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A Little Poem I Wrote


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Panathinaiko, O Panathinaiko, what has become of you!

You've been dismembered by an ignorant Jew.

It ain't about the glory, but only the money.

That's why we need to lose Vardinogianni.

Gone are the days of Barca and Fener @ the Leoforo

Cus now we can't beat little Egaleo.

We brought in the Kraut and Maric

Which were bad moves by Zaets.

And soon Gavroi will make it straight Eight

and the good folks at the 13th Gate

will not take this any more

and they'll drive the Jew off Greek shore

far far away from Athena

back to his Haifa down in Judea...

It's not quite Chaucer's Canterbury Tales but it rhymes and it gets my point across...

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thats really good but i was thinking of a chant myself for soum

its a start but..

(sung to the tune of the hava nagila the famous jewish song) :whistle:


re soum ekso,

m#$%! ekso,

fyge aapo 'do.

instead of the part where goes


nagila hava

nagila hava

la la laa la la.

i think it would be awesome

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: THAT's AWESOME! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I was proud of mine and I was hoping to find a tune to sing it to but you just stole the show Drako...I'm gonna have that stuck in my head for the rest of the day thanks to you... :lol:...Is there any way possible that we could get that sung next week @ Rizoupoli or @ our next home game??? That would be one of the best of all time for sure! :tup:

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