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  1. I don't think it's fair to say the EPO stooges are looking after Kone and Lazaros...it's a very easy Greek style cop out to raise a conspiracy when we don't agree.. Both of them had a very good 12-18 months in the Serie A....And play in positions we lack in...they do have an element of X factor...and neither have been automatic starters in the NT 11....unlike other clowns like Kats - Maniatis - Tziolis - Gekas - Salpi... I think it's way too much of a risk to play players like Giannotas, kaltsas, Aravidis based on form against poor domestic competition.
  2. Antetokoumpo was born in Greece...no issue Viyiafanes has a Greek Great Grand father...no issue... Players like Castillo etc who came to greece very young...again no issue... Fast tracking citizenship for older guys like Barales...NO...
  3. I tend to agree that the bottom half of serie A is a bit bare in regards to talent.. Giannotas has only played a handful of good games...He was poor in the German second division....His better games in Europa were against Partizan....sub par opposition....Partizan play in a league that is at Platanias standard at best.. Vyntra AND Karabelas ARE GARBAGE....Kaltsas And Kolovos need to prove more at a higher caliber club... Kaltsas is off to PAO....Kolovos may get another chance at osfp...
  4. i read this morning that Benitez may not stay...Coach prefers Jara???? Then Pulido come in? seems to be a constant revolving door..For me Benitez is ahead of Jara..
  5. we need to be careful and understand where the likes of Kolovos, Kaltsas, Giannotas are playing their club football.. we see snap shots of these guys against mediocre opposition...Kone and Lazaros are playing at the highest level and are in their prime age wise.
  6. Interesting points.... The Russians and Turks seem to overpay..the mafia $$$$ may run out or some may end up in jail? The Chinese are similar market to Saudis....they do end up getting many players towards the end who may stay for a year.. I don't think we should get caught up with markets that overpay.... Russia,Turkey,China,Saudis out bid Italian and French clubs that sums it up... we need to focus on Scocco,Mirallas,Cisse, Berg, Mellberg, Vierinha, Zeca, Fuster, Marcano, Orbaiz, De Blassis,Rayo, Iglesias, Marcelino etc type of signings....There are many such opportunities.. there is no reason why all the top 5 teams could not try and find these types in the summer.
  7. ironically.... our NT was poor in the mid to late 1990s....and the 0-7 to Juve and PAOs 0-5 to Man Utd and Barca x2came in the era that were supposedly a stronger league... Not sure if football has changed or the way it's played has changed..but the way Osfp and Paok to a lesser degree play the game in europe lately seems a lot more 'assertive' than the way Greek clubs played 10-20 years ago...the clumsy naive defence errors and stupid penalties are not as readily conceded.. Pflipsen and Ciric were in my mind flops...Pflipsen average, Ciric a flop....Signori to Iraklis was a Superannuation move... One can argue the quality of foreigner that Atromitos, Tripolis...even Panetolikos have signed lately have been much better value and performed better than Pflipsen ,Ciric, Signori, Biscan,Seric,Savini,Oscar, Juanfran, Botia etc etc etc etc A lot of it also shows that the league is not a stroll in the park for over priced foreigners..If you don't work hard and perform at near your best....even Platanias and Levadiakos will expose you for an imposter.
  8. I think there are always opportunities for good signings....There are more Mirallas out there... Samaras and the Saudis fit in another category....They over pay...just to get a player.. Samaras on current form is a 400k a season player at Standard liege or Asteras Tripolis level...not a 4milliion a season player.. We don't know how high Meli and a Savvidis (who has now struck a deal under new legislation for old debts) will raise the bar? If these two up the stakes so to will Marinakis...it will also force the hand to an extent of PAO and Tripolis... as bad as Santana has been...Maybe a pre season will benefit him? There are massive opportunities here for a CD or twp to step up..
