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  1. I just think the person taking the corner has to do better. Fortounis is naturally a great crosser. When he takes them we usually look dangerous. Same could be said with Koutris. Going forward we will need these 2 for set pieces and creativity in general.
  2. It’s actually very sad. We are playing worse I think than the Euro 2016 qualifiers. Or maybe the same. This group don’t work well together and I don’t know why. There is no cohesion. They are like individuals. We can’t be this bad. We so clueless when comes to attacking. And that’s from the midfield to the front. We haven’t got players in the middle to demand the ball. I don’t know exactly what needs to happen. One or two I’ve come to realise, will not change anything. Fetfatzidis for all the praise I give him and Fortounis for all good things he does is not enough. Manolas and Sokratis
  3. It’s actually very simple. Play your fastest and most skill full players. Koutris, Donis, Tsimikas, Pelkas, Masouras, Vrousai and Fetfatzidis have speed. We need to utilise there speed and give them instructions to run into space and then create opportunities. Fortounis or Tachtsidis can be the providers and set up goals. You can have Koulouris ( I’m a bit harsh with him as I’m not a big fan) or Pavlidis in the box ready to score. Kourbelis is not going to solve our problem. Bouchalakis the same. These guys are reserve players for any of the top 10 countries. The only players that you co
  4. At the end of the day goals matter and Koulouris has proven that he can score. In this Greece team its no good just to wait for service, you have to make things yourself and Koulouris can’t go that extra step. Pavlidis can as I’ve seen in Holland. We need to players to work, make runs, tackle etc. I’m questioning his ball skills because I don’t think he can make things happen he is good at getting on the end of the ball like a tap in, header. He is too limited for me. But he is a great poacher.
  5. I have to agree with everything you said. You are spot on. Our players haven’t got character. Even in the tunnel they looked depressed and too serious. They need to enjoy themselves and play hard for the team. They need to have balls. In regards to Koulouris, I understand the service is terrible I do, but I’m looking at it differently. Like what can offer apart from poaching? That’s what I’m hoping for. He is just another Gekas I think. He isn’t explosive enough. Just like Mitroglou can’t creat something for himself or isn’t good enough to create something for himself. He does try and he does
  6. I don’t think he can, trust me. I’ve seen him very close, he has to have quality players around him. International level is different. He is not going to get you out of trouble. Technically on the ball he is one of our worst in my opinion. Pavlidis looked more dangerous with the few touches he had. You can tell he is better. If anything he should be used as an extra striker if need be in the last 15 minutes. I prefer anyone else at ST.
  7. Look he didn’t call up Donis and Mitroglou as they are unfit. We shouldn’t have to rely on these guys all the time and when we do will still don’t get the job done most of the time. Vrousai and Pavlidis looked fine. We can use them in the future. We can work with them. You can’t work with guys like Koulouris, Kourbelis, Bakakis etc. The whole team is at fault.
  8. Vrousai did ok for his debut. We can work with him. Kolovos was bad today as was the team in general. I guess it’s time to scrap the whole team and start fresh.
  9. Vrousai seems the fastest on our team. We are lacking speed in midfield and attack. Fetfatzidis should come on soon.
  10. I don’t know why Sokratis and Manolas are so adamant about having Torosidis in the team. I know they are good friends but Torosidis is not the player he used to be. I also think Sokratis and Manolas can’t handle the dressing room by themselves. They need Torosidis for that as I believe he is a good leader for that and they aren’t. The team seems divided because if this. I hope it’s not the case.
  11. Yep. Vrousai can play both wing and 10 effectively. Can’t say the same about Mantalos or Pelkas.
  12. We will see a 4-3-3. I think Bouchalakis should start in midfield. With Zeca and possibly Pelkas. We need energy in the middle. I think we will see a front 3 of Masouras Koulouris Vrousai. We need speed and energy. That’s what he has to implement. Aswell as keeping the defence tight. The team has to defend and attack as one.
  13. In my opinion there is not much of a difference. Both are the same height and ability wise are equal. I don’t think one is better than the other. I do believe though Pelkas will hustle more and can be dangerous with his set pieces on his day and also is faster. Fetfatzidis is better than both in my opinion.
  14. I still believe Koutris is slightly better than Tsimikas defending but lately Tsimikas has been doing well and in defence he has done well. But you can tell he still needs work there.
  15. How long do we have to wait until Galanopoulos gets a call up? Is it me or is he not that good to begin with? In my opinion Samaris shouldn’t play because of his poor performances. It shows you how limited we are in that role.
  16. That’s what I was thinking. Pelkas also presses better than Mantalos. We need to take that into account aswell. That’s there best positions so I’m not too fussed who plays at CAM.
  17. Interesting to see Retsos get called up for the u21s. I guess it’s a way of slowly getting back to the senior team.
  18. The first good sign Schip has showed is leaving our Bakasetas and putting in Fetfatzidis. Overall his call ups are good. Tsimikas got the call as he has been playing more than Koutris. In terms of talent and overall quality I think Koutris is slightly better. But the more games Tsimikas plays the better he gets. They are similar but I think Koutris is more dangerous going forward. In the comeback we made against Bosnia Koutris, Donis, Masouras and Kolovos made the difference with Fortounis pulling the strings. The team in general lifted and that’s what we need more of, especially right i
  19. I dont know who your talking about but if your talking about Giannoulis then I have to disagree. Tsimikas has been playing well and Olympiakos have been playing great football and are now in the champions league. Both have a long way to go still but Tsimikas is more deserving of a call up at the moment.
  20. Donis and Koutris are going to be needed. They have speed. Not fussed about Mitroglou. We need our youth to shine. Tsimikas, Pavlidis and Koulouris are our future. Fetfatzidis has to start. Pelkas hasn’t been performing.
  21. I’m not being pessimistic I’m just saying the truth. We couldn’t beat Armenia and Finland is better. We should be able to beat Finland but anything can happen with our team.
  22. I really like to think we have a chance but it doesn’t look like we do. Until we find a real coach and until our players actually really care we wont get anywhere. Player selections need to be a adjusted to. For example Bakasetas needs to be out.
  23. In terms of Fetfatzidis abilities on the ball he should be a starter. The same goes for any player with similar abilities. His time in Saudi Arabia doesn’t make a difference to his performances. Why was Tziolis called up when he was playing there too? What I’m getting to is as long as you are playing and performing than you should be in the team. He does the simple things that most our players can’t do which is control the ball and pass effectively. He has also been playing well for Aris. He has started all games Aris has played and has done well. He is still effective in my opinion. As
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