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SL1 - R23: PAOK - AEK (19.02.23, 20:30 EET)


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AEX officials the locker room of the referees and demanded better calls. That is the reason why fouls were not called on any AEX players, including two infractions by Amrabad on Sastre which should have resulted in ejection from the game.

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Surely something like this would be written up in the ref's report? Bizarre.

Instead, that guy pretending to be killed by the firecracker (while the ref's assistant who was standing practically at his shoulder didn't even flinch) will result in us getting a heavy punishment.

Which is not to say we should accept that our fans act like f***ing morons. it's shameful.

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4 hours ago, PaokCT said:

I wasn't able to see this game as I was in Vegas for the long weekend. I couldve swore i saw a women who looked like @pash dancing at the hustlers club.

I was in Vegas one month ago for the first time in my life. That's one interesting (and weird) place. I have seen weirder things out there than women looking like pash.

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