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Soccer Player Dies During Game

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Don't they have defibulators at these games? They have like an 80% reanimation rate within the initial 10-15 mins.... RIP  :(     



Patrick Ekeng Of Dinamo Bucharest Collapsed On Field After Reported Heart Attack





Dinamo Bucharest soccer player Patrick Ekeng has died after collapsing during a game in the Romanian capital. In a match against Viitorul Constanta, televised live on Romanian television, midfielder Ekeng had only been on the field for seven minutes after coming on as a substitute when he fell to the ground motionless in the center circle having reportedly suffered a heart attack.




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That's too bad...these kinds of undiagnosed heart issues (assuming that's what this was) happen way too often. Unbelievable that they didn't have a defibrillator. You'd think that'd be standard equipment.

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