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Firstly let me just say, that i loved udinese's game plan. They sat and picked their moments to get forward, more so in the second, upon realising that our guys were starting to tire.


We tried to take the game to them as usual but the fitness levels are just not there at the moment. If the fitness levels are lacking, then so is your running and as a result you can't press and are too slow in your defence transition which was the story of the last 15 or so minutes. It also affects your attacking play, and unlike the first, we had more space to work with in the second but failed to capitalize.


Not to fear because we will get better eventually, problem is though, that the brugge games are just around the corner and we are not ready, not for the type of football anastasiou want to play anyway. To give ourselves the best chance of qualifying, we need to change it up a bit, and adopt a more balanced approach.


In terms of individual performances, there were both positives and negatives.


Kotsolis, showed good form.


Tavlaridis, His usual strong self but slow. At fault for the first goal.


Sanchez never wasted possession, tried to communicate with the others at the back but looked slower than expected and was outmuscled on one occasion leading to a 1v1.


Pranjic, good feet, i liked that he was careful with his forward runs, after all he had to offer some balance because wermer kept getting forward.


Wermer, not as comfortable with the ball at his feet, physically insane, got forward but left us exposed on his side all too often.


Lagos, lacks the intelligence to play the holder, grabbed an assist


ajagajoun, appreciate his enthusiasm and pace but he never really releases the ball well, not starting material.


ninis, if he is going to be our enganche, you can't help demand that he has more of an influence on proceedings. Never really been a trait of his though.


zeca, energy overriding quality


Berg, 8/10 will score


Karelis, keeps improving


30, tragic to say the least

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