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He wants a new start. Press conference with Tsanas and Tziolis: http://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/tsanas-theloyme-na-kanoyme-mia-nea-arxh.3645084.html


The more interesting passages. They spoke about a new beginning. Tsanas said "I havent decided who will start" (1) or something to that effect. He said he isnt responsible for the former debacles and cant tell what was wrong with the former coaches. Tziolis said all teams have ups and downs, but with a win versus Finland the NT will find the right path.


(1) Cf. with what the sites wrote about that eight players will start.

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Was Tsanas asked after the match "Rai m#$%! why did you move fortounis from the middle of the pitch and peg him on the left side?" with all due respect this guy cant manage..our 10 was having his way and his solution was to have stand on the left like a colona in the 2nd half. I posted that Tziolis and Vyntra had no business on the roster let alone the field..and this from a guy who coaches hockey...what if you left him central and subbed Aravidis for Kone at the half!

This is very upsetting ..my old man dragged me to the kafenia in the late 80s early 90s and got hooked on this team..WTF rai Tsanas Taxi played on thruball in 7 minutes..almost connected with Fortounis..in a gamelike yesterday..Tziolis was going bckwds and sideways we needed that vision fo the killer pass..this guy stinks to high heaven..and so does vyntra..cross one rai vlyma..but our manager saw it fit they play 90...we need an overhaul...i am depressed and I see no end to this if we have clowns like Tsanas at the helm!

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Tsana might of moved Fortounis to the wing when Kone came on, BUT, nothing beats Kats coming on for a firing Fetfa whilst Markarian was in charge, I mean, while he was having a turn as EPO's frontman.

Markarian by the length of the straight, passing Ranieri and everyone else for the M&*(^%$# award of the century!

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A little more realistic analysis from Tsanas than yesterday. "We should have a base and have players that have a strong personality", he said, and added, "We will qualify for the Mundial if we have the elements that launched us in the past." He is right: "The manager to come should understand our players' style." He mentions again, however, that Greece (ranked 44th) managed to held the World Rank No. 7. Romania at bay, and thinks nobody questioned Ranieris decision to call up Mantalos and Diamantakos.


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