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  1. The pandemic is steeply rising almost everywhere in the US, and Trump isn't doing anything but keep having events where lots of people gather in close proximity without masks. Today, his chief of staff tested positive. Trump has stopped talking to experts, has no plan (like he didn't have a plan for anything other than filling the swamp and enriching himself) to deal with COVID19. Oh, wait, yes, he's planning to fire A. Fauci who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984.
  2. Fortunately, yes, as you said, this national nightmare will soon be over (well, in some 75 very painful days). WI, MI, PA established voting rules under Republican leadership. GA's gov, secy of State and legislature all Repubs. Repubs won seats in the House and Senate, which doesn't make sense if Dems were cooking the votes. This clown at the WH claims that the universe is out to get him. In my mind, it's a question about citizenship and patriotism to all those who have supported Trump and now are empowering him instead of telling him to stop his dangerous nonsense. Do they hold allegiance to the constitution, to our democracy, and our American ideals of a peaceful transfer of power, or to the "dear leader"? What a sore loser!
  3. Well, sleepy, possibly senile Joe will debate the very stable genius Trump tomorrow, Tue, Spt 29th.* It'll be a slaughter.* I mean, Trump, as he said, he's preparing for the debates by ..being president. What could possibly derail this?* Is there anything in the news lately?... * Will you be watching? *I'm being sarcastic (just in case you didn't notice)
  4. Who called COVID19 a hoax? And then he came up with ridiculous and dangerous ideas what to do about it? COVID19 has killed more police officers so far this year than all other causes combined! WaPo source
  5. Actually, I disagree with the term "gaslighting" The original meaning came from the 1944 movie, which showed a ..gradual approach in trying to turn someone crazy. I don't think this applies to Trump and his cohorts. Alternative facts/reality. No shame. No pretending. No hiding it. He turns off the lights and says darkness is good for your eyes. We saw how this pathological liar operates. Even after his lies are exposed he acts as if nothing happened and keeps repeating those lies. He's a bullshit artist too, making stuff up, fantastical conspiracies, idiotic arguments, without any constraints to reality or shame when he's shown that he's lying. Yes, we never had anyone like him at such a high political position. That's why, we cannot normalize his behavior. It's way beyond arguing about policies.
  6. Dang! I missed the 5th anniversary of Obama's tan suit scandal. Remember when Fox News and Republicans thought it was "shocking" and that Obama lacked seriousness? Those were the good ol' days. So, Biden has mental decline? Sleepy? He's got lots more mental acuity than Trump, who tweeted that it was fake news (nobody had reported it) that he checked into hospital for mini strokes. Then yesterday, he said Biden must be on some brain drug and he should be tested before the debate. He's coming unhinged. Of course, those in his cult will believe anything he says. They're also in mental decline. They've forgotten that he called COVID19 "a hoax"!! And, even after he acknowledged it, he kept contradicting the experts, some of which were of his own choosing, like Dr. Fauci, who now is hiding after receiving death threats from the Trumpistas. Did you know that, so far, more cops have died of COVID19 than other causes combined? More deaths than 9/11 too. What? they're not being gunned down by black criminals?...
  7. ^^^Tzatziki^^^ If only we had a clue before the 2016 election.... (I won't tire of saying this, because it was so obvious that he was a dangerous buffoon, totally unqualified, with a long history of scams, frauds, and serious character flaws)
  8. We have something to compare now.... Sweden, which has had a very lax COVID19 response... So, you'd think its economy did much better since they didn't have the massive shutdowns other countries did. But, according to this NYT article, Sweden paid a big price in human lives with little, if any, economic benefit. NYT article: In short, Sweden suffered a vastly higher death rate while failing to collect on the expected economic gains. COVID19 never left us, we are still in those waves.... I'm afraid that in about a month when schools open there will be a bigger wave. If we don't maintain social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks, etc, this epidemic will be battering our shores, until a vaccine or a cure.
  9. Since this topic is about the 2020 Elections: The Democrats... Thomas Friedman wrote an OpEd in the NYT arguing that Biden shouldn't debate Trump unless the latter makes his tax returns public, as every prez candidate has done in the last 50 years. Also, that there should be fact checkers, who before the show is over, will point out the fallacies/misstatements/lies said during the debate. NYT article
  10. Trump is a fraud; always been so. He's the most ignorant person who also believes he has the best opinion than anyone else. He's incompetent, and the presidency should NOT be the first gov office for anyone, but that's what the Repubs gave us. I'm more upset with the people who have been supporting this buffoon, though gross violations of the consitution, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and incompetence that results in many deaths. No decent person would be acting and saying stuff like this man has. And, when it comes to being an elected leader, what decent leader would say don't let this cruise ship come to port with sick Americans becuase "my numbers will look bad"???!!! I hope everyone here is safe and well.
