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  1. Can someone tell me whats going to change? Regardless of any coach we get are these players good enough to be in a Euro. The EPO are as clueless as they have ever been. Look at how long it has taken them to make this decision... With the budget they I don’t think we can get anyone decent or better than Skibbe or Anastasiadis. Hope I’m wrong.
  2. https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/shades-of-2004-as-greece-conquer-portugal-again
  3. They can be. That’s if they can get a full season without injury. Especially if they are playing for their clubs right through. Next season will be big for them, hopefully they can stay injury free and get to that next level. Same can be said for Tasos Donis.
  4. I wouldn’t put Fetfatzidis and Bouzoukis in the same sentence as those names. They are in a different mould and are way better than the overly favoured Bakasetas...
  5. I honestly don’t know who we should get rid of. To me the first person should be Samaris. Reason being he has been given too many chances and isn’t trustworthy. It’s been 5 years and we’ve only won 14 games. He can be on the bench for now. I like Masouras , I think he has something to offer. His determination and work rate is great and is needed in this team. We shouldn’t be criticising him as he still has room for improvement. Stafylidis is not the best defender. But he can be reliable outside the box and set pieces. Shouldn’t really be our starter. I don’t fully trust him yet. Koutris has lots of speed and can whip them in well. He needs time but I believe he will be useful for us in the long term. Lykogiannis was great when given chances I don’t know why he hasn’t been given another. I would like for Torosidis to step down but there is no one who can fill that RB spot. No one is good enough so Torosidis has to stay. Mantalos and Pelkas can only excel in one role. As Fortounis is our best attacking player. The areas of concern for me are at RB, ST and CM. Id like to we add we haven’t got quality wingers. As this I believe is the reason why we are so bad in attack. I don’t know why Lamprou and Limnios haven’t been tried yet as they are true wingers. They might be young and raw but your better off trying someone who actually plays that role. To conclude Samaris should not start anymore. Bakasetas should be out. No questions there. I would give Galanopoulos and either Lamprou/Chatzigiovannis a chance to see if they are upgrades in positions we need improving in. This team should be tried. Vlachodimos Retsos/Torosidis Manolas Sokratis Koutris Galanopoulos Kourbelis Chatzigiovannis Fortounis Masouras Donis This team has good balance and actual wingers. Retsos can fill in at RB of need be. I’d like to see how Donis would do with actual wingers supporting him. Koutris attacking play is needed. Zeca can come off the bench. Kourbelis and Galanopoulos can do the heavy lifting as I believe they could work well together. Both seem not afraid to make runs forward too.
  6. If anything Sokratis said the truth and had to be said. You can’t really blame him for that. If our players are so called “good enough” then they would’ve beaten Armenia. I believe Anastasiadis should get another chance especially if EPO are thinking of signing another Greek coach to replace him. He might aswell stay. If a foreign coach comes in then we should start rebuilding and work on a long term goal. I have a feeling we will have it hard against Finland and Lichtenstein in September.
  7. I’ve always said that until the coach has full control then we will see better performances/results.
  8. If we can’t be beating teams worse than us on paper then you know there is a deep deep problem. I can’t wrap by head around how Samaris plays so bad for the national team. He needs to sit out for a few games. Our defence is not the same defence that won a Euro and made major tournaments. We have no striker. Mitroglou is made of glass just like most of our players. If we could get a new EPO with a proper coach and have 95% of our players available then we can be in the top 20. Retsos and Donis are our young stars coming up playing in a good league. Sokratis and Manolas are our best and most experienced defenders. Fortounis is in the form of his life. Siovas and Kourbelis are good back ups. There is something to be optimistic about. We have Galanopoulos and Koutris coming up the ranks. Papadopoulos when healthy can be vital for us. Mavropanos gives us extra hope for our future. It’s very frustrating at the moment and my patience is becoming very thin with some of our players. Samaris has to be dropped for me. Siovas and Kourbelis should sit the bench. Pelkas also. Kolovos is better off the bench. Donis must start for us whenever available. We have to call up some youngsters. Lamprou, Limnios, Bouzoukis, Galanopoulos etc. Masouras is ok he needs to improve but there is something there. Someone said it before whoever our coach is should be calling up players based on their skill set and what they bring to the game. Also form too. Not what agent they have eg. (Bakasetas)
  9. I know how you feel man. I had to wake up at 4am too and see this garbage. We play like we don’t have a real plan. We need structure and discipline. Only a real can offer these things. It shouldn’t be an excuse to not play well because of EPO and there bs. We haven’t got the funds to get a real coach. We need real change and I hope it comes quick for the sake of the team and country.
