away anytime soon.
  3. Typical Jihadists from the religion of Pieces. Turkey deserves this because they want to make deals with ISIS for oil and then sending all the terrorists to Greece so they can cause havoc in Europe.
  4. It's Brazil and he's a cop so I'm assuming he will be released in 2 years but then again the same result would happen in Greece. Not sure if Brazil gives their inmates weekends to go home though.
  5. I know Greece is broke and all but don't understand why the ambassador would need to get a rental car and I'm surprised he doesn't have a bodyguard considering how dangerous Brazil is.
  6. Russia wanted to get involved in the Middle East as a self proclaimed "super power" and now they have to deal with all the side crap that goes with it. Turkey is in a great situation that the US needs them and Russia needs them so they can do as they please with no consequences.
  7. Now I just heard the CEO of Exxon is going to be the Secretary of State. I have to hand it to the Republicans, they find the hazo Amerikani and throw social issues at them (Mexicans, illegal immigration, muslims) and hook, line, and sinker they fall for it and the elite agenda is about to take place again. Aek66, all year you were a Trump supporter and crying about the Mexicans and you fell for it hard. Congrats man. When will you guys learn that its all about money.
  8. The true idiots are the Trump voters who have shitty jobs and feel Trump relates to them. Yes, I've run into idiots who make $9 hour who are Republican. They will get even more destroyed the next 4 years. Just imagine, $9 hour and these same dopes were getting subsidized Obama care on top of this and now they will have nothing. These idiots were hearing "Drain the swamp" and Trump was flying back home on personal jet in Manhattan and these morons swallowed all the bullshit. Anyone that votes for a candidate for social topics (BLM, abortion, gay rights) is a major Vlaka. The next 4 years will be a major lesson to the white idiots. I want Trump and the Republicans to destroy these losers. No health care, $9 hour, but you get to keep the red hat.
  9. The comedy that will ensue for all the idiot Trump voters the next 4 years will be off the charts. I'm loading up on Finance and Defense stocks so I can profit off the idiots who got conned into voting for him. The labor secretary is a guy who things wages are too high, the EPA person thinks climate control is a hoax, and then you got the Goldman Sachs people who are the swamp creators. The idiot white voter who "Hates dem' foreigners" and "Make America Great Again". The joke was on you by the master bullshitter himself, Donald Trump. My favorite part is the Trump voters (Who I want to mention again are idiots) are defending Goldman Sachs now as a great American company and the people appointed from them are taking a pay cut and doing this as a patriotic way to help the country HAHAHA. Stupid Stupid Stupid.
  10. Only 13% of all the voters said immigration was an issue and I bet those were either KKK members or people who live on the southern border. You can read statistics until your face turns blue but if Trump doesn't follow up with his jobs plan, he will be chased out in 4 years. The two biggest things were Jobs and Health Care. That's it. Not going to argue anymore with your obsession over immigration and Mexicans.
  11. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/11/09/fox-news-general-election-exit-poll-summary.html Like I said, immigration and social issues are loser issues unless you're KKK, an anti-abortion kook, or just a plain gun nut, most people want to have money and be able to get ahead in life. Deporting Jose and his family won't help me one bit. Trump characterized Hillary as establishment and pro Nafta where Trump came into the midwest and started to talk about the empty factories and all the jobs lost and how China and Mexico are laughing at us and taking our jobs away. There is not an immigration issue in the midwest unless you wear a white hood. The people were told we would get jobs back and he needs to deliver or they won't come out in 2020 for him. We better start "winning" in the next 4 years.
  12. I don't think he will be ok if he just deports illegals. The people that voted for him want factories back, to rip up NAFTA, to rebuild America etc... Doubling down on illegals is a losers strategy and it doesn't help Jim-Bob who works at Walmart for $9.50 hour. Trump told him that we will win so much, we will be sick of winning. Deporting illegals only gives a boner to the KKK. The rest of America cares about jobs and health care.
  13. That is a major campaign promise he made to get out of NAFTA. He needs to follow through.
  14. Greece can't do anything and Turkey knows it. Europe is more worried about not offending Mohammad and Abdul and providing refugees with halal beef. The Muslims continue to play Europe for what they are. A bunch of spineless pansies.
  15. If you ever watch Greek tv, you will notice the same 1-2 commercials on the whole day. Not sure how any tv station makes a profit.
  16. That's not true. Obama can pardon her for "past" crimes. They mentioned in an article where Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon for past crimes.
  17. I agree with Hudson. I want to see the wall, all the jobs brought back, prosecute Hillary, crush Isis, repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better, rebuild all the infrastructure. I can't wait!
  18. I set my parents up with it. They aren't tech savvy but they can handle it and it saves them $40 a month which they were paying to Ellas Tv.
  19. I agree. Its free on Kodi. Don't waste your money.
  20. The most telling thing in the vast majority of these "victims" is that they have a rap sheet as long as a 400 lb person's grocery list.
  21. Like others have said. You don't even live in the US. You have no clue except for youtube videos and rap music. When you move down here, then you can live it.
  22. Add me to the list of idiots that pays federal taxes. I wish I were a genius too.
  23. The reality is that its hard to employ black youth because most of them have dropped out of school to listen to hip hop full time.
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