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  1. He will probably play Bakasetas in the middle with Zeca and Samaris in a 3-5-2. If not then yes he will play on the wing in a 4-2-3-1.
  2. Yes you are right. We haven’t got the depth. Belgium, Brazil, Spain and Germany have got depth in their teams. There is alway a player to replace that is good enough in their squads. I too believe that resting key players for the first match is wrong. We couldn’t beat Faroes islands with our full enough squad. What’s going to happen now by playing inexperienced players. Siopis is good enough to play but Bakasetas shouldn’t. I read that Anastasiadis is going to either play a 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-1. Also the players that are definitely starting in the first match regardless of the formation are Samaris, Vlachodimos, Siovas, Fortounis, Bakasetas, Zeca amd Mitroglou. Yes, Bakasetas is going to start. FFS!!
  3. Cyprus beat San Marino 5-0. I don’t know if Greece can do the same. As I’ve said before Greece need all their players healthy in order to get the best results.
  4. I don’t if we should rest all our key players for the Lichtenstein game. We don’t well lately against minnows. Look at what happened against Saudi Arabia in a friendly. I know it was a friendly but still it goes to show you that our 2nd or 3rd team are not good enough to beat the smaller teams. If Sokratis dosent play the first game then we might have an issue. I’d like to see Siopis and Valerianos play to see what they got.
  5. Apparently now they are saying Sokratis is still hopeful to play in the first 2 matches as he got treatment on his ankle. This is good news as it a good chance we can beat or draw Bosnia.
  6. Its clear that he places the Ethniki as his first priority and I think he stated it in the interview. What I don’t get is why don’t the rest of the squad feel the same way. These players need discipline. They should have rules or something like if you lose you won’t play the next time around. There is no real urgency to win. It’s like they are complacent of being in the team. We should give players the player an ultimatum.
  7. I don’t want to believe it but it could be a reality m. I have said before without these guys in the team we will struggle. All we need now is Fortounis to not play.
  8. Kourbelis is the best bet alongside Siovas in my opinion. Either that or Mavropanos who should’ve been called up. He is way better than Kolovetsios and Risvanis.
  9. Dont forget also back when Karagounis was playing the national team were being successful. Who’s not to say that Karagounis wouldn’t feel frustrated if the team was going under. Same with Katsouranis. They always had a solid defence behind them and they were experienced and smart with how they played them selves. Our current group players can’t seem to handle the pressure and look lost out there. It’s up to them now to prove everyone wrong. Also look at it in Sokratis eyes he has played in the golden generation in the national team and has played for top sides like Milan, Bremen, Dortmund and now Arsenal. He plays with very talented footballer that know how to play. When he pays now for Greece he is fustrated as the midfielders and attackers in front of him can’t get the job done the team is always on the back foot defending and Sokratis is defending. Then when we concede he is like for F*** sakes. It’s been happening now for 4 years. Also against teams that we shouldn’t be losing too. He has a lot of pressure because he loves Greece with all his heart and want the best for Greece.
