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SL1-PO-R9: PAOK - Asteras Tripoli (16-May-21, 19:30 EEST)


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PAOK.jpg.7de7d2bb75e005d04e45c1019fd2758a.jpg   VS     1914339584_AsterasTripolis.jpg.1605b98e84b8cc2f5f73ef8f19d7a96e.jpg

MATCHUP:           P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki - Asteras Tripolis
COMPETITION:    Superleague 1 – Playoffs - Round 10
DATE:                    16-May-2021
TIME:                    19:30 EEST  (16:30 UTC, 11:30 CDT, 02:30 AEST next day)
CITY/STADIUM:   Thessaloniki - Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703)
TELEVISION:        Novasports (Greece & Cyprus), PAOK TV (worldwide except Greece & Cyprus), NovaspsortsWorld (worldwide except Greece & Cyprus), Sport Plus (USA, Canada, Australia)

P.A.O.K.  vs  Asteras Tripoli History:

2020-2021:  2:0 (Tzolis, Zivkovic-p) - Attendance: no fans 
2019-2020:  3:1 (Swiderski, Pelkas, Lambrou) - Attendance: 15,168 
2018-2019:  1:0 (Prijovic-p) - Attendance:  16,255
2017-2018:  2:0 (Mauricio 2) - Attendance:  no fans
2016-2017:  3:2 (Shakhov, Prijovic, Henrique) - Attendance:  15,209

2015-2016:  2:0 (Pelkas, Mak) - Attendance:  8,812
2014-2015:  0:0 - Attendance:  9,137  (PLAYOFFS)
2014-2015:  0:0 - Attendance:  no fans
2013-2014:  1:1 (Stoch) - Attendance: 6,388 (PLAYOFFS)
2013-2014:  2:0 (Vitor 2) - Attendance:  13,637
2012-2013:  1:0 (Oliseh) - Attendance:  10,529  (PLAYOFFS)
2012-2013:  2:1 (Lawrence, Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 5,601
2011-2012:  2:3 (Athanasiadis, Georgiadis) - Attendance: 6,894
2010-2011:  1:0 (Salpiggidis) - Attendance: 13,585
2009-2010:  1:0 (Koutsianikoulis) - Attendance: 14,128
2008-2009:  1:1 (Anastasakos) - Attendance: 15,892
2007-2008:  0:1 - Attendance: 12,796

GAMES:  17    WINS:  11    TIES:   4    LOSSES:  2

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I think the team realizes it's a meaningless game. I'm not particularly bothered, personally. I think we'll score.

Warda was warming up earlier so Garcia probably is going to start putting on some stronger players. Kind of pointless to risk them IMO but I guess that's why he's getting paid the big bucks.

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I liked that fake head injury their player had when he bumped into Ninua's shoulder and then spent 90 seconds to take the free kick. Was still surprised that the ref carded him (tho it was the right choice).

That arm-wrapped-around-Warda's-leg move was particularly egregious.

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Garcia looks very annoyed at the talk after the game. He is speaking Greek. Says he is there because it is obligatiry. Did not want to talk about the game (only that everybody of the usual non-starters played well .....) and that he is not the only one leaving. The reporter finished the interview quickly not knowing what to do or ask.

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Garcia is gone? For what? For playing a friendly game with PAOK B?
I had a feeling that and Garcia might throw the game, I would have even gone as far as fielding all the youngsters.

Edited by Nilaul
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Don't know. This is what he said:

First question of the the reporter and after poor Maniatoglou translated this he answered in Greek in three doses:

«Δεν θέλω να μιλήσω έρχομαι εγώ γιατί πρέπει. Κάποια στιγμή θα φύγω εγώ αλλά μαζί μου θα φύγουν πολλοί. Είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένος για όλα τα παιδιά».

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