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  1. I'm not sure when he had the brain injury but he's had a violent past for shooting someone. Also, was put in state prison for shooting at police in 2005. He's been in arrested multiple times. Clearly not a nice guy.
  2. The video of his wife was strange. It's like she wanted him to get killed by the cops. I mean if it was my loved one, I couldn't just stand there with a phone and keep on repeating "He better not die". I would run to the vehicle and tell the person to put the gun down and make sure the police understood he had something wrong with him. It's like the "hip hop" crowd wants their loved one to get killed so they can get money.
  3. No, I'm referring to Tzatziki This is the poor victim in Milwaukee. The white man is keeping him down.
  4. Or the east side of Detroit or the south side of Chicago or East St Louis... Dude is living in a fairy tale world. His white Canadian ass would get beaten and robbed so fast. Shame on a Canadian trying to lecture us on the pros of Black Live Matters.
  5. They burned Milwaukee down last night because the police shot and killed an armed black man who had a lengthy criminal past. This is such nonsense in this country. Whoever is behind BLM needs to go to prison.
  6. Because you don't live in the US, so stop lecturing on us stuff you know nothing about. I do. I live in the US. All these vlakias coming out of your mouth every second. You're some sorry ass white person that would get beaten and robbed in these neighborhoods but you're too stupid to figure it out. Its not just one, its multiple Africans I know despise American blacks. The culture is garbage and you lick it up with your ghetto rap music you listen too. You're the problem, not the solution because you're encouraging this behavior by listening to nonsense.
  7. Exactly. Look at Chicago every weekend, its a war zone with 50 shootings a weekend and 99% are black on black. It's all gangs and drugs. Not drug users, but drug dealers. I have a Nigerian friend tell me what a disgrace "American Blacks" are. In Nigeria they value education and are generally family oriented where here there is a sense of pride to drop out of school, sell drugs, and have a baby so they can be a "man". Africa may be a mess but an African has a totally different mentality than an American Black. Tzatziki still doesn't want to say what country he lives in...
  8. I'll take a step further. You go to a black neighborhood and I don't care if you're poor or feel the white man has you down but clean around your house. Cut your grass. Shovel your snow in the winter. Basic stuff like that. Go to a Mexican neighborhood again adjacent to the black neighborhood or an Arabic neighborhood that has all immigrants and its night and day difference. Its like they still have that African jungle mentality in them.
  9. I do because if you don't live next to a large black community in the US like I do then you really have no idea.
  10. The only thing they can give anyone is land for military bases.
  11. Love how Turkey and Russia are best friends again. Greeks need to wake up about Russia being our friend but the typical Greek is a conspiracy believing idiot.
  12. A mavro can carjack someone and run over 10 people and you will have clowns out there complaining that the police didn't have to kill them. I even read a moron complaining that the police shouldn't have shot that muslim scum in Nice who ran everyone over and it was police brutality. Amazing how stupid people are.
  13. Not sure why everyone is wasting their breath with "solutions". You can't provide solutions to a nation that is corrupt to the bone. This is what they want. Just give them a coffee and a tyropita and to sit and complain for 6 hours about how everyone is screwing them. Really sick of all the people bitching in Greece about how its the politicians fault but they were stealing money all these years and not paying taxes. Greece is a useless country. Summer vacation and thats about it. If you do business in Greece, then you're an idiot.
  14. If you call being disgraced, losing your career, and having to go in hiding preferential treatment.
  15. What are you even talking about? Should we waterboard them?
  16. I don't understand how you can steal a car, and then try to outrun the police, and not expect to get shot. "He was unarmed". Who cares, he stole a car and was speeding through the streets. He could have easily killed someone crossing the street and he could have ran a police officer over. What will end up happening is the police won't care anymore in Chicago and then just let everything go just like what is going on in Baltimore. This is why Trump is in this race.... Crap like like Black Lives Matter.
  17. I saw it when I was there last month. For a country with a so called 25% unemployment rate, I didn't see it. Everyone was spending the day drinking coffee or walking around with no purpose. The one thing about Greece is that all the semi trucks seemed to be filled with farm crops and the lack of trains to move products. But when you produce nothing, you really don't need trains. The Greek mentality is to blame the politicians for everything there but these same people never paid any taxes all these years but its someone else's fault. Nothing will change the Greek way of thinking. Its all about conning the system.
  18. That's true. Greece steals from the EU, Russia and the US use Greece. I guess we can call it even haha.
  19. What about his upcoming meeting with Putin. This is like wrestling, we could see a Russia-Turkey alliance soon.
  20. Actually the son in law lost a lot of money from what I heard. Either way, who cares. Its not like Hillary took Greece's economy down the tubes. Greece has another fall guy to blame now for its ineptness.
  21. Turkey is going to crash and burn soon. When you start firing all the military, teachers, media etc... and they are capturing thousands and thousands of people, this won't end well.
  22. That is the only way these people know is through violence and killing. You're dealing with people who only live for religion and nothing else. These people should be taken on a ship and given 2 options. Either we will take you back to Syria or the second option, we drop you in the middle of the ocean.
  23. Exactly. The people that are coming over to Europe are mouth breathing neanderthals. The doctors and engineers are still in Turkey. I read an article that said that two thirds of the refugees in Germany are illiterate. The companies with job openings are finding them useless. But I don't have a problem if they all go to Germany. Just as long as they don't pollute Greece.
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