  10. I think so too. He loves Greece too much, he is just frustrated and is put under pressure.
  11. It depends how you look at it. I know it dosent sound good with what his saying but he his no non sense. He states it how it is. You can tell he I very frustrated as he has all the stress and pressure as a defender. We have many defenders but none are as good as Sokratis and Manolas and maybe Siovas. If you take out all of these guys the team will plunge down the drain even further. Our midfield is horrendous and are very limited. Fortounis is decent but not the full answer. Sokratis said it himself the players in the past were better than the players now. By him stepping down, he is being unselfish. That’s if we don’t make it. Maybe he could be the problem and we don’t even know it. He seems like he has a negative aura. That could be the way he is though and it dosent reflect well on others. Karagounis seemed like he gave motivation and inspiration. Sokratis seems to be pissed off at everyone and put blame to player while having a bad attitude. Instead of hyping up the team the way Karagounis did. Don’t get me wrong though Sokratis has saved this team many times with his abilities. He is also more of a leader than the whole team with the talking and demanding he does on the field. He is doing what I wished Katsouranis, Karagounis and even Tziolis should’ve done and that’s give another person an opportunity at the right time. He is saying why should I stay at age 33 or 34 and not give another asirping player a chance to prove his worth as my time is nearly over. Let’s not forget he is a defender not a midfielder. The defender has a lot of pressure because it’s his job to not concede and when you have a garbage midfield and weak fullbacks and also an attack that can score then there is a lot of stress and work to deal with. There is also the other attitude where you say no I will play for the team until I retire and push through until the end like Karagounis and Katsouranis did. But honestly how many of us (including myself) have been wanting them to retire just so the new younger and “talented” players play instead. Look at us now we haven’t made a tournament with “new” players in 4 years. I guess everyone is different. Sokratis has always showed heart and passion with the national team. Always.
  12. What I was meant to say was that Ranieri has had a beer career coaching at clubs while Skibbe has either been an assistant or coached one club and was fired in one year. Ranieri has the EPL trophy with a team was expected to be relegated. He coached Chelsea and many others. That’s why I’m saying it’s up to the players to step up or step aside.
  13. In my opinion this group of players should have their last chance in this campaign. What I mean is that if these group players don’t get us to a major tournament then I think it’s time that the whole team gets a revamp. It’s been 4 years and we haven’t made a tournament. We’ve been losing to teams lower than us drawing against teams at the same level. It’s time for players like Samaris, Stafylidis, Pelkas, Mantalos, Bakasetas, Tachtsidis, Masouras, Bakakis and even Mitroglou to step it up for us if not then they can get the F*** out. I recommend if this campaign dosent go to plan we should clean out this team and put out best players who are under the age of 24 and start again from there. We can keep players like Fortounis, Sokratis, Manolas and Vlachodimos because they are good and reliable. The rest haven’t stepped it up and have failed to get us where we should be. I don’t want yo blame the coaches because we almost made the World Cup with a very bad coach. Skibbe F***ed us in the 1st leg against Croatia aswell. I believe there were only a few players who have helped this team from not being an utter disgrace and the players I mentioned like Manolas. Without those players this team would’ve fallen into even deeper s%$#!. Ranieri is a better coach than Skibbe in my opinion. I believe the players we have are decent and good enough to do well but the majority can’t raise there game for some reason.
  14. Your right. No has stepped up and taken the opportunities the last person that did that was Donis. Tsimikas had a good debut assisting Mitroglou. Manolas, Sokratis, Vlachodimos and Fortounis are our starters. The rest haven’t earned to start and are unreliable. Lamprou was not even called up to either u21 or senior team. Like what the F***?!?
  15. All I can say this team needs its best players possible a squad with no injuries will only boost our chances in the campaign. Manolas is a serious blow for sure. I think Siovas can handle the task but he isn’t better than Manolas. The rest who are injured are also needed. Torosidis can still be good when he want to. Most of our defence is out. I don’t see it as an excuse but more of a detriment to our overall team. I hope the players who got called up shine for once and exceed expectation.
  16. Yeah they haven’t. Especially Bakasetas I don’t think he has ever played a good enough game. He might’ve done ok against Croatia playing as the CAM but nothing special. He is no difference maker by no means. Mantalos I believe is still useful but not as a starter. Just because he is AEK captain dosent mean he deserves a spot. Fortounis has only had a few good games himself. But way more reliable. Every national team game Fetfa has played he has impressed I’m actually surprised in theory Mavrias and Kolovos got picked ahead of him. But we also can’t look at just the individual. Even a players abilty factors there are other things too. Playing out of position can hurt a players performance and also the way the teams tactics are. Play two 6s in the middle isn’t going to be effective for the team going forward. Playing slow and unskillful outwide isn’t going to benefit our momentum going forward. All these things play a role and a good coach should know that. Also some of our players abilities are not good enough. Look at Bakasetas, he plays outwide for AEK too and looks nauseating because he loses the ball and gives away fouls so often. Also he is slow!!! Why does he play there still?!? Mantalos can’t play there either but you could something out of him but not much. Our team play is boring and too predictable. This team needs as many fast and creative players it has in order to get a result. Especially in midfield and outwide. Its hard to believe that Bakasetas gets so much game time at AEK. Can someone please tell me what he adds to a team for either AEK or Greece???
