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  1. You can't compare Greek idiots rioting for a day to Muslims who will turn your country into filth. These people are demanding all kinds of stuff and blocking trains etc... Who gives them this right. Is their a rule we have to take a bunch of Muslims in the country. They can easily go to Turkey but no they want to go to Europe because Europeans are generally gullible and stupid and "feel sorry" for them. Then its too late and you turn into France where you have monthly attacks from idiots. Why aren't fellow Muslims like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia taking them in. These countries are rich from oil too. Because they don't want these people in their country causing strife.
  2. Put them in Saudi Arabia or something. I can't believe people are picking on Hungary like they have an obligation to house and feed thousands of Muslims. Nobody wants these people because once they get in, they will have 10 kids, and demand Mosques, and next thing you know, they will take over. Its not like Europe has an abundance of jobs for these people either. They all want to go to the UK, Germany, and Sweden because they will get hooked up with freebies. These people suck. Demanding food, health care, housing and protesting. Get the F*** out of here and go back home.
  3. Another conspiracy I have is with Isis. You can't tell me that they can destroy Isis in a few weeks. These are idiots roaming around in Nike shoes and Toyota pickup trucks. Its like they are letting Isis do whatever. Also, the fact that they sell oil, they could easily find out where the oil is coming from and blow up their oil fields. Something isn't right with ISIS. Like they are allowed to stay there to cause chaos which is unfortunately allowing all the Mohammeds to invade Greece and the rest of Europe.
  4. Agreed. I'm thinking he will win by 6-7%. It would have been more if his party didn't implode.
  5. He will win but it will be very hard getting 40% when you have 100 parties.
  6. No, I'm talking about Athens, Patra, etc.. Less cars are out on the road.
  7. I didn't go this year but one thing I noticed and the people that went this year can confirm this is that I saw a lot less traffic in recent years compared to say 2008. Literally their are not those many cars on the road and I'm thinking its worse now. Also, the kaffenia in the villages had a lot less traffic. I remember in the older days they would make souvlaki and other food and they stopped it completely or only make it a couple days a week.
  8. Excellent point Koro. The sick thing to me is that these people are coming into Greece UNINVITED and demanding to be fed and given medicine etc... Now they are on the northern border trying to get through to Macedonia and of course Macedonia wants no part of these people either. What a mess. Its bad enough we are bankrupt, now we have to deal with this crap.
  9. Why even recuse these people. Just let them drown. All these muslim terrorists are invading Europe and Europeans are too dumb to figure it out. France is having monthly terrorists attacks by these people and they are still coming in by the thousands. You know how these people are. They come in, demand food and health care, strain the system, and then have 10 little mohammads and next you thing you know, they will be 40% of the population.
  10. Hopefully the people woke up and realized that there are no shortcuts anymore and that threatening Europe and all the other BS isn't going to work. At least Tsipras finally admitted that this was the only way after all these months of playing games. Varoufakis is still trying to change the currency over so he can add that to his new book and his speaking circuit tour. Varoufakis is a god damn clown.
  11. Either way Varoufakis is running from camera to camera to newspaper to do interviews left and right. This guy knows how to market himself. People are still blinded by him but a lot of people are coming around to realize how destructive this guy was to Greece this year and his only goal is to sell books and go on the lecture circuit. He's a poverty pimp.
  12. Varoufakis needs to just shut up and move on. He is only making the situation worse but he is an attention whore. The guy knows nothing about running an economy or how real life works but he thinks he's god's greatest gift because he is a teacher. Typical college professor. They know the theory but they have zero experience in practice. Life isn't run through a text book unfortunately.
  13. How can Greece do any reforms when one portion of Syriza wants to arrest people and take over the mint and call Russia for help, the other clown wants to hack a computer system, and then when you listen to parliament, a lot of the people there are complete nimrods who talk about conspiracies involving the US, George Soros, etc.. The common theme is it is everyone else, not Greece. We are being infiltrated.
  14. Its generally treason. But in Greece nobody owns a mirror so its everybody else's fault.
  15. Scary stuff. Arresting the governor and then appealing to Moscow for help. Then we have Varoufakis who wants to do illegal stuff. If this was in any western country, these people would be arrested. In Greece, they are heroes.
  16. They did thrive but that was the 90's. The economy is totally different now.
  17. It won't be traumatic, it would be devastating. A catastrophe. A nuclear bomb on Greece would be less painful than the Drachma. I'd rather owe money and be fed and live in a house then not owe money and walk the streets eating food out of a garbage can. We should do what most other western countries do and to be civilized. Not some communist jack asses who steal pillage the government coffers.
  18. You're posting a video of kids and saying that the solution would be for Lafazanis to switch to drachma.
  19. Frankly I'm not surprised. This is why I get a laugh at the people who wanted to convert to Drachma. Its a highly complex thing to switch currencies and you want these guys to do it? Yeah right.
  20. The people all went into a panic thinking drachmas were coming back and everyone withdrew their money. It was unfortunate.
  21. Still can't figure out how foolish it was not to accept the agreement back in February. This whole banks closing thing is just sucking the country to the point of no return. The only thing you can really do is get 420 euros a week. They even said that big business must get approval to transfer money to buy merchandise and each is a case by case basis. They were talking about a big grocery chain wanted to buy 700k worth of merchandise and they only got approved for 9k. This thing can't go on much longer.
  22. No, they didn't go to Slovakia but everyone has to pull their weight even if they can only chip in 1%. Back to the other topic about privatizing. I have no issue with selling the old airport land to a developer and building homes on there and collecting a lifetime of taxes. Keeping the land does nothing for the average Greek. Might as well create jobs and taxes for the country.
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