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  1. Nothing more moronic than Drumpf, who knows ..words and uses terrific words to motivate other morons...
  2. anyone who posts a video of an angry, violent black man as if that would justify they views.... all it does is prove their idiocy and bigotry, and they should be called for what they're doing..... and what they truly are.... (but if I did call them racists, bigots, and simpletons, the mods will issue a warning against me and not those perps... so, note to mods: i'm talking in general and nothing to do with anyone in particular here)
  3. Speaking of commercials, I hear that Trumpistas are gearing to boycott Budweiser, Arbnb, and 84 Lumber (which Fox censored) in addition to Coka Cola, and Starbucks.
  4. that's my motto. But, let me challenge you: Are some lives worth more?
  5. Yep, it's true. Nobody loves the troops more than Trump. Maybe he doesn't love the generals as much, because he knows more about ..everything than them. OK, maybe not that Gold Star family (Muslims ). OK. OK, not McCain.. what a loser for being shot down over Vietnam and tortured. Did you hear that Trump actually used several deferrals to avoid serving in the armed forces, because it was a ploy. He enlisted as an undercover agent who helped win the war in Vietnam (don't believe the fake media that say we lost that war), and later sabotaged the Soviet system, ending the Cold War and destroying the Soviet Union. I also have reliable info that Osama bin Laden isn't dead but captured by Trump who used this to blackmail Obama and will use obtained intel (by waterboarding Osama himself) to defeat ISIS. Then Trump will give lots more benefits to the veterans. And, he will not send current troops on crazy missions like taking Iraqi oil. Must obey, must obey, must obey the supreme leader...
  6. So, we understand better.... What are you suggesting that Greece should do? I'm talking about something meaningful, not something "for internal consumption" as you have Erdogan doing.... Hmmm?
  7. Integration means appropriate numbers that can be absorbed into the greater society and adapt and adopt the fundamentals of this country. But, if you want to talk about numbers, pulled out of someone's ass, then I say: get rid of a 10-20 millions of Americans who believe in theocracy, in Somalian libertarianism (Ayn Rand cult), and the hard-core cons who want to turn this country back to the dark ages. What the "leftists" (liberals?) have done for you?... Really?! Let me tell you: a modern, tolerant society, with consumer protection, free expression and democratic process, access to opportunity for more than the elites (even if this access is constantly undermined by the cons), social safety net (including Soc Sec, Medicare), science, a better environment for healthier lives, women's liberation, civil liberties, etc, etc.... Need I go on? You and all the other naggers here or in the country are the problem as you constantly put up walls to progress. Brag how this country is good and it's because of the progressives not because of the cons and con artists. Sorry, but enough with this bullshit. I'm usually a more accommodating person but I've had enough with people who try to normalize the bizarre, the ridiculous, the vile, and alternative reality. ______ Just to be proactive: Dear mods, if you think I'm too abrasive, please consider that what I'm saying and the way I'm saying it, it's equivalent to someone who said to me: "you're smarter than that" I took this as a grave offense. Thank you.
  8. Oh, seriously? He doesn't have to prove you're a Republican (if that's what you mean, because being a republican is a different thing.... maybe you're confused yourself about this). You don't have to be a member of the KKK or the brown shirts, but if you vote, support and promote vile people and policies, it no difference than the card-carrying members. Nobody has to be a Democrat to see what an asshole Trump is. Same shit with his policies, and same with people who empower this bovine excrement (or worse). If anyone has any integrity, they would be calling an ass for what he is. I would do so even if that asshole was a member of my own family. But, what's new?.... You have lost any sense of proportion and dare say decency of thought. Someone abuses the inhabitants, then burns downs a house and you excuse this by saying something totally inane, like ...but Hillary scratched the car! ______________ Just to be proactive: Dear mods, if you think I'm too abrasive, please consider that what I'm saying and the way I'm saying it, it's equivalent to someone who said to me: "you're smarter than that" I took this as a grave offense. Thank you.
  9. Trump should be impeached for conflicts of interest and for running the country as his business. He should also be investigated about the Russian connection. Who knows what else he's hiding. And, by the way, he has never produced his birth certificate and Melania's papers!
  10. Friend, this is a different matter, and can be discussed on its own merits. Whether the US is full, or whether has benefited, or may still benefit from immigration, etc. Same with the "inner cities" problems. As far as Islam is or is not "a religion of peace".... no religion is of peace, except one--Jainism. (in that religion, the more extreme you are, the more peaceful you are). Wherever there's a theocracy, brutality is the norm. Yes, some Islamists are hell bent on violent jihadism. But, we have Xtian terrorists aplenty here. When people are indoctrinated into believing God is on their side, then they think everything is possible and permissible.
