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Often times comedians have good insights, observations or simply frame things in a way that maybe we have not thught of before or simply makes you think about an issue differently or makes you aware of a new notion. If you guys have some good pieces or bits feel free to share or comment. Keep it civil and let's stick to ideas and not make anything personal.



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On 08/12/2016 at 7:57 PM, OlympicHellas said:

Burr and Chappelle are the best of the last 15 years


They are both incredibly talented. Did you know that Burr was in a few Chappelle Show skits? About Chappelle Show, I think it is pound for pound the best comedy skit show of all time, and whoever is responsible for making Dave quit after 2 seasons has a special place in the worst part of hell reserved for their ass.





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3 minutes ago, OlympicHellas said:

Yeah Tzatziki i've seen Burr in a few of Chappelle's skits


He also in the world series of dice, samuel jackson beer, dude's night out, and this gem of a skit:



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2 hours ago, Hudson said:

Benny Hill for light, situational humor, and Mr. Bean for weirdness.


For weirdness have you seen The Eric Andre Show??

Love it when he rips on celebrities.and Hollywood.

@athinaios Ricky Gervais is so good at roasting celebs and Hollywood.


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