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  1. AEK66 I thought you're of the reasonable ones here. Why do you use broad statements and find single causes for problems that have multiple causes and whose solution requires a comprehensive approach. They way you and others present this cops-blacks problem as if cops are the victims (yes, you can find many cases like that a**hole above who attacked a traffic officer), and that all those who may have marched in the BLM movement as criminals too, or out of their minds for believing that racism and unprofessional conduct may be resident within police dpts. Oh, and throw in Obama as part of the problem for good measure. Same with other issues, gun violence and crime. There are many factors contributing and you have to realize this. As for immigration, Reagan's 1986 imm reform wasn't supposed to fix the issue for ever and ever. Where did you get that? No issue is fixed if there's demand, like demand for alcohol, drugs, cheap labor. Countries make frequent adjustments. The system is broken because of sheer numbers, quotas, and luck of funding. We have millions of immigrants who have been living here for many years, working hard, and their kids go to school, often this is the only country they know. What H Clinton would do? I don't know what she'll be able to do, but she said for a certain class of people already in the US, with no criminal records, a path to legalization is appropriate. Why do you keep saying she's for open borders? Who is? Oh, yeah, I forgot the other idiot thinks the wall will be the solution, in addition (as Pence said too) we'll round up 12 million undocumented. Not only this is stupid and very expensive (both building the wall and rounding up millions), but unethical and in the process unconstitutional. Obama? Well he has been deporting more of imms than any other president, including GW Bush. The borders can have better control, but Congress has to fund that, and, again, do something about the demand. Unless you think we're winning the war on drugs...... in which case we can learn from simplistic solutions....
  2. ^^^^ I'm loyal to intellectual honesty and reason, and also to values & policies that improve the human condition. Then I evaluate the choices I have in political terms. The candidate who is more likely to advocate for policies that will enhance the quality of Americans is, in my opinion, the candidate who comes closer to my views on: promoting science and the scientific way, including reality (yes, one party/candidate is anti-science) distributive policies, which strengthen the middle class (where most people should be); tax policies sane foreign policy based on serious consideration of issues women's reproductive rights; equality of opportunity; and, yes, respect for women environmental issues education reduce military spending immigration reform that fixes the broken system, instead of idiotic slogans like "build a wall" (as this would fix the problem); money's role in politics the direction of the supreme court, etc.....
  3. People on both sides of this issue have taken their arguments and actions to extreme. I won't get into discussing every comment or video put here or on the internet. But, I am aware that if you're black or brown you can be treated differently by the authorities and others simply because of the color of your skin. If I want to march to bring attention to an issue, am I responsible for those whose aim is to loot, destroy and hurt others? Or, if a movement is important for the overall effect of raising an issue, while some participants resort to animalistic behavior, does it make the movement invalid? Not comparing BLM to the Greek revolution, but are you aware of the atrocities committed by some who fought for Greek independence (ie during the sacking of Tripolitsa). Of course, not all cops are racist nor responsible for every black man mistreated or shot. I don't know what the % of bad cops is but it's not negligible. The wide use of cameras and smart phones to capture video has brought this problem to light. As with many issues, there are many causes for this problem so the approach has to be comprehensive. From better training of cops to citizens complying with POs even if the latter are in the wrong. Escalating confrontations don't end well.
  4. I'd also like to know, the graduation rate and the length of it. In the US, roughly speaking 50% of high school seniors go to college and 50% of them graduate, in 5 or 6 yrs. But, the system is different in the US. I think anyone who wants to go to college can find one, even if it's a community college (2 yr) and then transfer to a 4yr college. What is the formal name of the education dpt in Greece?...
  5. Good points you're all making. But, education, primary and secondary is very important since most Greeks can't go to universities. This is where you forge the new generations, so you want to give them as much formal education as possible, but an education that can be useful. I don't think most of the effort & expense should be to enter the universities, because as I understand it, the system has only a certain number of seats available (please correct me if I'm wrong) then that's it. So if you have 100 seats you admit 100 students regardless of their actual level of education. All is relevant. Education should not be a political game, to change it every few years and only by half measures. There should be a national consensus among the parties how to give the best to the students. Teach them math, science (and the scientific method), proper history, stop the religious indoctrination (OK, this is political), give them good skills, teach them English, business, consumerism, etc. skills that would benefit a thinking, responsible adult. And, if possible, give them a couple years of community school (as we call them here in the states) and vocational training.
  6. Cyprus is not a strong side, but the Greek side has to improve a lot. And, they have to be more accurate in converting opportunities. They won't get as many against other better teams. The 2 goals were lucky. The first, there was a foul on a Cypriot player, and the second was a gift from the Cypriot keeper.
  7. I think it's important to get an education, which is more than vocational training. For me, the mind is important and I want to cultivate it, seek higher pleasures (as some philosophers put it) instead of low pleasures. It gives more meaning to and understanding of life. But, doing a job you like (perhaps, love) should be extremely important too. We spend so much of our lives doing something so we can pay the bills, so I'd tell everyone, try to have a profession you like, even if it's for less money. Obviously, the money has to be enough to pay the bills. Poverty or struggling to pay bills is horrible. Yeah, it's rare to wake up in the morning and say to yourself, I'm excited to go to work today because I'll be doing something interesting and personally fulfilling. No job is perfect or good all the time, I know. Yet, I couldn't survive if I did something that I hated more than for a short time; and believe me, I've had those jobs that were killing me slowly, but fortunately they were not the norm in my working life.
  8. That's why the Trumpster pays no taxes, so he actually helps reduce waste because the government has less money to spend! His business acumen shows us the way. I wish I could be like him, and not be a loser by having 1/3+ of my income go to taxes.
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