  11. Yes, but if you believe god is going to protect you....you should have no fear. Here's someone who should know better, but she's already infected with a virus of the mind. The sad thing is that her opinion is dangerous if others take it as "advice from an expert".... (link)* *For those who can't read Greek, she's a doctor saying that taking church communion is basically safe, because it's a ..miracle. By the way, it shouldn't have taken a deadly virus to make society question the practice of sharing liquids, spoons, and cloth napkins. This practice should have been discontinued long time ago.
  12. 1. The voting system is definitely rigged in Texas. They Republicans (who are in charge in TX) have eliminated hundreds of polling places and didn't hire poll workers in ..certain communities despite population growth and increased voter interest. I can't guess why.... On super Tuesday some people waited hours to vote--this discourages voting. But, if you say, like some Bernie people, that the Dem party is cheating him, that's false. A party, including its various officers and elected leaders, has a right to express a preference. If I were them, or even an average Dem voter, I'd say the big prize in the winning the WH and the Senate, and keep the House. ... especially if the alternative is Trump. I might not want to gamble with someone who'd take the party in a more radical/progressive direction if this meant losing the big prize..... even if this were the direction I'd personally prefer. 2. Sanders has not been able to broaden this base in the needed demographics. His "people revolution" hasn't materialized. He wins the people under 30 by huge margins, except these people don't vote. In some states, their turnout was lower this year. 3. Michigan was unexpectedly lost to Trump in 2016. It's now a swing state. The Dem voters will have a say in a few days. Let's see what they think would be the best to put against Trump. "Sleepy Joe" may be keeping Trump awake at night... Even before his latest surge, Biden was beating Trump in Michigan among all voters according to numerous polls.
  13. Biden realizes that in order to have a chance in the Dem primaries, he has to address some of their concerns. Note: those who vote in the primaries tend to be on the more progressive side (and more conservative on the Rep side). Biden's message since he declared was that he will restore ..Obama's politics, return to normalcy, and restore the credibility of the presidency. He also believes the Repubs will change their tactics once Trump goes, and that Biden can successfully work with Moscow Mitch. (He is wrong, in my opinion) So, I don't know whether these new policies is a serious plan by him or just a way to show he's got "new" policies the Dem base cares about. I'd guess he's not going to be a fighter. He reminds me of GHB (41, the elder) who just wanted to be president as a right.
  14. Could you all try to write in English, please? Thank you.
  15. I like the little hatchets...so when the blades get dull, apply the hatchet!
  16. I'm not in Greece so I miss lots sports news, but what I've been reading, there's not much movement in transfers. I understand PAO can't bring in big names, but how about the several players who aren't in Donis plans for next season? Have they left? I'm sure they could use that money for the club.
  17. I think it's a good thing that Mitsotakis will have comfortable majority, though this means no excuses. I'm also glad that the anti-constitution Golden Dawn is out of parliament. The other 2 smaller parties are temporary in my opinion. I'm not talking about the KKE, which will remain for a long time. Syriza's coalition will be tested. KINAL's too. I think there's a place for a center-left party, so one may emerge as the counter-weight to ND.
  18. Speaking of political parties in Greece... They started with the British, French, Russian parties! Interesting, heh? Then the parties became personalistic and paternalistic---coalitions around a charismatic leader' this is still largely the case. Only one party survived many changes in leadership, and it's been the KKE. After the fall of the junta, we see the emergence of parties that survived after changing leaders, but for relatively short time for most of them. ND seems it'll be around for a while longer, as the only major party surviving since 1974. In my view, the political parties and the voters reflect the prevailing culture, and if you want to understand what's going on today, you have to examine the culture and politics since the Revolution. Anyway, it seems that ND will have a comfortable majority in parliament. Like I wished Tsipras good success, I'm doing the same for Mitsotakis. Tsipras was an utter disappointment and needed to go. I have relatives and friends in the old country, and it's their lives I care about. At least one generation has been stunted and everyone has suffered because of the situation, which governments and most citizens created. (imho)
  19. I don't see a topic devoted to this election, which takes place today... actually the first polling places are just opening now. So, what do you think of the result--which if polls are correct--a new government (or a winning party) will emerge soon after voting ends later tonight. As an ex-pat, I can't vote tomorrow since I'm not traveling to Greece and to the edge (near Galatsi and Perisso) of the city of Athens to cast a ballot. I confess that it wouldn't be an easy vote. I've been reading Nikos Dimou [or if you prefer, link in English] since I was a teenager, many decades ago. I also had the pleasure to exchange many thoughts, over a long time, with him and a bunch of other interesting people over a decade ago. Anyway, this is what he wrote in the last few days about the elections: http://doncat.blogspot.com/2019/06/blog-post_13.html#links http://doncat.blogspot.com/2019/07/blog-post.html#links
  20. Biden was very good at that debate. He exposed the empty rhetoric of another con-man, Paul Ryan. Biden poses a big threat to the Republicans and Trump, because he would beat them, and as a front-runner (so far) is being attacked. On the other hand, many leftists, especially the activists who will participate in the primaries, see Biden as of the old guard and not as progressive enough. The truth is that Biden represents a wider centrist-to-left spectrum in American politics, more so than Sanders or Warren. I think Biden would make a decent president, and would be a vast improvement over the current WH occupant. I also think that his best chance of becoming president was in 2016, not 2020. He could be the man to beat in the Dem primaries, but I think by next Feb there will be 3-4 strong candidates who will challenge him for the nomination. Unfortunately for him, the Dems don't have a system like the Repubs (in many states) that gives the winner all the delegates in a state; they allocate their delegates on a proportional basis, which means Joe will have challengers hanging around. There might be 1-2 of them that will soon be gathering most of the anti-Biden vote.
