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Sunday is the final day of the European Athletics Championship and my goodness I am going to miss it. Such a great event for Greece overall. Can't remember the last time Greece has done so well in any major athletics event. 

Alright, morning session is the men's and women's marathon 
Not expecting a medal 

Men's Pole Vault - Kostas Filippidis can medal, by judging the 11 finalist, guys like Lavillenie, Lisek, Wojchiechowski are all favorites to medal. Duplantis and Morgunov are ones to watch for, they can surprise. This event will be our last hope for a medal. 

Men's Triple Jump - I am quite surprised Dimitrios Tsiamis make it through the finals at the tender age of 36. He will try to medal, but I don't see it happening. 

4 x 100 men's and women's team - Not expecting them to qualify for the finals. Greece hardly do well in relays. 

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Greece finishes the 2018 European Athletics Championships in Berlin with 6 medals (3 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze). It's the most medals from Greece in this competition since 2002 when they won 6 medals as well in Munich (4 gold, 2 bronze). 


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Greece will bring 25 athletes to Gavle, Sweden for the upcoming Under 23 European Athletics Championship 
Both Tentoglou and Karalis are heavy favorites to achieve gold medals. 
100 μ.: Κώστας Ζήκος (ΓΕΑ Τρικάλων) 10.41
100 μ.: Σωτήρης Γκαραγκάνης (ΟΦΚΑ Οδυσσέας) 10.43
400 μ.: Μιχάλης Παππάς (ΕΚΑ Δωδώνη) 47.00
10.000 μ.: Γιώργος Τάσσης (Τρίτων Χαλκίδας ) 30.09.12
10.000 μ.: Μάριος Αναγνώστου (Αναγέννηση Λαμίας) 30.10.09
Ύψος: Αντώνης Μέρλος (ΑΟ Ποσειδών Λουτρακίου) 2,18 μ.
Επί κοντώ: Εμανουήλ Καραλής (ΓΣ Κηφισιάς) 5,71 μ.
Μήκος: Μίλτος Τεντόγλου (ΓΣ Κηφισιάς) 8,18 μ.
Μήκος: Θανάσης Παπαδόπουλος (ΟΦΚΑ Οδυσσέας) 7,74 μ.
Μήκος: Παναγιώτης Μαντζουρογιάννης (Κερκυραϊκός ΓΣ) 7,70 μ.
Τριπλούν: Δημήτρης Μονόπωλης (Κερκυραϊκός ΓΣ) 16,24 μ.
Τριπλούν: Νίκος Ανδρικόπουλος (Αμεινίας Μεσογείων)  16.20 μ.
Σφαιροβολία: Οδυσσέας Μουζενίδης (ΑΣ Κένταυρος) 19,18 μ.
10αθλο: Αλέξανδρος Σπυριδωνίδης (ΠΑΟΚ) 7.426 β.
10αθλο: Άρης Περιστέρης (ΓΑΣ Παιανίας) 7.357 β.
20χλμ. βάδην: Γιώργος Τζατζιμάκης (ΓΣ Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος) 1.25.46
4Χ100 μ.: Ζήκος, Γκαραγκάνης, Γιάννης Κόκκινος (ΟΦΗ), Παππάς, Παναγιώτης Αρβανίτης (ΑΓΣΙ)

10.000 μ.: Ειρήνη – Ρία Μιχαλά (ΑΣΣ Αλέξανδρος Μακ.) 35.56.30
400 μ. εμπ.: Ολυμπία Καραγιάννη (ΜΕΑΣ Τρίτων) 58.77
Ύψος: Δέσποινα Μαλταμπέ (Αμεινίας Μεσογείων) 1,82 μ.
Μήκος: Ελένη Κουτσαλιάρη (ΓΕ Γρεβενών) 6,34 μ.
Σφαιροβολία: Σοφία Καϊσίδου (ΑΣΣ Αλέξανδρος Μακ.) 15,76 μ.
20χλμ. βάδην: Σοφία Αλικανιώτη (ΓΑΣ Ιλισσος) 1.40.10

20χλμ. βάδην: Ευσταθία Κουρκουτσάκη (ΓΑΣ Ιλισσος) 1.41.03

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Miltos Tentoglou (7.80), Odysseus Mouzenidis (18.75), and Emmanuel Karalis (5.20) all have qualified for the finals. 
Both Sotirios Gkarragiannis and Kostas Zikos reached the semifinals of the men's 100 meters, but failed to reach the finals. 
Mihail Pappas failed to reach the finals in the men's 400 meters. 
Marios Anagnostou got a personal best of 29:36.64 in the men's 10,000 meters finals (18th place). 

