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  1. 🤣😂 How do you go from leading 4 points at halftime to losing by +20 in the end? Greece made Germany look like Team USA. 😁
  2. Germany's best player Franz Wagner is questionable with an ankle injury. Without him, Germany could struggle.
  3. Miltos Tentoglou became the first male Greek athlete to win the Diamond League. He finished the competition at 8.42, needed a big effort on his 5th attempt to beat Marquise Dendy (who was leading after 3 jumps).
  4. He won his 6th straight European title Greece ends the competition overall at 10 medals (6 gold and 4 silver)
  5. Gusin finished 9th place at 1.86 Pesiridou did not advance into the finals, finishing 6th place in the semifinals heat at 13.19 As we conclude the European Athletics Championship, Greece ends up with 5 medals (4 gold 1 silver) Not bad I must say, aside from Tentoglou's gold and Stefanidi's silver, Drisbioti's double gold medal and Tzengko's impressive gold at age 19 were the highlights of this tournament.
  6. Second gold medal for Greece! Elina Tzengko was killing it tonight! How in Gods name did she miss the World Championships Finals? Silver goes to Serbia's Adriana Vilagos and bronze to Barbora Spotakova.
  7. Peseridou advances to the semifinals with a time of 13.33 in the heats (3rd place - Q)
  8. ELINA TZEGNKO THREW A BULLET ON HER SECOND ATTEMPT!! 65.81!!!! NEW PERSONAL BEST!!!!! That has to be a gold medal throw! Fingers crossed!
  9. Eleftherios Petrounias will be competing tomorrow in the men's ring and will likely give Greece it's last medal of the European Championships.
  10. Karydi finished 9th in the women's triple jump final at 13.54 She was never in good rhythm, but I am glad she made it to her first major finals.
  11. UNBELEIVABLE! DRISBIOTI WON GOLD IN THE 20 KM! SHE IS A TWO TIME EUROPEAN CHAMPION! She did it by getting a lifetime best of 1:29:03, defeating Poland's Kataryna Zdzieblo (who won both silver medals in the World Championships) in a close race. Antigoni became the first Greek athlete to win multiple gold medals in a European Athletics Championships.
  12. The women's javelin throw final is wide open, no clear cut favorite. Crazy thing is that two of the finalists are over 40 and two are teenagers.
  13. Fantastic display by Gusin in the women's high jump qualification despite performing in the rain with leg cramps. 5th place at 1.87 and into her first major finals. All relay teams did not make it to the finals. The men's 4 x 100 did ran well, they are probably like one or two quality sprinter away from being a great team. Karyidi competing tonight, not expecting a medal, but hopefully a top 8 finish.
  14. On the final throw in the men's hammer throw, Frantzeskakis ends it on a positive note of 78.20, a new personal best. Finishes 6th place. Anastasiou finished 19th in the women's 200 meters semifinals at 23.60
  15. Karalis failed to qualify, only finished 5.50 m (13th overall) Gnafaki got another PB at 56.14, not enough to qualify for the finals. (13th overall) Tryvizas fails to qualify from the heats at 21.00 (19th overall) Anastasiou qualify for the semifinals at 23.38 Q (13th overall)
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