  10. It depends. Galanopoulos would be good in holding possession and can press well. I would’ve paired them both in a 4-2-3-1. Samaris hasn’t performed since forever. Zeca is a work horse and you can count on him to chase all day. His passing range though isn’t good enough. I’m not sure if it’s the system or the players. Most likely the players. Bouzoukis is great. Can pass really well and works very hard as you said. He has got a bit of Modric style of play. He isn’t very fast but good enough. He had good and power in his shots. I would like to see him work with Fortounis and see how they combine.
  11. Very interesting. I don’t think Samaris can be trusted anymore at DM. Kourbelis I think is better. Zeca needs to be running and harassing players. Depending on the formation we should give Bouchalakis more chances than Samaris. He’s got more to offer especially in shooting. The problem with Greece is that they don’t want to build on what was good. Eg. Euro2004. We should’ve built on it. Any coach we get now is pointless. Especially considering the options. If I had to choose, Ange.P would be my choice. I just feel he would do a great job and I believe he is better than Anastasiadis.
  12. I have and they are terrible but they are realistically good enough to achieve 2nd. They won’t be 2nd if they continue playing like this.
  13. We can still come 2nd. We have to win the 4/6 matches and at best draw the games against Italy and Bosnia. It’s up to us...
  14. So if we want to think of it logically and eliminate variables then we are all in agreement we are good enough to beat Estonia, Finland etc. Even though our players are limited we should be getting the job done against teams like Armenia. The coach isn’t a world beater. He is a 4.5-5/10 manager for me. He should be still good enough to coach these players and gets results. So these things didn’t happen. So the problem doesn’t start with the players and coach. If we are to believe the culture in the club is toxic then the EPO are the ones that should be held accountable. There lack of care have cost us 5 years of embarrassment for our standards. If anything needs to be replaced it’s the EPO first then everyone else. Why has it been a recurring theme of losing to teams lower than us? Something is not right and it could get worse if things are not changed. There’s no excuse losing to Faroe islands twice and losing to Estonia and Armenia. The Italy game could have been handled better but it’s more excusable because they have more quality than us. Still we could have given them a run for their money just like we did with Belgium and Croatia in the past. Everything starts at the top. And then slowly goes down to team. We need more professionalism and better facilities. If we start acting the part as a whole then we will start playing the part. Corruption is killing the team. Instead of choosing players on skill, merit and form. Football is no longer looked at as a sporting competition where you get the best players to win. It has become a business and money is the root to all evil.
  15. I also believe Anastasiadis is handicapping players who already handicapped. The Greek players are already limited so the best way to get the best out of them is by playing them in positions where they will succeed. A 4-3-3 is good or a 4-4-2. Samaris is useless. Our midfield needs fixing. Our wide players need to be actual wingers.
  16. Big changes are needed. Not only the coach and players but also the federation. I remember Sokratis did an interview a few years ago (2016) and said that we don’t have midfielders in the mould of Katsouranis and Basinas. By the way Sokratis spoke it looked like he was to that but not only that everything else too.
  17. Greece never had money to invest in all those things you stated. We were never a superpower in football. Greece won a Euro in 2004 with a very good coach with average to good players. They were the underdogs. What I’m saying is you can still achieve success. Now our players must be really bad, so bad that we dont realise it. I just don’t want to believe it because of the teams our players play for. Roma, Benfica. Arsenal, Leverkusen and so on. I think the tactics and player selections are all wrong. Why are we playing 2DMs and no real wingers. We lack real midfielders and you need speed as speed has become a real factor in winning games. To go even deeper our players don’t play well with each other and are limited in the first place.
  18. I agree. The Greek league itself is in shambles. Where did all the money go from 2004-2014? What did they use it on? If we can get the call ups right then we would have any issues with who starts. But I feel we won’t ever get the right call ups.
  19. Putting money in youth developments can happen, but will it. Our players are not good enough on the ball. At least play players that have real ability and can control the ball well and play good football with each other.
  20. Settle down. If he gets fired what then? We will probably get an even worse coach. The EPO don’t care. They haven’t got money to spend. If they did we would’ve qualified in major tournaments the last 4 years. We will not see change. I’ve said this since I’ve been a fan the call ups are what kill this team.
  21. Zeca and Samaris are crap. Seriously. Siopis should have started at least. Bouchalakis and Kourbelis would have been better. Masouras is working his ass off. Imagine if he had quality players around him. He would look way better.
  22. Italy like a normal team should. They weren’t anything spectacular. They did the simple things right. We couldn’t even hold the ball. Some of our players first touch is atrocious. Even Fortounis is delayed by 1 second. He had a player open on the right one stage and instead of giving it like a normal person would he held onto the ball and made life harder. Samaras 2.0??
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