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From what I have heard Nelly,Bain should not get such a hard time.The Pana Chairman is very wealthy & a complete headcase.Told a guy from an English Premiership Club to Piss Off after the English fella looked to have 200,000e off a price-He dosen't haggle & can be a hothead.

Alway's wandered what "Newton Blue Nelly's a Peach" was about.

Scared to post on bbc site in case I jeopardise anything that's going down-& do not wish to give the Timothies anything to whine about(bad enough with their usual trash)

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As things look at the moment, with Rangers not returning Kirgiakos' registration, PAO will take the case to UEFA/ FIFA.

Rangers is not recognising the automatic renewel Greek clubs do for their players. That contract law only applies in Greece.

If it does go to court and Rangers lose the case I can pretty much see PAO sewing them as well for loss of "services". Rangers might end up paying PAO and not getting the player and PAO will most probably seize to do business with them stubborn as they can be.

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Alway's wandered what "Newton Blue Nelly's a Peach" was about.

Scared to post on bbc site in case I jeopardise anything that's going down-& do not wish to give the Timothies anything to whine about(bad enough with their usual trash)

That isn't me!! That guy lives in France and his wife's name is Nelly,who is apparently a bit of a fox.

I was on the BBC boards as Nelly,but haven't been on there for a while.I need a break from all the s%$#! that Timmy goes on about.You'd think they won the league the crap they are saying.

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i think Pao will win the case in courts

b/c FIFA as acknowledge these contracts in Greece

but i do think they will try to end it but Kyriagiakos when all said and done will be on Pao off course he will be bought by somebody

If it goes to court PAO wont stand a chance.The fact that FIFA know all about it wont wash with the European court.Just as Jean Marc Bosman won his case for not letting his club keep his registration after his contract had finished so Kyrgiakos will win against these automatic contract extensions.Just because everyone knows what is involved when signing them doesn't make them compatible with EU employment law.

To be honest,I just wish Rangers would pay the money and the whole thing be over.

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Who is tighter? PAO or Rangers?

It's harder to pick than a broken nose!

The Greek/Helenic do not call us Scots "Scrooge Mc Duck's" in the resorts for nothing :D

Seriously Soto is a fine player so I am hopeful that some deal can be thrashed out between PAO & Ranger's soon.

Who Knows.

My big Greek Style Nose gets me pulled at Greek custom's every time when they check whether I have "eaten my beans" ,or done my National Service in other words.

You may be surprised but it has been broken 3 times so I know what you are on about EG!

I just hope that the big man stays at Ibrox,without too much fuss.

That BBC site is Brain Damage at the best of times,Nelly,never read such piles & piles of crap in my life.Anyone trying to make a reasonable point has no chance, usually.

Too many Jesuit Priest educated anti-protestant smartarses who are well read but do not have the brains that they were born with,IMO.Pure Rabble Rouser's.

Hey Gapa,did you get to any of your home games last season or were you too busy swimming in your harbour

Glasgow Ranger's,51 Domestic League Titles & counting


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Rangers might sign central defender Pierre Fan-fan on a free transfer from PSG by next week. don't know what to really make of this but it looks like they want some cover in central defence just in case.......

Fanfan is here today for his medical.If all is good he will sign tomorrow.I don't read to much into this as regards Sotirios.We really need a lot of cover in defence as apart from Soti,we have players that are not very good.It is an area that need strengthning for a long time.
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Todays news papers say that our owner,David Murray,is losing patience with Soti.

He says "There is only one person holding this transfer up,and that is Sotirios.Not Rangers........not Panathanaikos.Either he wants to play for us or he doesn't and we want an answer from him asap.It didn't help when he suddenly changed to an Italian agent after the confederations cup game against Brazil.

The terms of our offer have been there for some time and he will make a lot of money from this deal.We need an answer soon as we will not wait around forever........it is solely down to Sotirios.There is nothing more that we can do.We just want it sorted out so we can move on.Either he wants to play for us or he doesn't,there comes a time when you have to say enough is enough,and that time is now."

Looks like the ball is well and truley in Sotis court.What's it to be Sotirios?

We signed Fanfan last night from PSG but we are still waiting for Kyrgiakos,Fanfan is not a replacement.

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Soto is between a rock and a hard place.

He has 2 ultimatums facing him now. One from PAO and another from Rangers.

