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  1. annndddd....Olympiakos would have to score 3 goals on Porto and beat them 3-0 which is not likely going to happen since they hardly score in the group stage.
  2. Only thing Olympiakos can play for is a spot in the Europa League round of 32.
  3. The latest numbers in Greece 104,227 confirmed cases 2,321 deaths 78,034 recovered 603 intubated (ICU)
  4. AEK lost at home to Zorya 3-0 thanks in part to Shubakov's red card late in the first half. The loss officially eliminates them from qualifying for the knockout round.
  5. Greece fell short of 100,000 cases and surpassed 2,000 deaths. Also, 608 people are in ICU.
  6. If PSV wins the final two matches, PAOK will have to win the final two matches (including Granada at home) to go to the knockout round.
  7. Gotta get 3rd place and a trip to the EL round of 32. No chance of advance into the CL round of 16.
  8. Had they called a foul on one end, that play which leads to the goal would not have happened.
  9. 480 on ICU, and they don't have many ICU beds left. This is getting really bad. Another New York City in the making.
  10. TorontoBlue, since you like to poke fun at the Greek National Team, tell me when the Toronto Maple Leafs will ever win another cup, let alone winning a first round series? 🤣😂🤣😂
  11. Greece can play well against one Pot 1 and 2 team if they get a good draw and perform better.
  12. Full-time Greece 0-0 Slovenia Greece deserves to be stuck in League C
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