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  1. In the good ol' days, we had a discussion about what goes on before the next season starts, so let's give it a go once again. Alafouzos paid all the club's obligations and PAO got the permit for next season. I think there will be many players who will leave, including several that their contracts aren't up but Dabizas said he'll ask them to leave on their own because they won't be playing for the club. Unfortunately, the budget will remain very low, and no matter what many are saying, I believe the richer teams do much better. OK, you can't guarantee success with a big budget (especially if money is wasted in dubious players) but realistically the teams with the bigger budgets do win titles. It's sad that PAO now aims to finish high in the standings, not to win anything, but to get rid of the UEFA euro ban. So for at least 2 more years the team won't be playing outside the country's borders. Better players don't want to go to such teams that have no Euro presence. Meanwhile, the league is in shambles. Btw, what a disgrace it is to ask foreign refs to officiate domestic games, because Greeks can't be trusted.... Anyway, I hope the keep Bouzoukis, Hadjiyovannis, and Kourbelis.
  2. Well, there are some state shield laws but no federal law that protects journalists other than the First Amendment that's about freedom of the press. Journalists cannot use illegal means (like hacking or breaking into people's and the gov's domains) to obtain information. I think the courts examine it case by case. The Pentagon papers were leaked to the press (NYT) by someone who had legal access to them and saw the lies and other violations by the gov. The NYT published the papers and the courts decided in the press' favor and in the public's interest to know about about the Vietnam War. Assange is no journalist; he's rather an extortionist, who used illegal means to obtain information. Imagine if in the name of freedom of the press any journalist could break any law and into people's & gov secrets....
  3. When you label people or groups as "un-.." it's a way of saying that they are less than worthy. Trump would love to have a dpt or agency to combat "un-American activities".... He also thinks that criticism of the prez or of national policy is treason!
  4. Many Russians love Putin for he's not democrat or for the working class, but he's bringing back the Russian empire. Many Americans, and some members here are also have similar minds. I personally think the price for such national pride is too high, and as a policy very misguided. I think what makes a country strong, and gives it good bragging rights, is not how its leader behaves like a pompous ass, kicking friends and enemies, insulting everyone else. A country is strong when its middle class is doing well--that is, how the pizza pie is cut, not how big the pizza pie is. It's when people live longer, are healthier, more educated, have more opportunity, are happier, there are fewer people in prison, have access to voting, etc, etc. I see the same juvenile arguments here and elsewhere in the country: my dad can beat your dad! Sure, if that's how you measure success.... Simple minds like bumper sticker messages.... The newest: socialism* will never be acceptable in the US! The simpletons and the ignorant will mindlessly repeat this... Not only it's already here, but, shockingly, a majority of Americans prefer socialism to unregulated capitalism! ---- *socialism as a label has been used by many, from Nazis to communists. The democratic socialism that exists in all western societies is the desirable form. This means capitalism, but w/regulations/oversight/consumer protection, re-allocation of resources, a strong social safety net ("social security" rings a bell?), etc. The New Deal is just that, democratic socialism. All advanced countries--you know, the ones you'd live to live in--are liberal-social-democracies!
  5. I think it's way to early to pick a favorite horse, though I think several will not make it past the end of this year, in realistic terms. The ability to fundraise is imperative, because in the field of dozens, money buys airtime (increasing name recognition) and ground organization. The number one priority of Dems is to see the current prez booted out, so a safer choice will prevail over an unknown. This doesn't mean the safer choice will be an old-timer. As the more successful candidates rise in the polls they'll eventually be compared against DT, and I think those with the best matching numbers (or beating DT) will get a lot of serious consideration by Dems.
  6. Why did you mention the past??... It made realize that ..decades have gone by too quickly. Like, I've been here, on this site for some 15 years.!!.. [I think I'm getting a ..rocking chair as an award] Here's something for you
  7. And, a happy, healthy, fulfilling new year!!! (I can't believe it's 2019)
  8. Another impressive win 5-1.... OK, against a weak team, but not so long ago PAO struggled with the "easy" teams...
  9. we're talking about human beings here, right? when they arrive by boat, barely making to shore, what do you do? sink their boat? shoot them? can't even take them back because Turkey doesn't want them... granted, I'm not an expert on this kind of migration, but I think Greece could settle them in areas where hands are needed for farms, construction, etc.; revitalize the countryside, etc. some stories, here
  10. This is a disgrace. Year after year, the same crap, and they haven't been able to solve it.... I wonder what kind of teaching goes on inside the universities when there's utter chaos there. No self-respecting society would allow this. Wait.... it must be outsiders who hate Greece responsible for such a mess.
  11. Well, first, try to speak directly to the man, not his press agent. Second, anyone who is able to lounge around and dabble in philosophy, has no job, is well-connected (if not the same entity) to the master of the universe, I'd say he is not of the common class.
  12. My royal family told me that if it weren't for the leaders, thinkers, and revolutionaries of the upper classes, humanity would still be in the Dark Ages. Did I learn it wrong?
  13. Agreed. Those 3 (Ast. Atro. Aris) teams are our competitors this season. To be honest I didn't know what to expect this season. I thought that with the -6 points, it wasn't a remote possibility that we'd struggle to remain in first div. Now I feel much more confident so my expectations are higher.
  14. PAO beats PAS 2-1 after being down one controversial goal. I thought it was a foul against Dioudis. But, the team plays on its game and prevails with 2 great goals. OK. We're all excited with the 5x5, but we haven't played the top contenders for euro spot yet. I include AEK, PAOK, OSFP, Atromitos, Asteras, and even Aris. I'm hoping for a top 5 finish to get rid of the UEFA penalty this season. This coming Wednesday we have a cup game. Come to think of it, doesn't the cup winner get a euro spot? How about if the winner is also the champion or second, does the cup finalist get a euro spot?
