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EL-QR4-L2: Ostersunds FK - PAOK (24 Aug 2017, 20:00 EEST)


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No surprise on the lineup, it's essentially the same as our first match:






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46 minutes ago, pash said:

Whoa - is that a paid site? Or will it just start streaming for all?

And welcome back, long time no see!

No, they will be streaming the game for free in order to thank those that have been supporting them under this european journey that ends today!

Thanks Pash! You will probably see me more often from now on!

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the way their winger just blew past leovac and mak is really concerning. as long as we keep it at 0-0 we'll be okay, cop one and nerves will sky rocket. Also the fact that we've provided nothing on the counter is a little worrying but it's still early days 

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Henrique in, looks like we're moving to 4-4-2

-edit- is anyone else having trouble with this stream? only works five seconds at a time for me now

Edited by pash
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