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  1. I checked all the fixtures from fifa, most of the European teams are already scheduled. Serbia does not have a fixture so therefore, we could see Greece- Serbia. If Greece are to face a non-European side, it may be rumored to be Mexico, United States, etc. I'm not saying it's offical, but hopeful. :tup:
  2. Well it was fun being the champions for 4 years, I will always honour the heros of 2004. This was the team I was hoping for, except I would have started Gekas and subbed Lymber late. They played positive football and tried to move forward. The Russians were just too fast for our boys. They played hard and deserved a tie, Clooney screwed up large, but regardless if you can't score it doesn't matter. I thought the ref was not our friend today, especially against Lymberopoulos. I hope we can at least score a goal for pride, who knows maybe we might even beat Spain since they have nothing to play for. I honestly think Otto is going to leave after this...he was the perfect architect for a hapless team that could not qualify and achieved the unimaginable, but I think now the NT needs someone to take them to the next level. Maybe someone Dutch or Portugese. I think I'm going to go get high! :LOL: Now that Greece is offically out, now I can support Sweden from now on. :whistle:
  3. I do believe Greece can beat Russia, they are very beatable and we can simply put ourselves in a good position. There's no gimme in the Sweden - Spain match, if Sweden either draws or beat Spain, forget it Greece has no chance. Spain will get real serious in the final match with Greece and will probably score 6 past us. :D
  4. Inconsistency has plagued this team. We show we can keep beating a team like Portugal who I am tipping to win Euro 2008 yet we lose to Turkey 4-1 at home. We were in good form when we played Portugal in the friendly prior to the tournament but then we played terrible against Hungary. It was evident of the Hungary game that we had issues in the back and these were not rectified so we carried this bad form into this Sweden game. Credit to Sweden they knew we wanted them to attack us so we can hurt them on the brake so they frustrated us by also adopting a defensive approach. In 04 no team did this against us, we played attacking sides such as Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain, France. I can't believe people actually expect Greece to retain the Euro purely because we won it 4 years ago. Yes we did win, however it was a surprise, a shock phenomenal even and something that can only occur very rarely. Our ranking of 8th in the world makes us over rated because the average Greek soccer player is simply not good enough. If i can rephrase this we are more recognized for strength and say courage rather than our skill. In this game we were lacked someone like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a world class player that can change the game with a single moment of brilliance. This is a guy that juggles chewing gum. If only Samaras or Charisteas was in the class of Zlatan that can shoot like Zlatan control the ball like him etc. Until we produce players that resemble such class, people should not expect Greece to do well in these tournaments. Going back to the Sweden game if you ask each player, with a little naivety you can say most of them did well. Nikopolidis was bad, but then again he is our number one keeper, who else is there? What ever little talent he possesses it's the best we have and that goes for every other player we have available for selection. Many people don't understand this. We should all be disappointed with Rehhagel and his formation rather than the players. The guy is a genius but today he got it wrong and he should have admitted in the post match interview that the formation was at fault. Greece was becoming the team people love to hate due to this disgusting style of play. Sure we won the Euro with this style of play but many were not convinced we were deserving of it. Our style was even more defensive then 4 years ago. The sight of having 3 centre backs pass the ball to each other was disgusting and draining. I think Rehhagel has not realized how dangerous we can be when we attack, and how better our chances improve of getting a result. It is evident why he picked so many defenders and left out Ninis. Someone has to stand up to the German and demand that we play some attacking football. Oh BTW, if Sweden does qualify for the quarterfinals, I will root for them all the way. After all, I am part Swedish. :D
  5. I hope Greece can destory Sweden! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Happy birthday to you Irlandos! :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: Always been a great man, always will be a great man! :tup:
  7. Everybody, I would like to announce to all of you that I have completed my 4 years of education at the University of Stockholm. I have recieved a masters degree in computer programming/windows and I am so proud how life in Sweden has treated me. Now, I am looking for a carrer in computer software and I had thoughts about moving to Germany in the near future to live closer to my family in Stuttgart. But for now I'm staying put in Stockholm, I have a wonderful time up here along with my girlfriend Petra. I'll be away from Phantis for a while until I find myself a new job (just quit my old job recently as a delivery man). I'll be watching EURO 2008 from a sports bar full of crazy Greek fans, take care everybody and I'll chat with you soon.