  21. Breaking news (6/25)... Muller will testify in open session of a Congressional committee on July 17th. @Lazarus Muller has listed over 10 instances of conspiracy to obstruct and of obstruction of justice by president Trump. So, maybe technically you can still use the word "allegedly" but com'on, it's more than obvious. Trump himself and his WH counsel have basically admitted as much. (In the video above, the definition is at 3:30') Elections have big consequences, especially in times when the choices are stark, leaders and parties share little in common. We wouldn't have Congressional investigations of Trump if it weren't for the Dems winning the House in the last election. You know, this is "pride month". This marks the 50th anniversary (1969) of the Stonewall riots (NYC) that spurred the gay rights movement and the formation of dozens of new civil rights organizations opposing discrimination. The conservatives have always been against individual rights that they didn't like... and they trampled over civil liberties by whatever means they could. It was also in June of 2015, just 4 years ago, that the Supreme Court recognized the constitutional right of consenting adults to marry a person of their choice! The vote was by slim majority 5-4. Most likely today's high court would have ruled the opposite way. So, the question is, how are justices nominated and confirmed to the highest court of the land? Well, the simple answer is: elections! Electing a president and senators. With a Dem in the WH today, the S.C. would have had a solid liberal majority, and we wouldn't have to worry about regressive anti-choice laws, etc. Many of the freedoms and choices we enjoy today came via court rulings.
  22. Com'on, this is not a good argument..... "they have you where they want you..." If so then, can it be argued that you could be a victim of ...those who "they have YOU where they want you"? Also, you seem to argue that the "leave" supporters got things* right but the "remain" ones are deceived... *as far as any reasonable observer (not casual observer) would tell you that the worst misinformation campaign came from the Brexiteers. Those who voted to remain basically said we know what we've got and we like it. It'd have been harder to confuse the ones who have had the EU experience already! I also noticed you've said several times.... "let's keep having a referendum until Remain wins"..... Could you tell us who is actually saying this??!! Even if the winners of the Brexit poll weren't misinformed [in my mind they were VERY misinformed, but let's just say they weren't].... After many years of trying to leave the EU there has been NO consensus on how to do it, plus many more problems surfaced since. This issue has sucked the air out of the room.... and eventually the gov/PM has fallen. It's not at all unreasonable, under these circumstances to have a second poll on the issue, which basically the choice would be, leave with no plan and all its consequences... Much like the Greek poll about the EU's plan for Greece. Of course the "NO" voters expected something else. In my opinion they were lied to and/or they wanted to believe whatever made them feel better but was totally unreal. If you had told them, look, if you vote NO, not only your gov won't do what bullsh*t they sold you, but the terms of the bailout will be worse and this stupid gamble would cost (as it did) tens of millions more in interest rates and terms after the poll. Sounds familiar?
  23. Well, the Brexiteers are getting a boost from Trump today... when he expressed his support for Boris and Nigel. Earlier, he tweeted: @SadiqKhan, who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly “nasty” to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom. He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me...... and, ....Kahn reminds me very much of our very dumb and incompetent Mayor of NYC, de Blasio, who has also done a terrible job - only half his height. In any event, I look forward to being a great friend to the United Kingdom, and am looking very much forward to my visit. Landing now! Very mature and appropriate for the President of the US, don't you think?
  24. I agree on both points. OAKA is not a soccer stadium, and I hope DG realizes that. PAO needs its own home, a proper, modern one. I also agree with DG that all PAO should be under one roof. It'd be easier to sustain it as it'll always have something going on. Make it a destination for consumers and fans. Of course this means it'll have to operate like the other big sports venues, which in turn means oust the hooligans.
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