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22 Greek athletes to participate in the Under 18 European Athletics Championship in Gyor, Hungary


110 μ. εμπ.: Γιάννης Καμαρινός (Ολυμπιακή Δομή) 13.78
110 μ. εμπ.: Ηλίας Τοτολίδης (ΑΓΕΣ Κάμειρος) 13.94
2.000 μ. στιπλ: Θανάσης Παπαγιαννούλας (Ολυμπιάδα Κηφισιάς) 6.00.67
Επί κοντώ: Αντώνης Σάντας (ΑΟ Φιλοθέης) 4,90 μ.
Επί κοντώ: Σωτήρης Χύτας (Αμεινίας Μεσογείων) 4,80 μ.
Μήκος: Γκαλήπ Φαίκογλου (Πυγμή Ευόσμου) 7,21 μ.
Σφυροβολία: Θοδωρής Ζιώγας (ΓΑΣ Νιγρίτας) 69,35 μ.
Ακοντισμός: Γεράσιμος Καλογεράκης (ΟΦΗ) 71,72 μ.
10.000 μ. βάδην: Κελεπούρης (Φίλιππος Βέροιας) 45.28.37


800 μ.: Ιωάννα Πανοπούλου (ΣΑΚΑ) 2.09.95
800 μ.: Ελένη Ιωαννίδου (Φίλιππος Βέροιας) 2.10.40
3.000 μ. Βασιλεία Σπύρου (ΟΦΚΑ Οδυσσέας) 9.45.51
2.000 μ. στιπλ: Μαρίνα Ποργιοπούλου (ΓΣ Σέρρες 93) 6.59.93
Υψος: Παναγιώτα Δόση (ΑΟ Κέρκυρας 2015) 1,83 μ.
Μήκος: Σπυριδούλα Καρύδη (Κερκυραϊκός ΓΣ) 6,21 μ.
Τριπλούν: Σπυριδούλα Καρύδη (Κερκυραϊκός ΓΣ) 13,11 μ.
Δισκοβολία: Σοφία Κεσσίδη (Κένταυρος Χαλκιδικής) 47,30 μ.
Σφυροβολία: Σταυρούλα Κοσμίδου (Αίολος Μακεδονίας) 68,21 μ.
Σφυροβολία: Παναγιώτα Φρίγγη (ΓΣ Κηφισιάς) 64,55 μ.
Ακοντισμός: Ελίνα Τζένγκο (Κένταυρος Χαλκιδικής) 58,05 μ.
Ακοντισμός: Μαργαρίτα Τσουκαλά (ΓΣ Απόλλων Πύργου) 51,56 μ.
Επταθλο: Μαργαρίτα Τσουκαλά (ΓΣ Απόλλων Πύργου) 5.336 β.
5.000 μ. βάδην: Ολγα Φιάσκα (Αθλοκίνηση Μυτιλήνης) 23.24.62
5.000 μ. βάδην: Μαρία Σεφεριάδη (Ολυμπιάδα Πάτρας) 24.12.61

Keep your eye open for Elina Tzengo in javelin throw, she has thrown a personal best 58.05 m, which is excellent for her age (16). 
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Today we will be keeping an eye on hammer thrower Stavroula Kosmidou. She has a personal best at 68.21. She should qualify for the finals and have a very good chance at a medal. The other hammer thrower, Panayiota Friggi might qualify if she can do better than 64.55. 


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Ioannis Kamarinos in men's 110m hurdles have qualified for the finals by having the best 2 times (q) by breaking his personal best (13.70). I knew in my heart he was going to pull through. ? 

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Bronze medal for Spiridoula Karidi in the women's long jump! She broke a Greek National Under 18 record of 6.23. She will also perform in the women's triple jump where she is favored to win a medal. 

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UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! Stavroula Kosmidou beat the Belarusian girl on her last attempted throw and snatched the bronze medal with a mark at 65.98!!!!! OH MY GOD, I AM CRYING LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!!! ?

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For the second time in the competition, a Greek athlete facing 4th place makes a last ditch effort to grab a medal. 
Gerasimos Kalogerakis broke his personal best with a incredible throw of 77.45 to win silver. This is the most surprising result I have ever seen. 

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A very, very disappointing performance by Elina Tzengo as she finished 7th. She threw 53.84 on her first attempt, afterwards struggled to find a good distance on her next four throws until she finished the last one with 52.18. I had high hopes for her to get a medal (even gold). 