  15. Alafouzos is re-evaluating his future at PAO. He used the bad financial situation and all the other restrictions to reduce the budget drastically. He gambled with the club's reputation and came very, very close to destruction. It was unconscionable. PAO was saved because of the charity of other owners... and political graft. Now the team, unexpectedly, is doing well, so if attendance remains high, the club will be profitable! No need for Alafouzo to get rid of the club now, especially after he put several millions in the last 6 months. Having a healthy financial footing and making money (even if they break even) is a good position to be in. Why sell? Plus, there might be more money coming if talent develops and sold for good money in the near future. As far as Leoforo, DG has to agree to give it up because it doesn't belong to the football club. DG wants OAKA or another home, so if he gets that, he'll give up Leoforos. I hope if anyone has a sense of history and keeping important places alive, they should turn Leoforos into a nice mini park with a PAO museum. Make it an attraction, green space, something but apts or stores.
  16. Last year's AEK team was stronger in my opinion. What did you expect playing away against a PAOK team that's the strongest in many, many years?
  17. PAOK has a very strong team this year. Good luck. (except of course when playing PAO). I think if PAOK wins the most points in the derbies, they'll win the title. It'll be good for the sport too. Plus, this is your best chance.... In a year, Panatha will be tops!??
  18. Amazing. 4x4 while the team shows quality. One thing that may be trouble is that at Larisa and today the team deflates in the second half. I understand that it may be necessary not to push this young team to maximum, because it's not like we have a deep bench. I think we have a cup game on Wed or Thu for the cup, and another one on Sat against PAS
  19. If Melania was holding on to a fig leaf of denial, she can't hide any longer, if SD's description is accurate.
  20. Nah, the 6 points for us and 2 for PAOK aren't coming back. But, does anyone know if PAO pays all the debts by year's end, can UEFA withdraw the penalty (one year ban)?
  21. You're right, it's more enjoyable to watch this team now than in the past many years. I think the players are trying their hardest, and they know that if a bad result comes, it won't be the end of the world. I just hope Donis above all handles the youngsters well. If, as it seems, PAO will be relying on its youth talent, those who deserve to play should, and not some primadona who transfers into the club. And PAO should not start to have a sell out of young talent. I don't know if they do it by design now, but it's good that the club didn't have to face the other 3 big teams this early. It's been a confidence booster to win 3 straight games to start the season.
  22. Most probably, we won't be starting a new thread for each league game, so I'm doing one for the whole current season. I think it's worth discussing how this team has done 3 for 3, and if I may say so, convincingly. Against Larissa today, PAO got its first 3 points by winning 3-1, with 2 beautiful goals by Johanson. It's a very long season ahead and anything could happen, but if we already had 6 points (as we should have), it'd be a different championship this season. I still think the other big 3 teams are stronger but we could be the surprising Leicester of Greece.
  23. You're right about all the above. It shows you that when the parties opened up their nomination (selection) process to the average voters they lost control of the nominating process. This can be good, but in the case of Trump, bad. In a crowded field someone who manages to get a core support of 20-25% can get the nomination as the rest of the field splits the 75% of the vote. Also, in winner-takes-all system (first horse to cross the line), wins all the delegates from a state, you can see how Trump managed to get the nomination. It's very hard for any party to eventually not accept as their nominee the candidate who has at least the plurality of the delegates. Trump did. Though Trump actually appealed to a greater conservative/nativist/xtian nationalist audience, which is a huge part of the GOP. Obama had the plurality of pledged (won) delegates, but even the super delegates couldn't vote to overturn this in favor of Clinton in 2008 in the end. In NYS the more progressive Dem voters showed up, and defeated many conservative Dems. We saw ...socialists defeating incumbents who spent millions of dollars unsuccessfully. [To tout my own horn, the NYT quoted me last week, again] Yes, there's been an increasing polarization between the 2 major parties since the 1980s, and turnout of the party's supporters is the key to outcomes.
  24. Well, I was pointing out that those, for example, who care a lot about the environment (Jill Stein/Green party), they had a choice--given the US "polarized" electoral system that either a Dem or Repub is elected)--to get the environmental policies of Trump and the Repubs or the policies of HRC and the Dems. And, yes, in my opinion, no one should be elected in position of power that doesn't believe in science. Yeah, that the last 2 worst prez courtecy of the lunatics in the Repub party. And, the worst judges for the Supreme Court! (that also makes decisions about your life) In 2000, if you were voting in FLA you had a choice, Gore-Bush-Nader. (Nader the Green party candidate). By voting for Nader, you elected Bush. So Bush screwed the environment, screwed science [we'd be years ahead had he not killed stem cell research], screwed FEMA (Emergency ..mismanagement during Katrina), screwed the economy (it was 10 years ago when the US market collapsed), gave tax breaks to the very rich and ballooned the deficit. Oh, and he got us into the Iraq war on lies. Yes, elections have consequences about politics and values you care about.
  25. I don't mind if we disagree on policy or ideology, but not seeing the obvious is disturbing and frustrating. We in New York (and not only) knew Trump and, unless you were connected to him, we found him a disgusting person. He was known as a grafter, a con man. But, get a major party label after your name and things change. You don't have to have 2 extremes in order to make a choice. I have fun talking to libertarians and environmentalists nowadays who voted either for Johnson or Stein. In other words, in addition to the Clinton - Trump choice, there were huge differences in policies. So, for those who voted Johnson or Stein, congratulations on electing someone who is totally against your principles. If HRC had been elected, at least we'd have a reality-based approach to foreign policy, environment, science, health care, education, urban development, etc, etc
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