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Croatia - Greece ( Round 2, 1st Leg, 9 Nov. 2017, Stadion Maksimir, Zagreb )


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in all fairness, criticizing the starting lineup is a second guess.........if they did not make two mistakes the game and result could have been much different.......these are the guys that have got him here so i cant understand his reasoning....(not that i agree with it, but its easy to criticize AFTER the fact....

BUT was is absolutely positively inexcusable is this: he saw that his choices for this game were NOT working at all....u have evidence in front of you to eva;laute how the team is performing based your lineup, the score and the flow of the game.......so, now do something. as the coach, its your job to make adjustments based on WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING ON THE PITCH....here he FAILED MISERABLY.  no second guess, no after the fact....

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4 hours ago, Greekaroos said:

Karnezis: 31 minuets of EPL game time all season.

Stafylidis: Not a single league match all season.

Maniatis: Sporadic appearance for mid table Turkish club side.

Tziolis: Sporadic appearance for a Saudi side in relegation.

Greece’s biggest match in three years & they all start.


This sums it up... These players selected for a playoff to go to the World Cup its not like we were playing a friendly match.

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On 10/11/2017 at 1:50 PM, Brklyngrk said:

Toro - Manolas - Sokratis - Stafylidis

Zeca-Tax- -Fortounis-Samaris

    Giannotas - Mitro - Laz

Stamatiste with Stafylidis he is not in FORM right now. The 1st goal I put on him as much as Karnezis. He got the ball in a switch of play,..rai paithi mou take the RB on push the ball by him and run win a foul..BUT no form no confidence pushes the ball back to Tziolis to Tzavellas the end was there and then his gafa on the 4th..HE is not in form..should not have started our biggest game Gianota or Lazaro was the opion as lwb ....Lykogiannis is in form and a must start at LB on Sunday for me but he wont...Samaris another who should not touch the field Sunday Zeca Tachsi HOLDING with Lazaro Fortouni Gianota or Pelkas with Mitro who should have buried both headers he missed.

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