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  1. I swear to God if I ever come face to face with those scumbags, I'll light a fire on there flag and that disgusting shirt of there's. :nono: :angry: :evil: :*&%:
  2. Where do I start? It's really something I can't understand. Why do we always have hard times against teams like Albania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Malta and we need either a last minute goal or some miracle to win. Today that miracle wasn't with us but please a team like Greece should have finished the game off much earlier. I don't think we are powerhouses anymore (if we ever have been) and now we are back to zero. I even have worries about next game versus Latvia, any single point dropped could spell the end of our campaign. It's disappointing that we are most likely going to have to qualify through the play offs. But I'd rather be in that than nothing at all. And in the playoffs, we have potential enemies like Sweden, France and even Russia. If we get one of these teams I fear the worst. We all want to qualify and for God's sake no matter how really F*ked up we've been, I still support them and believe we can get two wins from the last two matches. This draw last night though, has been the lowest point since Euro 08. New match, new chance.. Greece please let's do this! P.S. Has EPO decided to fire Otto? :1eye:
  3. This is Greece's last chance for salvation, no room for any screw ups. Qualification is still within there reach, it's only of matter of time.
  4. This may hurt, so watch our abysmial performance
  5. I have yet to read what all have to say but that was something this morning... You would have thought we were taking on Spain with the line up! 5 defenders, 2 midfielders (one been the as always invincible Katsouranis) and three forwards, one been Charisteas as the centre man who can't hold the ball up or make a decent dribble if his life depended on it... We started off ok getting a few ricochets going our way in some dangerous places but as the game went on we clearly had no composure on the ball, know can you blame the players? It was like 7 defenders looking to break down the Swiss and 3 forwards who needed to click and maybe produce something... anyway, while we were strong defensively and how couldn't we be, in attack we virtually had nothing especially in the first half. Then our pal Vyntra gets red carded!! Ok, yes it was very harsh but both yellows didn't need to happen... and again its Vyntra... was anyone that surprised he got himself in the trouble he was in? I wasn't and I can think of another player who probably wouldn't also but hey if you're not in Otto's club you got no chance. Thank God Samaras came on in the 2nd half and he was able to hold the ball up while Charisteas continued to give the ball away time after time... Patsazoglou did try his heart out ill give him that but it seemed he was the ONLY player looking to link defence and forwards... Spyropoulos was our MVP nearly got a great goal but was a machine all night in defence and attack. Then come the 80th min we decide we will defend even deeper??? The Swiss were walking the ball up not far from our penalty box for Christ sake! We would give away one stupid free kick after another... Their goal was always a matter of time 2nd part of the 2nd half, it was another god painful game to watch from our team... For me it was like we did ok the first half in the scence that the Swiss couldn't do anything, in saying that we couldn't do anything else either, we defended and would look to clear... no lead up play unless Spyropoulos got a nice ball on his wing. Katsouranis is virtually a nothing player now so it was like 6 defenders, Patsazoglou trying to play midfield by himself and three forwards, one of which in Charisteas was basically useless today, Salpi didn't see the ball and Amanatidis did ok and also played Left back!!!!!!!!! Same story in the 2nd half, instead Samaras came on and actually held the ball and passed it around, A Papadopoulos then replaces Chari so we were like 8 defenders and 2 forwards then we defend so F***en deep it was ridiculous and eat the two Swiss goals.... I'm so over Otto Rehhagles disgusting tactics and what face he has given our Ethniki!!!!!!!!!! The potion of 2004 has vaporised for over 4 years now and the approach we have now adopted especially against any form of ok team is so bloody pain full to watch... I like how he came out and said were going for the win and a draw would be great, yeah F***en right we were going for a win. What the hell was that, 7 defensive players 3 forwards and in that 7 and 3 you got guys that just should not be there!!! It was do ridiculous I really pull my hair out with the Germano, what cracks me even more is I?ve been saying it for so many years and people still prob think he can do no wrong!!!! Just look how we approach these games now... it's F***ed up!!!! No play maker today simply put the cherry on the cherry!! I believe were now playing about the same as the Vasilis Daniel days and that says it all. And here's my last 2 cents... Mr. Rehhagle please step down, please resign as head coach!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!
  6. I found out that Sotiris Ninis might be getting the nod if Giorgios Karagounis isn't match fit? This is what we might expect from Otto Rehhagel 4-3-3 ............................Chalkias.................................. Vyntras..........Avraam.............Kyrigakos.......Spyropoulos Patsazoglou..............Ninis...................Katsouranis Salpigidis.................Gekas..................Amanatidis or Charisteas
  7. Just because Eduardo is out does not mean Olympiakos will have an easy time with Arsenal. That team is a "beast", loaded with great individual talent. Olympiakos history in England is never been pleasent I'm afraid. They will have to focus solely on AZ Alkmaar and Standard Liege to have any chance of progressing to the last 16.
  8. My reaction to the draw is this, I'm very pleased! It could have been worse, thankfully Olympiakos did not have to face a "group of death". Arsenal will no doubt be our toughest test, Alkmaar and Standard are very fast teams who tends to play sheer tight defense. Nothing will come easy in this group.