  11. Yes, but there have been lots of cons and reactionaries who've been putting up wall to progress. Trump is their latest, and I think the last successful attempt to turn the country back to the dark ages (you know, when America was great...) This is not a normal political debate. I could understand why someone could vote for McCain, Romney, Casich or Jeb Bush--all beneath my palatable taste, but within the margins of a political debate. Trump is a beast of an authoritarian (if not totalitarian) makeup and outside the normal political debate. Those who empowered Trump own his behavior and policies. No excuse like, I'm here for the smores (delicious sandwich of marshmallows and melted chocolate) that people in white hoods are giving out while celebrating around the fire the lynching of American democracy.. or, worse.
  12. Please, Mr. Adams, Trump may be conducting US foreign policy based on where he has hotels, factories that make his products, and where his cronies have interests. But, I think you're trying to distract us with your liberal fact-checking. The answer to all these is....... (are you ready?) how about Hillary's emails and the Clinton foundation????!!! (I'm sure you're speechless now!) By the way Zakaria is right about Trump's executive order banning people from certain countries (where he has hotels). Zakaria was one of the very first in mainstream media to actually call Trump a "bullshit artist".... He was right. But in addition, Trump is also a con artist, because he uses his bullshit to con people into doing his bidding.
  13. Oh, Hollywood, like Fox News, put out stuff for targeting specific audiences. They sell what they believe it'd sell. They're not there to educate or inform. In the entertainment business you're appealing to specific audiences.
  14. Ronald Reagan is about to become a zombie and chase the traitors in his party who cozy up to a KGB goon. The snake oil Trump has been selling has been taken by 40% of Repugs who think Putin is an admirable leader now. Drumpf interestingly has not released his tax returns that show how he's getting paid by the Russians, while at the same time he has appointed a Secy of State who has been given award by Putin and when Exxon has big financial interests with Russia. Dumbo has also ridiculed and insulted the US intel agencies, like the NSA, CIA, FBI, et al, who all agree that Russia, with Putin's blessings, has been meddling in the US election, by leaking docs, spreading propaganda (much of which was repeated by Repubs and some members here). This is a national insult but having drunk Trumpster's snake oil, the cult members vibrate in sync. The small-hands narcissist has criticized everyone except his golden shower buddy. Who are the losers again?
  15. I wonder if Greece's established democracy, since 1974, is strong enough that would prevent a Greek Erdogan from taking power and turning the country like he has done with Turkey.... [what? don't tell me you haven't thought of it, or wished it, or think it's impossible..]
  16. The real xxxxxx are those who voted for this snake oil salesman. These magic potions are guaranteed to work. Believe me, they are the terrific, the best. Trust me. And speaking of cut & paste jobs: The process of embracing a charlatan’s empowering vision is not rational, which means that rational arguments are unlikely, in isolation, to dispel it. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that people cling tenaciously to their worldviews, and conflicting data may actually strengthen their beliefs. (Just look at this family who thinks Trump is “a man of faith who will bring Godliness back.”) To renounce Trump would mean admitting that one’s worldview—of a country wracked by carnage, as the president put it in his inaugural address, and a truth-telling hero who can heal it—is fundamentally mistaken. And that can also mean confronting existential panic without a panacea. It is much easier to forgive Trump for not locking her up than to wrestle with such truths.
  17. I think it was the proper decision. These people would be tortured and killed by Ertodgan's regime. No chance they'd get a fair trial, but even this expression "fair trial" has lost meaning in Turkey today. They have passed laws making many things illegal, like free expression, right to confront the evidence against you in a timely manner, etc. So, if Turkey tried these people, they can be "legally" found in violation of the law........ It's a sham. The interesting thing I heard was that the Tsipras gov wanted the Supreme Court to rule the other way.... I could see why he'd want that...
  18. Relax guys. The 15-30 billion $ needed for the wall will be chump change when Trump's deals and economic plans go into effect. Here's a treat for the morons who like breathing the fumes from this gas bag.