  8. Latest injury report coming out of Swedish news, Ibrahimovic sat out the finals of the Italian Cup with a knee injury and is not known if he can be healthy just in time for him to play in the EURO vs. Greece. Found this article about Otto Rehhagel on contra :
  9. If you had to pick one player who should stay home and watch the EURO, who would it be? Otto is using 24 players in there friendly with Hungary, and we know that only 23 can make the team. My choice is Tzilos
  10. Darlas never was able to break into the ethniki, so Otto elects not to have him in there.
  11. Yes I am, and I gladly can give you the updates on the Swedish players. First with Ljunberg, he suffered a cracked rib which at first looked to be serious, he is getting better by the week, so I think he'll play. Linderoth is currently rehabbing on his surgically repaired hip, his chances of playing in the EURO is probable. Hansson's injury isn't too serious I think, he should be OK. All 3 of those players are included in Lagerback's 23-man squad Sweden squad Goalkeepers: Andreas Isaksson (Manchester City FC), Rami Shaaban (Hammarby), Johan Wiland (IF Elfsborg). Defenders: Mikael Dorsin (CFR 1907 Cluj), Petter Hansson (Stade Rennais FC), Daniel Majstorovic (AEK Athens), Olof Mellberg (Aston Villa FC), Mikael Nilsson (Panathinaikos FC), Andreas Granqvist (Wigan Athletic FC), Fredrik Stoor (Rosenborg BK). Midfielders: Niclas Alexandersson (IFK Goteborg), Daniel Andersson (Malmo FF), Kim Kallstrom (Olympique Lyonnais), Sebastian Larsson (Birmingham City FC), Fredrik Ljungberg (West Ham United FC), Tobias Linderoth (Galatasaray AS), Christian Wilhelmsson (RC Deportivo La Coruna), Anders Svensson (IF Elfsborg). Forwards: Marcus Allback (FC Kobenhavn), Henrik Larsson (Helsingborgs IF), Johan Elmander (Toulouse FC), Zlatan Ibrahimović (FC Internazionale Milano), Markus Rosenberg (Werder Bremen)
  12. Otto will not bring any teenagers to EURO, they are not ready to play in the big game. Ninis, Papastathopoulos, and others will be playing in the U-21 side for the time being. Whoever Otto brings with him, we all gotta have faith and believe in him. I'm sure he knows what he is doing.
  13. Today, Otto Rehhagel will announce the 23 players who are going to play in EURO 2008. Getting a surprise callup for Ninis is very pleasing, just a start of good things to come. The roster for Russia, Sweden, and Spain are looking good, so Greece better be ready for an intense battle.
  14. Happy Birthday GS1905, bravo to your teams victory for the Turkish League title. :tup:
  15. I'm in a state of shock Larsson is returning back to the Swedish national team for the 3rd time. :o This news has been going on for days and now this rumor is offical. I guess Lars called him up after he is doing so well in the Alksvenska League, he is in top form for a 36 year old, and this may not be good news for Greece. He still has a good scoring touch.
  16. Returning players reassure Rehhagel With less than a week until Otto Rehhagel names the 23-man Greece squad which will attempt to defend the Henri Delaunay trophy won at UEFA EURO 2004™, the German coach can take satisfaction from the timely return to fitness of a number of his key players. Coming back The 69-year-old coach has been harbouring fitness concerns over several members of his squad in recent months, but one by one they are nearing full fitness ahead of the Group D kick-off against Sweden in Salzburg on 10 June. Rehhagel has said previously that, should he have a fit group of players, the squad is likely to be similar to the one which was named for March's 2-1 friendly win against Portugal. Defensive duo Club Atletico de Madrid full-back Giourkas Seitaridis underwent achilles tendon surgery on both legs in November but has now featured in four matches, while fellow defender Sotirios Kyrgiakos has had no problems following his return to Bundesliga action at the beginning of the month with Eintracht Frankfurt after a nose injury. Play-off knocks Panathinaikos FC striker Dimitrios Salpingidis also sustained a nose injury recently and will wear a protective mask in his team's next matches in the Greek Super League play-offs. In the same competition, Traianos Dellas suffered a minor calf in jury while playing for AEK Athens FC, causing the defender to miss the last two matches. Final fixtures Rehhagel will hope none of his other players receive any injuries during the final week of club action before the Greece squad gather to start preparing for UEFA EURO 2008. Olympiakos CFP quartet Antonios Nikopolidis, Vassilis Torosidis, Christos Patsatzoglou and Paraskevas Antzas are in Greek Cup final action against Aris Thessaloniki FC and Greece team-mate Konstantinos Chalkias on 17 May, while earlier in the week, Panathinaikos and AEK conclude their play-off campaigns. Further afield, Georgios Samaras is involved in a Scottish Premier League title battle for Celtic FC, with Seitaridis, and Bundesliga based duo Theofanis Gekas and Angelos Charisteas still having one more fixture left to fulfil in their respective league programmes.
