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Kyrgiakos played today in Rangers game at our deadly rivals Celtic.We have not won a game there in 5 years.

Thanks to Sotrios for dominating John Hartson and Craig Bellamy and Chris Sutton.......they never got any chances when faced with Kyrgiakos.I saw Sotirios play against Denmark and he was very good.I was willing him to have great game today and he did.

I hope he stays for a long time.The fans have forgotten about Jean Alain Boumsong now!

Rangers won 0-2!!

Thanks Pana!!!!

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i heard he didnt play all that well at all, as the scoreline might be one more indication.

Celtic-Rangers post-match comments:

"Afterwards a contented Alex McLeish reflected":

"It was a pulsating game. Ronald Waterreus had some

key saves. The back four did well. Gregory Vignal

hasn't hit the target all season. Sotirios Kyrgiakos

was outstanding - he attacks the ball so well in the

air. This campaign will go to the wire."

Re vasili where you get your news?

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i read a mini report from sportaction.gr yesterday rating his performance.

thanks for the quote chameleon66.

..I guess we'll see different ratings or stories from different sources. I would surely think the opinions are more truthful from Ranger fans on their website.
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The initial 6 month loan period had been made permanent earlier than expected due to to his commanding performances so far, which have seen him become a favourite of the fans.

His contract expires in the summer of 2008.

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He was apparantly very 'clever' in getting the last minute for Rangers, should have been penalised for a foul of his own earlier in the match and missed a good scoring opportunity. An eventful evening in Edinburgh for Kyrgiakos, but a welcome result nonetheless.

BBC Match Report

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at least we all hope he dont stay in scotland for long, he is too good to be wasting vital years of his career which he is in his prime

a transfer to manchester utd would be preferable :tup:  :tup:

We all don't want Soti to move any time soon..................but I think he will.Perhaps at the end of next season.

He is a great player,very tough and strong.I hear he played for the national team against Georgia yesterday.It was a good victory for Greece.

Scotland lost to 2 free kicks against Italy.The referee was Greek.....he was terrible! :D

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Soti is suffering from having a new,terrible,defensive partner.The whole defence is looking shaky with this idiot in the team.

Personnaly,Kyrgiakos is still performing very well but with this joker alongside him he is having to do more work than he can handle almost.

This has come about because his old partner - Andrews - will not have an operation on his knee because he thinks that only God can cure him!!

There is an away game today at Dunfermline - Brewster's old team - and they are now playing on a plastic pitch :tdown:

Many players have been made to look foolish playing on this silly surface.1st time today for Soti......let's see how he handles it.

PS. Anyone know of Tavlaridis?.......our manager was in Lille two times recently.I think it was the Greek he is interested in.

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