  9. I would love to have someone who is responsible in making the TV schedule if I fall behind in putting them out. I'm not always around the forum, so I very much appriciate the help. I have a good idea, how about you guys post the Super League schedule, while I post the European Club and International schedule? :)
  10. With 3 weeks to go, the Greek national team are in a position that there's no room for error. In any case they can't afford to lose here. A loss and there hopes of qualifying is gone. Wonder what Otto have up in his sleeves?
  11. Vyntra is not national team material. Kyrgiakos and entire line plays the offside trap and Vyntra remains playing the ball.. looked so amateur doing this unacceptable in national team football were there is no room for error. Why not play Papastathopoulos at right fullback position with both Seitaridis and Torosidis out? A perfect time to do this knowing all this and Genoa does it with him why not Rehhagel? Otto prefers vyntra? This kid never ever impressed me and what a waste of space he was today on the pitch. Gekas did so poorly in the 82nd minute all alone but roofed the ball unacceptable to miss a chance like this Amanatidis looked uninterested with sloppy poor plays and passing he needs to wake up the ethniki depends on him to step up finaly. Samaras again was our best player but has no one to play football with I'm tired of repeating myself after every game. Our midfield and all our players in general are static.. are motionless with no rhythm, nor one touch give and go 'passoules' or no triangles 'trigonakia' and are just too slow on the pitch this is unacceptable in football. All of them should sign up at some 30 years and up garage league they would do superbly there at the pace they currently play at. No crispy passing on the ground either and the same on going routine of airing the ball hoping it lands within Gekas range was just pathetic watching this play over and over for 20 minutes I watched this game. Otto got one thing right today and that was having Spyropoulos play at left fullback. Thought maybe Otto would suprise us with another unorthodox player at left back lol.. so thank god for that. Spyropoulos is deadly at set pieces good to see him show a little what he can bring to the national team only if he plays. This loss was the best thing that could of happened to this team. This is not football! If Otto does not get things straighten out before there WCQ with Switzerland, they'll be in for a looonnnngggg night!
  12. This young Greek basketball team have been unbelieveable for the past 2 years. What more can they bring us? I watched a few world and euro games, they played great. :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr:
  13. Good move by EPO, this will make more Greek fans come to the stadium. This is where they need there support in the final 2 home matches to potentally clutch qualification for WC 2010. :gr:
  14. 4 of the 8 teams from the playoffs qualify for WC 2010 along with the 9 group winners. So 13 teams from Europe go to South Africa. ;)
  15. Just to clarify things here carefully.. Group winners qualify directly to South Africa, top 8 runner-ups go to the Tournament Playoffs. As it stands right now Croatia (who is in 2nd in group 6) will not go to the playoffs. For the qualifying picture.. Group 1 - This group is still wide open, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden, Portugal all can win the group. Denmark or Hungary could struggle while Sweden or Portugal can get back in it in a hurry. Group 2 - Your correct about Switzerland - Greece, the winner of that match should take full control of this group. However, Switzerland has a more difficult fixtures down the stretch than Greece. Group 3 - Leaders Slovakia is a plesant surprise, but Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Northern Ireland are not out just yet. I do believe if the Slovaks beat the Czechs, then the group is there's. Group 4 - Germany and Russia will be battling for first in an important match in Moscow. Finland is certainly out after there home loss to Russia. Group 5 - Spain is a win away from qualifying, Bosnia could slip if they don't learn to finish strong just like what happen in Euro 2008 qualifying. Turkey can make a comeback, I'm not counting them out just yet. Group 6 - Like Spain, England is one win away from qualifying. Croatia, Ukraine, yes Belarus all vying for second place for a playoff spot. Group 7 - Serbia are the leaders in the group, France has 2 matches to make up. Even if they win both, they'll be behind Serbia by 2 points. In there encounter in Belgrade, Serbia simply need to avoid defeat and the group is pretty much there's. Group 8 - Italy are leading Ireland by 1 point with a match to play. Bulgaria is mathamatically alive, but got has a very difficult fixture in 2 of there last 4 matches. Group 9 - Of course Netherlands are the first European side to qualify for South Africa in an awfully weak group. Scotland still in the hunt for there slim chance of qualifying for the playoffs.
  16. Brazil deserve to be at the top after they won the Confederations Cup. For Greece, 11th place is a nice spot, but the last time they played was on April 1st, so what gives in them moved up 6 spots?
  17. Wow, and Sweden will fall back to 42nd? :LOL: :LOL: Are you sure this info is accurate?
  18. Could another Swede be heading to Olympiakos? Found an article in Greek about Kim Kallstrom
  19. WELCOME TO PIREAUS OLOF! :tup: :nw: :tup: :nw: :)
  20. A fellow Swede is coming to Olympiakos :tup:
  21. Yes it is Genome, they play on August 12. :gr: :nw: :gr:
  22. Just about 2 months from now Greece will be making the trip to Bydgoszcz to take on Poland. The last time those 2 played each other, Greece was on the unlucky end with Michalis Kapsis putting in his own goal in a 1-0 loss weeks before EURO 2004.
  23. Sorry, been away for a long time but Happy Belated Birthday Irlandos! :tup: :nw: :gr:
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