  17. I agree with you about Mantalos and Bakasetas. They can’t raise their game. Mantalos hasn’t played a good game since maybe Cyprus in that 2-0 win. Bakasetas never had a good game. Internal politics seems to be the logical answer with Bakasetas. I don’t believe they were lazy call ups. The thing I don’t understand is why Lamprou didn’t get called up. It think Anastasiadis is thinking outside the box. Mavropanos and Retsos are both not playing and injured but when are in form are our 3rd and 4th CBs. I think Valerianos offers more than Lykogiannis. I think that was a good pick up to get Valerianos in the team. Risvanis is not good enough and I agree with you there.
  18. I agree he is a good player. Well done to the coach for selecting him. I just recently found out that Limnios and Bouzoukis were on Anastasiadis list to be called up but they were needed for the u21s. Siopis needs to be given a chance. The guy runs everywhere and is decent on the ball. I believe next to Samaris the midfield would have good balance.
  19. The only players who are doing well are Sokratis and Manolas. That’s the truth. They play week in and week out in the best leagues in the world. They are CBs and we rely on them every nt game. Siovas is another. The others are either washed up, very average, very injury prone and still young. Fortounis is good but until tested abroad we can’t really comment on how good he really is. I want to have faith in this team but when reality speaks it speaks. Also it dosent help when we don’t call up our actual best players who are inform. Lamprou should have been chosen ahead of Bakasetas. Bakasetas is heading in Tziolis and Tzavellas territory and should be.
  20. Vlachodimos Bakakis Sokratis Siovas Koutris Samaris Siopis Masouras Fortounis Donis Mitroglou This is what I think will happen but if you want to be a bit creative this could work Vlachodimos Sokratis Siovas Samaris Mavrias Siopis Kourbelis Koutris Fortounis Mitroglou Donis
  21. The call ups are ok for what it is. Only Bakasetas is the mistake. It could’ve been better. I don’t know why Lamprou is not there. That’s just wrong. Also Bouzoukis and Chatzigiovannis have had more game time and are more inform than Kolovos and Mavrias. I don’t think the call ups will ever be 100% correct.
  22. I agree with both of you @J1078 and @Ellada2004. We have to put Lichtenstein away early just like we did against Luxembourg I think it was in the wc qualifiers. Even then we struggled a bit. I think the national team lacks interest against these smaller teams and have big ambitions and enjoyment against the bigger teams. It shows you we have the talent but mentality has to be do or die in every game. It’s a must now because these past 4 years have flown by and now we can move on and concentrate and give it our best moving forward. Just wondering does anyone know if the players get payed to play for their country. If not, it shouldn’t matter as representing your country has to mean the world to you. We need real discipline and proper instructions as this team needs to be a team again and all fight for the same goal and that’s reach a major tournament again. I hope our players are inspired and motivated enough to give all they can and show heart and passion and most importantly to get the job done.
  23. Yeah this is odd should’ve cane out by now. Surely he would’ve makes his decisions about call ups like a month ago. I hope he calls up Manolas because it would mean he might have a chance to play against Bosnia. We can’t take Lichtenstein lightly because in the past we’ve just beaten them which is not good. We should be beating these teams like 3 or 4 nils.
  24. Yeah I know why do we have to wait ffs. I think it will be out tomorrow or on the weekend. We are two weeks away aswell. Have a look at this. A very good analysis on our players... https://hellasfooty.blogspot.com/2019/03/greeks-abroad-extented-wrap-up.html?m=1
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