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  1. Welcome aboard! Glad to have you. I’m not so high on Koulouris but i see where your coming from. He should be given a proper chance to see what he can do but I can see better players for that position overall. Durmisaj can be a huge positive for us and with further development I see bigger things. Well just have to wait and see.
  2. Durmisaj is more agile than Mitroglou and can hit them from distance. Even Koulouris is more agile and faster and has now scored 24 goals in the league. I wonder what PAOK are going to do with him.
  3. What I’ve learnt is that Masouras is important to this team. When we had the ball we looked more aggressive in attack. He can finish it just didn’t go his way. Finishing is always a problem with the team. We could’ve beaten Bosnia, we had more chances at the end. If we were a bit smarter we could’ve won. Sokratis should’ve been in the box the last 10 minutes demanding for crosses to be put in.
  4. I like your ideas @Rockafeller Skank but we played a disjointed 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 in the beginning against Bosnia and we conceded 2 goals very quickly. It was only until we reverted back to our usual 4-2-3-1 that we started to get our rhythm and control of the game. Maybe it was the personnel in that formation in the first 20 minutes that caused us to concede. Bakakis for sure is not good enough. He had only 1 good moment in the game and that’s when he took the ball down from a long from Samaris and low crossed it to Fortounis who skied it infront of goal. It’s very important that we press teams higher up the field. We shouldn’t sit back and invite pressure because we conceded 2 goals. We looked more in control when we pressed and fought for possession in a 4-2-3-1. I think the 4-2-3-1 is our best formation. Don’t forget Zeca presses nearly the whole game and assisted the 2nd goal. We are lucky to have him in my opinion. A real workhorse. Kourbelis is a good player, I want to see him aswell ina higher level we can do something with him. He deserves a spot in the team somewhere.
  5. I got to say after reading previous posts here on the game I want to congratulate @Jimmyp for your score prediction during the game... bravo megale your a champion ? ?
  6. Yeah thats true what your saying and I agree. I too want Fetfa to start playing more and prove why he should be in the team. It depends on the coach. If a coach can give him consecutive matches one after the other then you can see what I’m talking about. I don’t have to see him play to joe what he is capable I know by the way he plays. What I’m saying is his ability shouldn’t be judged on the number of games he plays but the performance he gives when given the chance. You have to look at the small details in his game, such as how he controls the ball, his decision making, passing ability, vision and speed. He hasn’t got the best record in goals but he can certainly create things spontaneously and put it in the platter for his teammates. He did ok at Oly and just recently scored a nice goal for Aris. But yes, he must play consistently in order to receive a call up. That’s why It just doesn’t seem right when Bakasetas got the call up and Lamprou didn’t. The differences between the two are big. One is scoring goals regularly and one is regressing by the week. Again it doesn’t seem right. I would’ve preferred Vrousai over Bakasetas. Greeks in Greece seem to have a low football iq and that’s why we’ve seen players like Tziolis and Tzavellas play in the past. They don’t know how a game should be played instead they look at one thing and make a conclusion by saying he is good. For example Bakasetas long shots are what Greeks see as impressive but they don’t realise the other things he does wrong all the time such as his first touch and losing possession. They look at Fetfa and think ah he is too small, can’t finish blah blah blah. Yet they don’t realise when he has the ball he is very good with his touches and keeps lose possession. Again they have a low football iq and that’s why players like Fetfa aren’t popular.
  7. It’s still early although there are good signs so far. This is just the beginning but I do agree with everything you said. Masouras and Kolovos helped us in attack and are better than Mantalos and Pelkas. It’s crazy how nearly all former Panionios players have contributed greatly for the national team.
  8. I didn’t say to call him up, just stating facts. Most if not all our players can’t finish. We needed a penalty and a good header to draw against Bosnia. You can’t put no substance on Fetfatzidis. His dribbling and skill is levels above all our attackers. The issue with him could be psychological. You can’t deny his natural talent. He can create something out of nothing and on his day can destroy defences. I can’t comment on Ninis because I haven’t seen him play for a very long time. If Bakasetas can have chances and do nothing with them then Fetfatzidis deserves another chance. If not then Lamprou and Chatzigiovannis should take his place. He plays for Aris now and he has been doing well. Bakasetas has the backing of the media and a good agent. He has done nothing as of late to deserve a call up or to even start. Kolovos proved my point as he plays for Omonioa a mid table team in Cyprus a lower level league than the Greek and scored the crucial goal. I always rated him and is better than Bakasetas. So what team a player plays for shouldn’t have to be an issue unless they are playing in ametuer leagues which dosent make sense. Don’t get me wrong to be selected you must play otherwise it won’t be fair to others, obviously.
