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  2. Great job from our young guns! Greece are in the semifinals! Man if only Mitroglou would have scored from the penalty spot, he would gotten his 3rd goal of the tournament and a Greece victory, but we will take the draw. Next off is Germany, the German side doesn't really scare me alot, there goalkeeper is garbage from what I watched on Eurosport. Greece has one of the top defense in Europe. I too thing Greece will pull off an upset. ;)
  3. The result today was fair, but it could have been worse. As Nikovazelo pointed out Greece had a great first half and a non-excisting second half. There was no creativity from Greece, they didn't show some life out there in the second half. The penalty call was a bit harsh, the Greek player (forgot his name) barely pulled his jersey while attempting to get in front of position to get to the ball, he let his jeresy go as the Austrian flopped and the ref bought it. Tough luck! :( Greece is in a good position, only a draw or win is what Greece can only think of, we're not taking chances on a loss to assume we're thru to the semifinals. :nono: It was an ugly game.
  4. I was thinking about something, if Otto Rehhagel leaves, maybe we should have Nikolaos Nioplias as our next head coach for the senior team. :gr: :tup:
  5. Stick that sign up to where the sun won't shine, pork chops! Hypocrites! Who's playing "defensive football" ? PORTUGAL! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Nuff said!
  6. hahahaha I was right, we we're going to beat Portugal by 1-0! God I love being so right! :P :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: HELLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. First game for Greece will be Portugal, the match starts at 17:15 local time. We need a good start to our quest for the cup, I think we can beat Portugal. 1-0 Hellas !!!
  8. The drawing for the U-19 European Championship is coming this Wednesday, June 13. Greece along with 7 other nations are qualifyed for the finals in Austria.
  9. Wow, the game wasn't even close! Bravo mou Hellas! Austria here they come! :gr: :gr: :gr:
  10. Keep posting the good stuff everybody, Greece will someday become a competitive football nation! :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: That 2-1 win over Denmark has got to be one of my favortive all-time youth match I've ever witnessed! :nw:
  11. Nice! A victory over Italy is always sweet! They will play Sweden next! Best of luck to you Hellas! :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:
  12. His move to Bayer 04 Leverkusen will make him a better player. Playing up front with Andriy Voronin would make them a great 1-2 duo.
  13. With Turkey's victory over Greece, the Greeks are expected to drop down a little and should still remain in the top 20. Unless if FIFA wants to be generous to us. :P
  14. This is funny, after Italy was at the top spot for world suprimecy, Argentina now takes over. :LOL: Greece still remains at #13, Sweden moved up to #15, Scotland to #16, both African nations Ivory Coast and Ghana made the top 20. Finland, one of Euro 2008 qualifers biggest surprises, moved up 15 places to #33. 1 Argentina 1616 pts 2 Italy 1592 pts 3 Brazil 1557 pts 4 France 1515 pts 5 Germany 1390 pts 6 England 1339 pts 7 Netherlands 1313 pts 8 Portugal 1288 pts 9 Czech Republic 1195 pts 10 Spain 1161 pts 11 Ukraine 1037 pts 12 Croatia 982 pts 13 Greece 961 pts 14 Romania 919 pts 15 Sweden 914 pts 16 Scotland 911 pts 17 Switzerland 906 pts 18 Cameroon 893 pts 19 Ghana 881 pts 20 Ivory Coast 875 pts
  15. Dude, if Larsson says he's done playing for Sweden, then he's not coming back. Lars Lagerback needs to give him some space, sure both of them are very good friends. Larsson would not come back to team Sweden unless if he comes in as an emergency replacement during qualifying rounds. Thing is, if he really wants to come back, he would want to play for a European Championship, which I hope Sweden can achieve if Greece fails to repeat there title defense.
  16. Yes he can still play, but he has reached his prime. 35 is too old to play on an international level. Sweden has proven offensive players like Elmander, Allback, Kallstrom, Wilhelmsson (aka Chippen), Ibrahimovic. Larsson's last international match was in World Cup 2006; against Germany, he played medicore. I was at the game, I was truly disappointed with his performance. He gave everything he had, he can't lead Sweden to victory. :(
  17. What a goal from Larsson!!! A memorable goal in the UEFA Champions League tie with Manchester United!!! Too bad he won't stay around after March 12th. :( I really want him to play for another European trophy. :(
  18. It's so nice for him to win a "non-grand slam" title after being bounced from the Australia Open. Zitone Baghdatis! :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:
  19. WTF!? :blink: Sweden 'bid to lure back Larsson' Sweden manager Lars Lagerback is believed to be trying to tempt striker Henrik Larsson out of international retirement for the second time. Larsson quit international football following last summer's World Cup. Swedish FA chairman Lars-Ake Lagrell told Aftonbladet newspaper: "There have been talks with Henke (Larsson). "I cannot say exactly what these have involved. Obviously it would be fantastic news if Henke decided to play for the national team again." However, Lagrell admitted it was unlikely that Larsson could be persuaded to return. "I think Henke has made his mind up for definite this time," he said. Larsson initially retired from international football after the 2002 World Cup. However, he was persuaded to play for his country in the 2004 European Championship and also featured in the 2006 World Cup. The striker is currently on loan at Manchester United from Swedish side Helsingborg and scored on his debut against Aston Villa on Sunday. A spokesman for the Swedish FA told BBC Sport that Larsson are good friends and keep in regular contact. Yet he said he believed that when Larsson announced his retirement in July, it was "the final call". What is the coaches problem? Can't he just leave him alone and forget about bringing him back to the national team? He's done play international football, he's 35 for god sakes! Get over it Lars!! :angry: :angry: :angry:
  20. I rather have Croatia up there than England. :whistle:
  21. Not always true loup, lately Ivory Coast and Ghana have been playing well before and after World Cup 2006. Nigeria and Cameroon we're once "powerhouse" nations, now there no where to be as good as they we're before. I wonder why Egypt get the nod at no. 19? :huh: Are they for real?What's really surprising is why not put Serbia or Ghana in there in the top 20? :D
  22. FIFA World Ranking as of Jan. 17 1. Brazil - 1588 pts 2. Italy - 1560 pts 3. Argentina - 1551 pts 4. France - 1523 pts 5. Germany - 1363 pts 6. England - 1359 pts :LOL: 7. Netherlands - 1305 pts 8. Portugal - 1258 pts 9. Nigeria - 1244 pts :huh: 10. Czech Republic - 1190 pts 11. Cameroon - 1160 pts :huh: 12. Spain - 1154 pts 13. Ukraine - 1054 pts 14. Sweden - 958 pts :tup: 15. Croatia - 948 pts 16. Greece - 945 pts :tup: 17. Switzerland - 937 pts 18. Ivory Coast - 919 pts 19. Egypt - 918 pts :blink: 20. Romania - 912 pts
  23. Manchester City beat Sheffield United 2-1 in the FA Cup :tup:
  24. OMG! I've read from yahoo that if Marcos reaches the quarterfinals, he'll face Federer! :o Here's the proof : http://sports.yahoo.com/ten/news?slug=ap-a...ov=ap&type=lgns
  25. Baghdatis can go far like he did last year, only this time he'll face more unseeded opponents. PAME MARKO!!!!!!!!! :gr: :gr: :gr:
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