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  1. Manchester City beat Sheffield United 2-1 in the FA Cup :tup:
  2. OMG! I've read from yahoo that if Marcos reaches the quarterfinals, he'll face Federer! :o Here's the proof : http://sports.yahoo.com/ten/news?slug=ap-a...ov=ap&type=lgns
  3. Baghdatis can go far like he did last year, only this time he'll face more unseeded opponents. PAME MARKO!!!!!!!!! :gr: :gr: :gr:
  4. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHARISTEAS SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr:
  5. 2 more shots taken by Charisteas nothing comes for goal. Had one put in but called back for offside. :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
  6. 2-1 FEYENOORD!!!!!!!!!! Goooooooooaaaaaaallllllllll!!!!!!!! De Guzman scores!!!!
  7. Gooooooaaaaaallllllll for Feyenoord! Goal scored by Hofs, 1-0!
  8. 7' Charisteas has an effort on goal Dolha makes the save 10' Charisteas is flagged for offside 12' Charisteas is adjudged to be in an offside position
  9. Feyenoord must WIN today to keep there dream of advancing into the last 32. Aggelos Charisteas is starting today, I'm hoping he can bag one in the net.
  10. 0-0 draw, Feyernoord should have won as Blackburn played poorly and got the point. Quite game for Charisteas in the 2nd half. :tdown:
  11. 22' Charisteas has an effort on goal! Friedal makes a save! 28' Yellow card issued to Charisteas for a harsh tackle! :tdown:
  12. Charisteas is starting for Feyernoord in a critical match vs. Blackburn Rovers Pame Charisteas gia tin niki!!!!!!!!! :gr: :gr: :gr:
  13. GREECE QUALIFIES !!!!!!!! 2-1 WIN OVER UKRAINE !!!!!!!!! :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: Bravo levendides !!!!!!!
  14. No kidding, if they don't beat Ukraine on Wed., kiss there qualifying chance goddbye. :(
  15. Full-time Excellent result for Feyenoord! Basel clearly was the better side, the sub came in and scored 5 minutes later. Charisteas had a quiet game, he did well though. :)
  16. Now you wouldn't say that if Greece was to put in the top 10? ;)
  17. 36' Charisteas (Feyenoord) has a shot blocked!
  18. :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: Interesting they moved up to the postition where Greece was when they won Euro 2004. :tup:
  19. Wow, has Samaras re-discovered the evolution of goal? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Evalagoal (just love that name :D ), I could understand the world rankings is full of garbage, sometimes we tend to follow it just to see when our national team are heading to, kind of like in the everyday world we may follow the personal lives of celebraties ever if we don't care so much about it. :rolleyes:
  21. Sweet mercy, yeeeeesssssssss!!!!!! :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: Is Sweden in it as well? :rolleyes:
  22. JUANJO, I do respect Spain in many ways, way more than the U.S.. They are champions at virtually every level (Club or National Team). They play tougher defense than the Americans do, there offensive game flows very well. They play with passion, they never play like an INDIVIDUAL TALENT like the U.S., amazing how you guys find a way to beat Greece without your MVP player Pau Gasol. Your country are FIBA World Champions and I admire what they have accomplished. Now you guys play in Spain for Eurobasket 2007, I'm sure Greece would love to get there hands on Spain. :P Who knows we might beat you in your home soil, just like the Greek Football Team did in the summer of 2003. :gr: :gr:
  23. Greece lost to Sverige (Sweden) 2-0 in the U-17 Euro qualifyer, shame! :(
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