  19. It is about claims to reality that are fraudulent, meant to deceive, and boost the ego of a pathological narcissist..... (and, you said, give him a chance to work for the country... look at what he's preoccupied with.... a juvenile's obsession with anything remotely critical of him). >>> MUIR: What you have been presented so far has been debunked. It has been called false. TRUMP: Take a look at the Pew reports. MUIR: I called the author of the Pew report last night and he told me that they found no evidence of voter fraud. TRUMP: Really, then why did he write the report? MUIR: He said no evidence of voter fraud. TRUMP: Excuse me, then why did he write the report? According to Pew report, then he’s groveling again. You know, I always talk about the reporters. They grovel when they wanna write something that you wanna hear, but not necessarily millions of people wanna hear or have to hear. The Pew study focused on outdated voter rolls, which showed people still registered to vote after dying or moving. It found no evidence of people actually voting illegally. We found millions of out of date registration records due to people moving or dying, but found no evidence that voter fraud resulted. — David Becker (@beckerdavidj) November 28, 2016 Voter lists are much more accurate now than when we issued that study in 2012, thanks to the 20 states sharing data through @ericstates_info — David Becker (@beckerdavidj) November 28, 2016 Despite the lack of evidence, Trump has repeatedly claimed he lost the popular vote because 3 million to 5 million “illegals” voted in the November election. He repeated the lie in his first meeting with congressional leaders at the White House on Monday. On Wednesday, he announced a “major investigation” into voter fraud. <<< I guess it'd be like investigating Obama's birth certificate for 8 years while saying "you wouldn't believe what my people are finding"..... Geesh, what a fraud! Any decent person when presented with facts and rational arguments would not keep repeating falsehoods because then they become intentional lies.
  20. And, then this magic box.. fixes everything needs fixing. So the con-artist in chief, tells the cult members that he, only him, has the magic box. You have a problem with immigration, I will fix it by building a wall. You know what a "wall" is? Yeah, you have one or more in your home. So, once it's done, no more rapists, drug dealers, killers from Mexico. The wall is going to be beautiful, the best ever. Believe me. If you went to Trump University, you know when something is a good business opportunity. (Hint: tall ladders) So, what else the bs-in-chief can do? Oh, let's do something the simpletons can perceive as we're doing something. Oh, yeah, cut funding to any org that provides health services to women if it includes abortion. Why, let's spend more than $1.4 billion dollars in Africa telling those black people not to have sex! It doesn't matter if this has been a total waste, simpletons in this country love such policies. Ask for $1.4 billion to give medical care to human beings and the cons, including "good xtians" say NO, because if god wanted you alive and well, you wouldn't need to be a burden on society. Hail to the chief.. Pfff
  21. I don't understand how those who perpetuated fake news, wild conspiracies, and idiotic arguments ("all I know is what I read on the internet" DJT) are now concerned about good news sources! hmmm Well, from RT (Russians), here's one: https://www.rt.com/usa/375099-calling-bull-university-course/ Some of our friends here should enroll.. though, this would presuppose willingness to stop bullshitting themselves.
  22. I laugh at all those who have fallen for this bullshit artist, who is now con artist in chief. If you can't detect how insincere Trump is, then I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. He was right about the gullibility of so many people, including some members here who says he's right, or factual... Amazing, ain't it, when he denies the facts/reality and there lots of people who say he's factual.... If nothing else, for 8 years, he was going on and on about Obama's birth certificate, legitimatizing one of the most decent presidents the US has ever had. Alternative facts my ass. But, I guess he's addressing the zombies members of his cult. Idiots.
  23. Watch this drone Kellyann Conway defending the cult leader. She said the White House is putting out there "alternative facts" as if reality could be equally based on facts and falsehoods. Alternative facts are lies. Pathetic pathological liars.
  24. Ah, you missed the point, but what's new with you?.. Hillary? She's starting a support campaign for the woman who stole the frying pan at IKEA!
  25. I'm really puzzled by statements like that. Please don't take it in a bad way, but it's wishful thinking. What evidence or reason do you have that Trump will change his nature? It's been over 2 months since he was elected president. Has he acted presidential? How about his hand-picked government appointees? (need I list them?) Billionaires, business execs, Wall Street (including the corrupt people who were in bed with HRC), and other who are anti-labor, anti-education, anti-environment, anti-healthcare, etc Right after his inauguration, he picked a fight with the media for saying the crowd was thin... His spokesman also said they had the largest crowd ever, in the history of ..whatever. Trump is lying, because we have photographic proof. But, why do you think he has the need to lie about something like that?..... Because he appeals to his rabid base that believes everything he says. The answer to your question is, probably yes. Though some Dems may want to watch a train wreck....
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