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Dinamo Tbilisi - AEK

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The 2nd leg of the Europa League playoff qualifier will kick off at 8:05pm GR (6:05 BST, 1:05 EDT).

Let's go AEK! :tup:

PS. I don't mean to sound overly optimistic but, judging from the 1st game, a 4-1 score in our favour is a definite possibility :)

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I, for once, am not nervous as Dinamo Tbilisi has shown me nothing. They were very lucky to escape with a 1-0 loss and I'm not too sure their luck will repeat itself.

4-1 AEK ;)

Irlandos pou eise re!!!!!!!!! :D

Ive got to say im not surprised at all i knew it gonna be a tough year and ive learned to control my temper i was driving my wife crazy ive bought a punching bar :LOL:

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I hope so!!!

Its a bit tough on us, it could have easily been 2-0 or 3-0 in Athens, Cala's goal should have counted. However, it is only 1-0, so we need to score, simple as that.

This game is soo crucial for our season!!!

:tup: LONG LIVE AEK :tup:

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