  17. The teams in the top 10 still remain in there position after the latest one released in early May.
  18. The Greek climb continues Anyone who loves a good footballing fairytale still harks back to the summer of 2004 when, with a combination of will-power and never-say-die attitude, Otto Rehhagel's unheralded Greek side scaled the summits of European football to win UEFA EURO 2004. Four years on from their heroics in Portugal, only one thing has changed: they are now no longer cast in the role of the underdog. The countdown to this summer's continental finals, which will be held in Switzerland and Austria from 7 to 29 June, is well underway and Greece appear a force to be reckoned with. "The EURO 2008 will most likely see the strongest Greek squad of all time," said Bolton Wanderers midfielder Stelios Giannakopoulos proudly. Pride and confidence are very much Greek traits, and they are currently more than justified. With the 69-year-old Rehhagel at the reins, they beat hosts Portugal in both the opening match of EURO 2004 and the final, by 1-0 and 2-1 scorelines respectively. They have since made it three out of three with a 2-1 win over Luis Felipe Scolari's side in a friendly in Dusseldorf last March, thanks to a brace from Georgios Karagounis - a result which once again made footballing experts sit up and take note. "Portugal have recently beaten Brazil twice, and that shows what a strong team they are," said 31-year-old Karagounis after the match. And the Panathinaikos player knows that this series of wins over a Portugal team whom many regard among the favourites for gold at EURO 2008 has earned Greece a lot of respect. It has also earned them something more concrete. The latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking has seen Greece move up from tenth to eighth spot, overtaking Portugal as well as the Netherlands, who recently flattered to deceive in a 4-3 friendly win over Austria. The Greeks are thus as high as they have ever been since the Ranking was introduced. Greece were already celebrating last February after cracking the top ten for the first time. April saw them increase their tally by 27 points, which propelled them up to eighth and made them the sixth-best European team on the ladder. The team is the star The secret to their success, according to Giannakopoulos, is that "we're quite simply a well organised team and we all work for one another". Since Rehhagel took over in August 2001, a tightly knit squad has developed, with the team progressing steadily until their surprise triumph at EURO 2004. Despite the fact that they have no stand-out players, Greece have assembled a squad which is so much more than the sum of its individual components and capable of playing exciting football.
  19. Clearly, I hope CAS will overtune the decision and give the title to it's rightous place, which of course is AEK.
  20. People, there are better ways to handle this case. It's true that Apollon Kalamaria's infractured the rules of the Greek league, by any means they played the match vs. Olympiakos and won fair and square, a fine and a point deducted is good enough, but given 3 points to Olympiakos on a silver platter has gone a bit too far. AEK deserve the title, and as a gavro fan myself, I must say I'm ashame of what the Greek League has done. We (Olympiakos) want to win the protathlima on the pitch, not on paper. :)
  21. Hello everybody, Olympiakos might have won the title, but clearly AEK should be the champs, since they won it on the pitch. I will tell you the truth this championship isn't anything special. If it wasn't for the 3 extra points given on a sliver platter, AEK would have won it. Right now, I'm thinking about EURO 2008 and our Ethniki, not some corrupted Greek League. Don't party too hard Olympiakos fans, it's not something is worth celebrating. Only thing I love about our team is our great run in the Champions League. :tup:
  22. Yes Dude, I get your point. You see Sweden hasn't learn the lessons from EURO 2004, yet they think there better than Greece "on paper". On one note to pass along, I really like Sweden to beat Spain and Russia and lose to Greece. :LOL:
  23. I heard about Darko's goal, just absoulty beautiful! :tup:
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