Technically, he is a PAO player until proven otherwise and should report for the teams pre season in a couple days.

He may fear getting into trouble signing another contract with Rangers , whilst already having a contract with Panathinaikos.

Rangers "hold" his registration, PAO "hold his "rights".

There is a Greek saying which says "Pias'ta avgo ke kourefto"

translation :" Grab the egg and give it a hair cut"

What that means? No one knows who is right or who to beleive.

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Hi Vasilio's,

I hope the big-man is chilling out in his Village,looking at his SPL winner's medal & enjoying himself - giving the egg a good shave (hehe)

I have saved your link to my favourites btw.Last I heard there was American Agitator's trying to re-invent Macedonia during Clinton's last term with a view to getting another base in the Med.

The English & the Roman Catholic's kindly re-wrote Scottish History in the 16th Century to make the English & RC's look a bit more important than they really are & diminish the role of Scotia to that of being Irish or English.Conveniently forgetting

"we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown. They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous. Thence they came, twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea, to their home in the west where they still live today. The Britons they first drove out, the Picts they utterly destroyed, and, even though very often assailed by the Norwegians, the Danes and the English,"

Taken from the Arbroath Declaration of 1320

Do you know the name of the book of the Ancient's that tells the story of Princess Scota & Prince Gaythelos(Scots & Gael's),& Fenius Fersa(Fenian's?) Scot's History is tied in with Greek Mythology & the Bible(Prophet Jeremiah) but I don't know the names of any of your book's.

I'd appreciate any help,big man.


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Cannot blame you for wanting the Croatian Internationalist Top Scorer but I don't think that he is for sale/swap."The silence is defeaning" over here so its good to know that the clubs are still talking.This situation is unprecedented in Scottish Football,as far as I know.Anything like it happened in Greece before?

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Greek reports suggest that there is an interest from Roma in Soto.

Who knows, he may have a hidden agenda afterall.

I don't see the player going to court to win his freedom. The is no suggestion of such an act for the time being.

Ultimately, this leaves us with the situation that Rangers had the opportunity to buy the player outright on the 20th June and opted not to exersize their right.

PAO have stood their ground the whole way and had a feeling that if Rangers didn't pay the price, someone else would. After all it's only 1,2 million euros which is peanuts to big league clubs.

Another interesting fact is although Soto was supposed to be present for pre-season training he has not being punished for his "absense". Anothing interesting fact is that although is still contracted and paid by PAO, he is not on the 2005-2006 teams roster.

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Soti will have to return soon to Ranger's to fight for his place if he want's to be involved in Champ's League Action with Ranger's.Fan-Fan,a recent signing from PSG,was outstanding last night against an English 1st Div Club & could work well alongside the "Big Man"

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From what Evergreen says,it is obvious Soti is leaving PAO.It also seems clear he is not coming to Rangers.........he hasn't been reported as saying anything on the matter and if he wanted to play for us he would be hear already.

I don't think he will be going to Roma.........they have a transfer ban,don't they?

The Rangers fans are getting pised off with this.............if Soti's move to Italy doesn't come off and he does end up at Rangers he will have a lot of work to do to become a favourite again.

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If Rangers had paid the extra 1,2 mil euros he would have been at Rangers now.

I think Soto himself may be pissed off with Rangers for screwing about for his buy-out.

Rangers are the only to blame for this situation that's been created.

Rangers have looked out for their best interest (not paying the agreed deal) and trying to negotiate on price, PAO have stood their ground in the original agreement and his price tag and Soto is looking out for his be interest (a larger contract).

Rangers weren't faithful to Soto paying his worth, so why should Soto be faithful to Rangers and screw about with him?

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Rangers and PAO have an agreement and have had it all along.Sotirios thought he could get a good deal for himself by claiming his contract was illegal and Rangers backed him up.Sotirios then changes to an Italian agent and tries to get Italian clubs interested in him.I posted a while ago that our Chairman has said that Rangers were waiting for Soti to make his mind up if he wants to play here.

Sotirios,today,has been given until Sunday to make up his mind otherwide Rangers will look elsewhere.Hardly the behaviour of a club that don't want him.Our manager has said time and time again that Soti is important to his plans,why would Sotirios feel betrayed.

The only person holding things up is the player.I don't blame him for wanting the best deal for himself..............but the problem is with Sotirios not between the clubs.

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