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  1. In day two of the European Throwing Cup the results for our Greek athletes Christos Frantzeskakis became the first Greek athlete to win gold medal in the European Throwing Cup at any level with a SB of 75.10 in the men's hammer throw (under 23). Odyessus Mouzenidis got the silver medal in the men's shot put (under 23) at 19.81. Chrisoula Anagnostopoulou finished 11th in the women's discus throw with a SB at 56.65 Melpomeni Grigoriadou finished 7th in the women's javelin throw (under 23) at 52.33 Iliana Korosidou finished 19th in the women's hammer throw with a SB at 64.16 Eli
  2. 22.66% in Greece have been vaccinated (not sure if it's full doses or one shot)
  3. The latest figures for Greece according from Corona Tracker 360.577 confirmed cases 10.978 deaths (3% rate) 322.282 recovered (this figure has been updated only yesterday) (89.4% rate) 27.317 active cases (7.6% infection rate) 737 intubated (ICU)
  4. In day one of the European Throwing Cup the results for our Greek athletes Anastasios Latiflari finished 10th in the men's shot put with a PB of 19.46 Georgios Christokakis finished 23rd in the men's javelin throw at 69.36 Sofia Kessidi finished 11th in the women's discus throw (under 23) at 49.02 Stavroula Kosmidou finished 5th in the women's hammer throw (under 23) with a PB of 63.10
  5. 11 Greek athletes will take part in the 2021 European Throwing Cup in Split, Croatia (May 8-9). Men's Shot Put : Odysseus Mouzenidis, Tasos Latiflari Discus Throw : Iasonas Thanopoulos Hammer Throw : Christos Frantzeskakis Javelin Throw : Georgios Christakakos Women's Discus Throw : Chrisoula Anagnostopoulou, Sofia Kessidi Hammer Throw : Iliana Korosidou, Stavroula Kosmidou Javelin Throw : Elina Tzengko, Melpomeni Grigoriadou Mihail Anastasakis will not take part in the event due to personal reasons. He won silver at the 2019 European Throwing Cup in Samorin,
  6. Greece surpassed 10,000 COVID deaths in the country. The situation is still in bad shape.
  7. He lost in the end in 3 sets. The results : 4-6, 7-6 (8-6), 5-7
  8. Here are some noticeable young Greek athletes who achieved their limits and will take part in the juniors European Championship. Under 20 Kostas Genikis (Shot Put) Sofia Kessidi (Discus Throw) Dimitris Pavlidis (Discus Throw) Elina Tzengko (Javelin) Orestis Dousakis (Hammer Throw) Theodoris Ziogas (Hammer Throw) Under 23 Stavroula Kosmidou (Hammer Throw) Christos Franzeskakis (Hammer Throw) Melpomeni Grigoriadou (Javelin) Kyriaki Filtisakou (Race Walk) Olga Fiaska (Race Walk) Maria Magoulia (Shot Put)
  9. Is this his sixth ATP title?
  10. 4 nations have began updating COVID recoveries today Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Sweden. Ireland and Cyprus recently starting updating theirs just days ago. Our worldwide active cases has dropped down to 17.9 million.
  11. If you guys remember Greece was held at home to Georgia during the EURO 2012 qualifiers. They have not lost one single match during qualifications. Against Croatia, 1 win 1 draw, against Israel 1 win 1 draw, Georgia 1 draw 1 win (even though Greece needed a draw to qualify as group winners). So it is still possible Greece can win this group or grab a playoff spot as long as they win the remaining matches with the exception of getting one draw vs. either Sweden or Spain. All hope is not lost.
  12. Well, Germany lost at home to Skopjia LOL Who saw that one coming?
  13. 1-1 final, the only way Greece will qualify is to win out their remaining qualifying matches.
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