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Apollon Kalamarias v Olympiakos


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giovanni really has to leave the team in summer. all the sport sites say that he wasnt playing good at all yesterday and it seemed even more as if he didnt care about the team, especially when he had the chance of scoring he didnt do anything and just let the chance go away. we dont need m****ies like that in our team. if he doesnt want to play for the team anymore he should say it to bajevic and then he could give his spot away for either castillo or d'acol.

at least we got away with a win. it even was away. we have to keep on winning and wait for the others to make a mistake.

castillo seemed to really make the difference when he came in. he should get more chances but he should change his mentality. again he had one of his usuall stupid ideas by standing on a player when he was down on the field. such stuff just has to stop.

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I happened to see the game last night and I have to tell you my firends... Thrynos was an absolute disgrace yesturday!!! It was the worst game I have seen for a long time....

All of your 11 players were walking with the Brazilians earning the TOP WALKING prize!!! Actually I hate to say this, but the Adonaki-kota -melos was once again your best player!!! He made an excellent double-save in the first half and kept thrynos in the game.... Kasnaferis also made some serious bad calls (sending an Appolon player off and not showing a red to Castillo-alitaki)...

I tell you Thrynos with the way the play they don't even deserve the 3rd spot!!!

And what can somebody say about the DIADOXO toy Pele!!!! :LOL: The guy missed three clear te-a-tets was walking throughout the match abd Bajevic did not know who to put in to change the match....

Anyway awful game for thrynos but a good game to watch. Appolon played well, open game and missed quite a few chances!!!!

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the picture the sites give about the match doesnt look as bad as you say. it seems we lost quite a few chances but were unable once more to get the ball in the net.

i dont know what the refs have with castillo but either they are blind to not give him a red card or they might even be affraid of him, that he could attack them after giving him the card. ;)

it is neccessary that he once gets the punishment he deserves for the stuff he does on the field. he might think about his mistakes then.

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Congratulations Thrynos

First away win outside of Athens since September apparently!!!!! LOL

keep it up - otherwise you may even lose the UEFA cup spot lol

don't worry about us

Worry about AEK and Paok b/c if u don't we will be in C.L. if all goes our way

i want to finish a tie at the end of the season so we can play u guys in a playoff

i have some feeling it will

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