  9. no Bouchalakis has not done better this season...however he is a couple of years younger...and has more of the physical tools in terms of size that he can develop on... I think Bouchalakis needs more game time.....Love to see him at a club like Tripolis,Atromitos,PAOK....There is an upside... I believe that with a 24yo anakoglou we have seen enough of him to think there is not much improvement left....hey..hope I'm wrong for the good good of Greek football.....this is a position were we could do with both anakoglou and Bouchalakis stepping up... again .....Taxi and Samaris are the ones that need to take control for the next 5 years....
  10. not sure if K.pap if the midfield answer...yes Taxi and Samaris need to step up..(hence why I say in theory). I think we need to take a deep breath about anakoglou and a lot of the AEK players....there is a step up in playing in GSL... The weekly grind and trips to places like Tripoli,PAS,Xanthi, Panetolikos,Panionios, is a massive difference to some of the strolls v Alimos,Episkopi etc... Traditionally Greek NT players come from the top 6 of a 'stronger' GSL . Players with experience in UCL,Europa Competition... No surprise the number of starters v Hungary are Serie A , Bundesliga regulars.... it's a massive step up to a watered down B ethniki...with 'two leagues north and south'
  11. Kats has no place in the squad.... however at at a time of crisis and desperation we needed to try any bit of inspiration.....and anything that may stabilise a sinking ship.. did it work? No...would we have scored the winner in Budapest if Kats did not come on? who knows? I think it's unfair to put Klaus and Lazaros in this category...Lazaros was good in the WC....And Klaus was our only option once Mitro went down.... It would have been a massive gamble to pluck aravidis in for this one..
  12. the problem is that we don't have a natural no.6.....Taxi is the best option..in theory he and Samaris should be the no.6 and no.8 locks for the next 3 campaigns..until EURO 2020....In theory they should complement each other...they have in theory the right game and tools..... this would unleash Kone,Fetfa as the no.10 or wide player...according to opposition....then this would allow players like Ninis,Mavrias,Kolovos,Mandalos,Fortounis,Pelkas, Karelis,Lazaros to fight for the other wide/mid positions....and rotate thru, provide options,cover and depth.... Players like Lagos,Bouchalakis would then be the cover for Samaris,Taxi....this is how you build squads for a 5-8 year period.. then players like Donis (Juve -Sussuolo), find it easier to slot in when their time and opportunity comes...
  13. as much as irk may irk the 'patriots'....I sadly do not see, many young Greek players ready to deliver at CL level... Fortounis is the only exception and at 23 he is not young... I see more of the same....unplanned 'pedomazoma'....en masee loans....nobody French,Belgians,Spaniards paraded as the next Djole,Galletti, Mellberg....then 8-9 pts in the CL...Assuming we get a bunny from pot 4....then the cycle continues....coach sacked by Xmas.....reason..'i omada xriazotan ena elektrosok'.
  14. maybe some post on fb would help to get a lot more of the gs.com crew over?
  15. yeah.....the merry go round continues...more signings next year......same crappy quality again... we need two monster CD......Siovas as back up....2 midfielders, a wide player and a striker.
  16. i don't think the league is the problem (in NT sense)....Serbia,Croatia,Slovakia, Czechs,Sweden,Denmark etc etc....with historically very poor leagues produce quality footballers.....note they all have smaller populations than Greece too... Belgium produced this current crop of 'golden generation' footballers with an average league... The SL will improve in the next few years....a debt free PAOK + PAO will improve, AEK and Iraklis returning in a few months...16 team league......(osfp,aek,pao,paok, iraklis, tripolis, atromitos, xanthi,) that's half the league with either strong administration/infrastructure or historical strong support....Long way to go...But it's a start.... Aris,AEL are not too far away either...
  17. it's sad because this team has some genuine talent... sokratis,manolas,k.pap.xolevas, samaris,taxi,karnezis, kone,lazaros,fetfa, toro are all very good footballers... if we are going to say the next 4 years...we might as well say 10 years... because I think this crop of 18-23 yo is the worst in the last 20 years.... I see zero in the u19s or u21s to get excited about. If you go through the names that played v Croatia u21 and v Ukraine u19s this week.....other than Mavrias there is stuff all...
  18. I believe there will be a friendly before the Faroe's match
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