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^Congrats on the weight loss man!

As for the shirts, I think the striped ones are among the worst we ever had. They look so damn cheap, like a fake 2013 shirt. It would be better without the white lines one the shoulders and around the collar. I don't like the shade of green either, nor the emblem.

The white on the other hand is one of the best we've had for a while. It looks really clean and classy, and I like the buttoned collar. I might get that one!

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Αλλάζει εταιρεία ένδυσης ο Παναθηναϊκός



the team was not satisfied with Puma and will end the partnership next summer when the deal ends. They have already begun negotiating with an unnamed company.. Please let it be adidas!!!





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5 hours ago, Pana97 said:

Nike not that bad, love their Barca kits. 


Yeah but the same with Puma. Arsenal, Borussia, and Italy kits arent bad but look at the rubbish we got.

Hopefully Nike dont do the same :( They have been hit and miss with the Greek kits.

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Not a big fan of Puma, I'm an Adidas guy..

Hopefully if we sign with Nike they dont just give us generic looking kits like most of the Greece kits.. Macron was also brought up in some articles, I dont think too many fans will be excited about PANATHINAIKOS wearing Macron, I would certainly not buy a Macron kit

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