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EuroLiga :: 2nd Group Stage

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IM a little undecided on this. I mean we got within 1 point of Maccabi twice, but the vazeles took us to the cleaners at home........our side is very indifferent and we do not have the depth to compete with the upper-echelon of European power teams.

If Xatzis and Nitsevic are quiet.....we struggle. Throw in Toby to the mix and thats about it for our guns/match-winners.

With that....I say it wont make a difference who we get. We are going to struggle to get through unless thing fall our way and Foti can find some consistency in this team.

Just bring on whoever........(except CSKA, I cant handle playing against my idol).

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Its a long time now that no players left (Players like Kakiouzis or Dikoudis I mean... not rotation players)

And the team players grow more able to cooperate as time goes by. This is why by time to time we can take on the most difficult teams.

On the other hand we lack the geat leader to make the difference although some players we have could potentially become him (Zisis for example). The Captain is very good but we need 2 or 3 more players and in different than the guard positions to say we can hope for great things even in Europe.

The Panathinaikos game was a very bad night though

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The Panathinaikos game was a very bad night though

Well we had the best intentions of offering "mercy" in the last quarter but some of your idiots just wouldn't stop verballing assulting Alvertis with a little chant for his wife, so he himself continued ravaging you on the court scoring almost all his points in the final quater and telling Obradovic that he didn't want to come off until the end of the game ;)
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my ideal group:

Efes, PAO, AEK, Prokom.......

You know something we dont know? You got 3 teams out of the 4.

AEK's group: Efes Pilsen, Benneton, AEK and Prokom.

We have got an easy group...when I say easy: I say that it could have been much worse. We have hope....and that is the important thing.

There is no room here for slow starts. We must pounce from the start.


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