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SL1-PO-R9: PAOK - Asteras Tripoli (16-May-21, 19:30 EEST)


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In the PAOK TV interview he emphasized that he hopes there will be better referees calling the final.

In the first interview on NOVA he did not say that he is leaving. He said that when he leaves others will follow as well. Quite a cryptic quote. The problem is that people will now take this quote and use it for their own twisted agendas ahead of the cup final.

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Indeed a strange thing to say, and the theories have already begun! @Blackhawk's favourite radio host Raptopoulos running with the theory that Garcia is on his way out and will be replaced by either Lucescu or Valverde. 

I can't imagine that to be true(especially Valverde), but you wouldn't think Garcia would say something like that 6 days out from the biggest game of the season if something hadn't gone on behind the scenes. 

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