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As the Under 23 European Athletics Championships conclude, four days from now the Under 20 European Athletics Championships is coming up in another Swedish city. 

Fun fact, Boras is where Helena Paparizou was born. 

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This competition has a strong field of Greek athletes. There is a potential Greece could win as many as 5 medals. Most of the athletes take part in field events. Only 3 will be on the tracks (women's 5000 meter and 10,000 meter race walk). 

Christos Frantzeskakis is the world leader in the under 20 men's hammer throw at 81.62. Despite the fact he is favored to medal, he has had issues in the past in getting a mark in qualifications. I hope he will finally snap out of his funk. Only needs a 72.00 to automatically qualify. Spiridoula Karidi is second in Europe at 13.64 in the women's triple jump. She has a strong chance of a medal. Iason Macheras is an interesting athlete, competes for University of Texas - El Paso (same school Papadimitriou went to). He is ranked 8th in Europe, he could surprise us and sneak out with a bronze medal. He would need to beat his PB of 19.48 to have a shot. Elina Tzengko is the world leader in women's javelin throw at 61.48. Definitely a heavy favorite to win a gold medal, no woman in near her mark on the list. Look out for Alexios Argiropoulos in men's long jump (2nd in Europe at 7.82), Olga Fiaska in women's 10,000 race walk (5th in the world at 46:39.06), and Stavroula Kosmidou in women's hammer throw (10th in Europe at 61.56). 

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The athletes who are going to the finals
Spiridoula Karidi - (Women's Triple Jump) 13.63
Antonios Santas - (Men's Pole Vault) 5.10 
Theodoros Ziogas (Men's Hammer Throw 6 km) - 70.80 

We got 3 more qualifiers to follow 
Panagiota Dosi - (Women's High Jump) 
Alexios Argiropoulos - (Men's Long Jump) 
Elina Tzengko, Magarita Tsoukala - (Women's Javelin Throw) 

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Disappointing outcome from both Macheras and Argiropoulos who under performed poorly in qualifications. 
But, 3 others did make the cut 

Panagiota Dosi - 1.81 
Elina Tzengko - 53.17 (Greek National Under 20 Record) 
Magarita Tsoukala - 51.33 

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This morning, both Ariandi Adamopoulou and Stavroula Kosmidou have qualified for Saturday's finals in both Women's Pole Vault and Women's Hammer Throw. 

The results 

Kosmidou - 11th place (59.33)
Adamopoulou - 9th place (4.05) 

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Our athlete from Chania, Crete finishes with a hard-fought silver medal for Greece. 84.22 is the new Greek National Under-20 Record. Mykhaylo Kokhan is something else, Ukraine always have a great pedigree for hammer throwing. Congrats to him in breaking the Under-20 European Record. 

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And to think that he barely made it after the two first throws which were fouls. Thankfully he cracked the top 8 with his third throw in order to continue and have the big one in the 4th throw. Kokhans throws were all over 80 meters.

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Blackhawk, Greece has a decent history in men's hammer throw compare to Ukraine. I have been critical of him after the World Under-20 Championships in Tampere, Finland when he failed to register a mark in qualifications after a season where he was an 81.32 world leader for under-20 hammer throwers. He still needs to work on his balance and composer.

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Maria Maggoulia missed out on a tie breaker for the final spot of qualification. That one hurts. She finishes with 14.83. 
Both Dimitrios Tsistos (75.62) and Andreas Pantazis (15.91) both qualified with personal bests. 

Panagiota Dosi just broke her personal best at 1.84 and is still in contention. 
She finishes at 1.84 (7th place) Great effort by our fellow Greek from Corfu.

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