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  1. The Greek media is so far out of reality too. They love to show baby Ahmed and his mother who came from Syria and all they want to do is start a new life in Germany and the European nations are racist for closing the borders. Its like these people are oblivious to what is going on around them.
  2. Haha! Syriza doesn't care about Greeks. They want open borders and every Paki, Syrian, and Afghani leaving in Greece with Mosques going up all around. Only in Greece can these band of idiots be elected.
  3. The best part is the army has no food to feed its soldiers but they are feeding Mohammad and Ahmad who would blow them up if they had access to explosives. Nobody could have predicted such a bad government and its only getting worse. This guy thinks he's a revolutionary. Even the Castro brothers are seeing the writing on the wall.
  4. I'm going this year also for about a month and yes, Pireaus will be a disaster. Europe is not capable of stopping anything. I'm most worried about a disease breaking out.
  5. I am on twitter but mostly to follow, I don't really post or engage with people. So I follow a lot of the European and Greek mainstream media and I can't believe how many of them are all for the Muslim invasion of Europe and the religion of peace. How stupid can these people be. They want open borders and always come up with daily little stories how some family from Syria were bread makers and all they want is to go to Germany. Get real. I'm not falling for this nonsense.
  6. I'm watching Billions Better Call Saul Vinyl Then Silicone Valley in late April and then after that I will watch Ballers
  7. Italy is jointly guarding the border at Albania with the Albanian army. Even the Italians are fed up with the Greeks and Italians are usually a supportive voice for us.
  8. You have a government that wants open borders and doesn't care about immigration. Also, the fact that they are all coming in at 1 or 2 locations and they can't stop it, is a joke. Its like leaving your back door open at your house and people keep coming in your house daily and robbing it and instead of getting a lock, you just leave it open. This is gross incompetence by the government. 2000 people arrive at the same spot on Lesbos everyday. Where is the Greek Navy at. What clowns!
  9. I bet you will be able to find Greeks who retired in their 30's and I'm not talking about people who had to retire because of a medical reason either.
  10. I'm thinking it was probably better to vote for pension reform in the summer when the farmers are busy with their crops haha. Greece is such a mess.
  11. How hard can it be to stop the problem in Lesvos. Its one tiny island and they are taking the same route. The continent has to be beyond frustrated with Greece.
  12. They always have a segment on Florida every morning on the local radio station and basically all the weird s%$#! does happen down there.
  13. It's much easier in the US or Canada as a refugee then it will be in Europe because everyone is mixed. No matter what Ahmad does from Syria, he will never be seen as being French in France. He will always be a Syrian where in the US or Canada, nobody really cares about that stuff and he could blend in. The problem is that a lot of the refugees in Europes end up living in ghettos, where a lot of the middle eastern immigrants in the US, end up owning 5 gas stations and 3 party stores and make a lot of money. Go to Dearborn where a lot of middle eastern immigrants are, and its nowhere near a ghetto. Its the exact opposite. Money everywhere.
  14. Nobody will be arrested either for the bomb or the threat
  15. If you are willing to sew your lips shut, then you got some mental issues and I wouldn't want you in my country either.
  16. I doubt Russia is going to do anything. Maybe Russians won't travel to Turkey on vacation or they ban Turkish imports, but Russia won't launch an attack on Turkey.
  17. I agree. No need paying when its free.
  18. I just installed something similar on my Amazon Fire tv using Kodi called Hellenic Tv. Wow. This thing really rocks. Not sure how it works and who supplies all the channels but so far so good.
  19. If I see somebody in the street that needs help, I call 911 and let the authorities handle it,******************(DELETED POST)
  20. https://youtu.be/Yq8_cvpOnSA?t=12s These are your "war" refugees yelling Allah Akbar and attacking the police. Why can't these people fight in their country like what most people do instead of invading Europe. Muslim XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX :nono:
  21. This guy paid $4000 Euros to go to Greece illegally on an inflatable raft from Turkey. Yet, the media and even the idiot Greek Media are blaming Europe and now Canada too. I guess the aunt lived in Canada but as you said, this guy never applied for anything after living THREE years in Turkey. I love how they've had a civil war for a few years and the conditions are horrible yet they are still knocking up all the women and they are having their 10 little Mohammads each to spread the Muslim ************ (DELETED) around the world. God help us. This isn't a religion, its a cult.
  22. We've already had this conversation at work and we don't want them. Nobody does, except some idiot Europeans that don't realize that this Muslim ********* (DELETED) will turn against them using their own laws. You need to wake up and stop thinking that these are humans, they are not. They are savages. Even Saudi Arabia and Kuwait want no part of them.
  23. This Kurdi guy was living in Turkey for THREE years and wanted to go to Europe so he can fix his teeth for free and the result of his stupidity cost his family members their life. I can't make this up. Poor Europe. They will be controlled by Islamic radicals in 30 years because these people will multiply. And why not. They get free health care, food, education etc... Straining the system and complaining on top of it.
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