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2022-2023 Pre Season Training News and Games

Dutch Eagle

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The game is to be played behind closed doors at our training facility at Nea Mesimvria. 17:00 EEST kick-off. However there is a slight chance that Novasports will show it live. Decision is supposedly to be made by tomorrow.

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I kind of doubt that PAOKTV will show it.

In other news, Murg has joined the team for practices today. Taylor is still out with alleged injury. Jaba has just plain left the face of this earth.

Also missing today's practice was Biseswar who remained in Holland to witness the birth of his child.

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Koutsias scored two more goals in this friendly. Kurtic and Schwab scored the other two in the 4-0 win.

Zivkovic and Oliveira seemed to be ill, and did not participate (well, obviously for Oliveira I guess)

I could see that first-half lineup being our guys vs Levski.

1ο Ημίχρονο: Κοτάρσκι , Σάστρε , Κάργας , Ίνγκασον , Ράφα , Κούρτιτς , Ντόουγκλας , Ντάντας , Κουαλιάτα , Κωνσταντέλιας , Κούτσιας .

2ο Ημίχρονο: Ζίβκοβιτς , Λύρατζης , Κάργας (60′ Κουλιεράκης), Ίνγκασον (60′ Παναγιώτου), Βιεϊρίνια , Σβαμπ , Τσιγγάρας , Φιλίπε, Ρικάρντο , Λάμπρου , Κούτσιας (72′ Μπράντον )

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