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  1. For me it comes down to confidence . Every team knows we aren’t the PAOK of last season. They play against us knowing that we won’t High press. The more time you give these teams on the ball the more their confidence grows. And for us, I don’t think we are confident in Abel’s tactics. I’ve never seen players yell at their teammates more than this season. We lack confidence and our play is giving the other teams more confidence.
  2. Exactly this. Controlling the game. They aren’t even possessing just to have the ball, they are working it from side to side so easily, up and down. I’m perplexed as to what Abel’s instructions were before the game. I coach at a high level and if my players came out like this I would be ripping them a new one. It’s inexcusable how we are playing against an inferior team.
  3. Lamprou is playing out of position. Why does this coach put him at striker? This looks like a 4-4-2. Also... we are getting outpossessed. OFI controlling the ball easily as we sit back and have our line of engagement at the halfway mark 66% possession for OFI first 20’ in
  4. Ha! I forgot I had an account, I was voicing my displeasure to Pash on the Tweeter. Anyways , Biseswar needs to be subbed off for Lambrou and El Kaddouri for Pelkas. We need speed and high pressure. We get the turnover and then play it back instead of quickly countering
  5. You have just one final game for the bottom two teams at a neutral location. Loser gets relegated and top GSL2 team currently goes up. Or you can have a “championship game” like England has for their 2nd division. Winner goes up.
  6. Paok will now have 10 points deducted because of this!
  7. Yea, rumor here is that they will cancel the games. I had tickets to both, so that will suck
  8. Yup, and our game at PAO won’t have fans either.
  9. What’s new. I feel like every game lately , our opponent plays harder, tougher, quicker.
  10. Horrific defensive display too. When I’m danger we are just kicking it out for a throw in, not even trying to hit it off them or up the field. We are rushing everything too, Lamprou has about 5 turnovers. Vierinha has already whiffed and missed the ball twice. Paschalakis looks stupid with his dumb hair.
  11. The seedings came out for the next edition of the Nations League. I am not sure what the winners qualify for, there's some talk about WC Qualification ... We are in League C and here are the pots: Pot 1: Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Georgia Pot 2: Skopje, Kosovo, Belarus, Cyprus Pot 3: Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Luxembourg Pot 4: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova Draw is March 3rd
  12. 5 min into the Oly-Arsenal game and Oly should be up 2-0 already. They play so fast and quick as opposed to our continuous back passing to the goalie over and over again
  13. Don’t worry, we will score on an 80th minute PK .. On a more serious note, we are getting outshot at home to a B team
  14. There’s the goal, it was a matter of time. This years team couldn’t lick the jock strap of last years squad
  15. Going down our left side all game, Vierinha isn’t coming back and PAO knows it. The whole game has been in our defensive third on the left side
  16. Another slow start, PAO could be up 2 goals already
  17. We may be outnumbered 75k to 5K but it’s ok!! Ouzo vs Tequila
  18. I feel like we always have better options on the bench. Look what happened with Misic and Ingassen. Those two are clearly better than who was being played ahead of them. I think Zivkovic and Pascha are pretty much the same talent level, Pascha takes more risks which hurts him but I would say he is more athletic and stronger than Zivko. I wonder how Rodrigo is at RB, Matos, for me, is having a rough season so I wouldn't be surprised if Rodrigo gets a shot if we end up liking him more. Rey is an interesting case, I always liked him. He never caused trouble when he wasn't playing and seemed like a great teammate who loved being in Greece. I would say he is on the same level as Zivko. He is a technical GK, great footwork, positioning, communication, but isnt at the same athletic level as Pascha.
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