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  1. I'm a little confused by the duplicates labeled Verizon. They need to stick to the same channels and add the new ones in on later numbers or better yet group channels together. Its all over the place right now.
  2. What about multiple tvs, did they figure that out yet
  3. This addition just killed Ellas Tv. No point in subscribing to it unless you can't get a satellite at your residence.
  4. I called tech support a couple weeks ago inquiring about Roku. On your website it says that its available to Roku but the tech support person I called had no idea. What is the status of Roku
  5. I don't really want to debate the legality on this. I will look the other way and have the channel providers worry about this. The problem is that live Greek channels are of no use to me because when I come home from work, it is midnight in Greece and nothing but infomercials and american shows will be on. The delayed concept is interesting but 15 hours behind is too much.
  6. $49 seems pretty pricey for that IMO. Whats the difference between that and the $30 package. I don't really want RIK.
  7. I'm a bit confused. I thought the channels were live and they also had the satellite versions for the North American audience. The most confusing part of all is the lack of channel lineup that tells you exactly what you get with the $30 a month version.
  8. Well its June 3rd and still no sign of Roku
  9. It was claimed earlier in this thread that ellas tv will be on roku in April. We shall see.
  10. If it goes on Roku then I will try it with all those channels. Have nothing to lose. Can just dump dish network.
  11. You are correct. They broadcast an english version of the news around 11 am eastern time. I'm sure they still broadcast it in Greece for the tourists.
  12. Everyone is forgetting the most important fact which is most Greek channels are absolute garbage. I'm starting to wonder why I even pay dishnetwork when I don't even watch them.
  13. Nobody is doubting your service isn't working but what you have is not legal.
  14. Ellas, Why not offer a deal for this forum? Offer free boxes to 20-30 people on this forum but obviously charge the monthly fee and if they like it, they will post positive reviews and will continue to subscribe and you'll get a lot of word of mouth customers. Plus you'll have 30 paying customers. If they don't like it, have them return the box back. People have been burned by various greek iptv offers through the years and are very cautious and skeptical.
  15. I also appreciate the review and it does look like slingbox from Greece. Going to stick with dishnetwork. It may not give the most bang for your buck, but at least I know its a major corporation and not someone running the operation out of an apartment in Athens.
  16. I actually tried Nextv a few years ago and it was a terrible experience. At first, it worked good and got all the channels as promised and within a few weeks, half the channels were missing. I emailed and called customer support and not only did they not know anything, they didn't care. I'm not sure if Nextv is even legit anyway. All they were doing was rebroadcasting directv greek channels on the iptv. I'm willing to bet if nextv is still in business, they will be out of greek channels when directv kicks them off the air. The more I read about ellas tv, the more I think they aren't legit. Just rebroadcasting Greek channels with some kind of slingbox contraption. How can a service with no subscribers have offices in all these major cities? I would like to see physical addresses. Not even Comcast has those kind of offices :LOL:
  17. Like others have mentioned, who wants a 7 hour time difference to deal with? Then there is the problem of households with more than 1 tv so you need a receiver for each tv. You need to offer the receiver for a monthly rental fee $5 and lower the package to $20. So you're talking $25 a month total. If you expect $30 month and $200 receiver in this economy, you're dreaming.
  18. Just stick with dishnetwork or whatever satellite you use. Anything that is shipped from Greece is going to be sketchy at best.
  19. Even if they did, we couldn't watch them in north america.
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