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The 2018 European Athletics Championship will be held in Berlin, Germany from August 6 to 12. No word yet on the Greek athletes to take part in the event. Also, the European Championship will be held in Glasgow, United Kingdom for other multi-sport events such as diving, swimming, cycling, triathlon, golf, and artistic gymnastics. 

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Berlin 2018: The Greek Team for the European Championship

100m : Giannis Nifantopoulos 
200m : Lykourgos-Stefanos Tsakonas, Panagiotis Tryvizas 
110 m. Hurdles : Kostas Douvalidis 
High Jump : Kostas Baniotis 
Pole vault : Kostas Filippidis  
Long Jump : Miltos Tentoglou 
Triple Jump : Dimitrios Tsiamis 
Shot Put: Nicolas Skarvelis
Hammer Throw : Michael Anastasakis 
Marathon : Kostas Gkelaouzos , Dimos Magginas , Panayiotis Karaiskos  
20 km. Race Walk : Alexandros Papamichail 
4x100m : Lykourgos-Stefanos Tsakonas, Kostas Douvalidis, Giannis Nifantopoulos, Panagiotis Tryvizas, Makis Stergioulis


100 m : Rafaela Spanoudaki 
400 m : Maria Belibasaki, Irene Vasiliou, Despina Mourta 
100 m Hurdles  : Elisavet Pesiridou 
Pole Vault: Ekaterini Stefanidi, Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou, Eleni-Claudia Polak
Long Jump : Lili Alexiou 
Triple Jump : Paraskevi Papachristou 
Discus Throw : Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou
Hammer Throw : Stamatia Skarveli 
Javelin Throw : Sofia Ifantidou 
Marathon : Gloria Priviletzio,  Orania Rebouli, Sonia Tsekini
20 km. Race Walk : Antigoni Drisbioti 
4X100 m. Maria Belibasaki, Elisavet Pesiridou, Rafaela Spanoudaki, Gregoria Keramida, Korina Politi
4x400 m. Maria Belibasaki, Irini Vasiliou, Despoina Mourta, Anna Vasiliou, Evangelia Zigori, Elpida Karkalatou

3 Greek male athletes will not make the trip due to injuries 
Ioannis Kyriazis, Paris Batzavalis and Emmanouil Karalis 

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I see 4 medals for Greece 

Stefanidi is a lock for sure, only competitor threatening her is Sidorova
Papachristou is currently leading Europe  this season (14.74) and looks like in fine form, should medal
Tentoglou is second in Europe (8.24), he should get his first senior medal after months of improvement
Belibasaki is 7th in the 400 m (51.14), she is capable of reaching the finals and maybe medal. She proved in the World Indoor Championship she can compete in the 400. 

If I have to pick 2 Greek athletes who may surprise us it's both Spanoudaki and Anastasakis 

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Mihail Anastasakis will be throwing in group A (12th) 
The men's hammer throw in the European Championship has changed to 76.00 to automatically qualify. He will need to throw at least 75 meters to go to the finals. His seasons best is 76.53. 

Nikolas Scarvelis will be throwing in group B (9th) 
Men's shot put automatic spot is 20.40 and he will be in the finals if he throws at least 19.90 or better. His seasons best is 20.12

Miltos Tentoglou will be jumping in group B (1st) 
Men's long jump automatic spot is 8.00 and he should be able to achieve this. His seasons best is 8.24

In the 100 m men's, Ioannis Nyfantopoulos will be running in Heat 2, top 2 in the heat go through automatically with the top 5 times. His seasons best (personal as well) is 10.30. He may have a 50/50 chance to go to the semifinals.

In the 100 m women's Rafaela Spanoudaki will be running in Heat 3, top 3 in the heat go through automatically with the top 4 times. Her seasons best (personal as well) is 11.27. She should reach the semifinals. 

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Good start for Greek athletes with 3 out of 5 qualifying to the finals.

In Long Jump Tentoglou finished1st in qualifying with 8.15 meters.
In Hammer Throw Anastasakis finsished 5th in qualifying with 75.61 meters
In Shot Put Skarvelis fisnished 6th in qualifying with 20.24 meters

The two sprinters (Nyfantopoulos and Spanoudaki) failed to qualify to the next rounds on 100 meters. 

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