  9. Ninis has great long balls and vision. His shooting was powerful too. Bouzoukis is another with a decent left foot. The next big thing in my opinion. Similar style to Modric and can score from distance.
  10. You can’t really use that as an example. The team were losing to an attacking powerhouse and we had an aging Katsouranis and Karagounis in our midfield. The team was playing defensive aswell. Every game he has played for Greece he has impressed. You can’t say that for many players. His ability in general can help us create something spontaneously when we need it. It wouldn’t hurt to have him come off the bench.
  11. I remember some people here were comparing Tsartas and Tachtsidis. Different playing styles and played in different positions. Fortounis and Ninis are more comparable to Tsartas. I’m not knowledgeable about him as I stared following the team during Euro 2004 just like @georgelaz. Ive seen clips, he was very good at set pieces and had an eye for a pass.
  12. Have a look at the difference in style. Durmisaj has more of an upside to Koulouris. Durmisaj can shoot powerfully outside the box and can score headers. He can hold up the play and pass to his teammates very well. Koulouris just scores tap ins and rebounds not that impressive compared to Durmisaj.
  13. It’s hard to decide now who should play because Kourbelis and Siovas had great games against Lichtenstein and Bosnia. Kourbelis is better suited as a CB. I wonder who plays and what formation. Obviously Manolas will play but we do we leave our Siovas? Also with Retsos coming back he should play over Bakakis and Torosidis. Bakakis is horrible and he is very weak. Not good enough defensively. I like what I saw from Kourbelis, he should have a starting spot. Zeca ran and fought hard all game. I’ve never seen someone with so much stamina. Masouras and Donis can be our attacking threats. This is what I’d do next game. Vlaxo Retsos Manolas Sokratis Koutris Kourbelis Zeca Fetfatzidis Fortounis Donis Durmisaj I have a good feeling with Durmisaj. Mitroglou is too slow and can be an impact sub. Same for Mantalos. Kolovos proved himself today and should be considered again. Masouras also another option off the bench. Fetfatzidis has to make his way back to the team. He has been doing well at Aris so far. In midfield there is no difference if you play Samaris or Kourbelis. They are both decent as I chose Kourbelis because he impressed me more. I wish there was a place for Siovas because he is great. Koutris played very well also.
  14. Sokratis is one of our main players along with Vlachodimos, Donis, Manolas and Fortounis. They are at a higher level than most of our players so it shouldn’t be questioned. I agree with you though you shouldn’t really change a winning team. Also Kourbelis played well and should play again. I’d be disappointed if he was dropped.
  15. Has this squad been rumoured? Or is this what you want to see? Also does anyone believe if Manolas or Sokratis would’ve done the same pass that Kourbelis assisted to Fortounis? I don’t think so. Kourbelis and Siovas both deserve to start next game they were very under control at the back.
  16. Yeah you are right. Our players can’t akways put it on the platter for him. He needs to more than be a target man. He needs to create something out of himself for once.
  17. I have never excused Mitroglou. He has never performed consistently for the national team. He is slow which makes it worse. It has to come down to our players abilities. Today they parked the bus but I thought created good enough movement to make things happen. We need to work on our finishing. We created a lot of chances.
  18. Yeah Kolovos has proven he is not good enough. Very weak aswell. I’d rather Mavrias be given a chance next. Masouras is a good player he can score it’s just today it didn’t go in for him. Donis should obviously be starting. Should start on the wing if Mitro is healthy. Siovas and Kourbelis did really well at the back. There passing seemed better than Sokratis and Manolas but the latter are better. Samaris still likes to play back passes. He did try and get involved in attack which was relieving to see. He should’ve done bettterin the 1st half to score. Bakakis and Bakasetas not good enough.
  19. Isn’t it a bigger problem that we are asking for our key players to play against Lichtenstein? Our 2nd team should beat this team.
  20. He will probably play Bakasetas in the middle with Zeca and Samaris in a 3-5-2. If not then yes he will play on the wing in a 4-2-3-1.
  21. Yes you are right. We haven’t got the depth. Belgium, Brazil, Spain and Germany have got depth in their teams. There is alway a player to replace that is good enough in their squads. I too believe that resting key players for the first match is wrong. We couldn’t beat Faroes islands with our full enough squad. What’s going to happen now by playing inexperienced players. Siopis is good enough to play but Bakasetas shouldn’t. I read that Anastasiadis is going to either play a 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-1. Also the players that are definitely starting in the first match regardless of the formation are Samaris, Vlachodimos, Siovas, Fortounis, Bakasetas, Zeca amd Mitroglou. Yes, Bakasetas is going to start. FFS!!
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