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  1. Larsson leaves international arena http://www.uefa.com/competitions/EURO/news...sId=437499.html Thanks for the memories Henke!!!! :nw: :nw: :nw: :) :)
  2. Thanks Plato-NY! :tup: Looking forward to a great tourny. :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:
  3. Next stop, the U.S. Open Boy how many Greek and Cypriot fans will be watching over there in New York. :)
  4. I think Markos Baghdatis will qualify for the quarter-finals, god I hope. :hypocrite: So I'm with you Ethnikistis! SIKOSETO TO G*****ENO, DEN BORO DEN BORO NA PERIMENO!!! :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr:
  5. Benfica is truely a world class team, they just love GREEKS!!! :LOL:
  6. Excellent move for him, the German league is the place for him. Now he could become a better defender, Germans knows everything about man-marking.
  7. I would never want that "Brazilian Turtle" to come play for Olympiakos. He costed us the match vs. Liverpool, yeah you heard me straight up! In that game Olympiakos was playing with 10 men, including 1 lazy player. :blink: I don't care if he made other contrabutions for Olympiakos (such as in the Greek League), only that he NEVER did anything in Europe. :angry:
  8. Match Report on Barcelona's triumph http://www.uefa.com/competitions/UCL/Fixtu.../Report=RP.html
  9. Larsson set for royal appointment FC Barcelona and Sweden striker Henrik Larsson has been given a top royal honour in Britain in reward for his services to Scottish football. The 34-year-old was made an MBE in recognition of his 242 goals in 315 matches during 7 years with Celtic FC but is yet to receive the award from the Queen. "To be recognised for services to football outside your homeland is a great tribute," said Larsson's agent Rob Jansen. Now it's time for him to win his first European club trophy for my favorite team and go out in style! Larsson we love you! :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw:
  10. Well now, it's about time he scored his 1st goal for Benfica. How was the goal like? Any links? Let us hope he scores one against Barcelona in the returning leg. ;)
  11. Rangers are out with a 1-1 draw in Villarreal :( Sotirios Kyrgiakos played very well defensivly, missed 1 shot attempt to give Rangers the lead.
  12. Benfica dethroned Liverpool 2-0 in Anfield Stadium to advance into the quarter-finals. Giorgios Karagounis played the final 30 mintues, was not a factor in the victory. Bravo to Benfica's victory, I wish them well for a Champions League title. :tup:
  13. Karagounis made the biggest difference in the second half, without him Benfica might have ended the match 0-0.
  14. I respect Roger Federer more than that "Kolo Amerikano" Andy Roddick. He should never be ranked #2 in the world, wtf !? :LOL:
  15. :nw: Marcos Baghatis upsets Andy Roddick 6-4 in match set! yeeeeesssssss!!!! :nw: :) Parta kolopedo Roddick!!! ouuuussssttttt!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Marcos takes the 3rd set 6-3! One set away from an upset!
  17. Roddick takes 2nd set 6-1! Don't give up Marcos! :tup:
  18. First set goes to Baghdatis 6-4! Hellas!! Cyprus!! :nw: :nw: :nw:
  19. Oh BTW, game time here in Sweden is 4:00 am Sunday morning, Yikes!!
  20. I'm with you buddy, Hellas-Kypros together forever! :tup: Let's hope Baghdatis can work his magic vs. Andy Roddick B)
  21. I hope he stays in Holland, he has a starting spot for Heereenven. Plus, he's playing in the Uefa Cup. :rolleyes:
  22. Benfica is now in second place in the Portugese Superliga! :tup: Don't give up Benfica! :)
  23. Kyrgiakos scored one of 5 goals for Rangers today in the FA Scottish Cup. :tup:
  24. Goal for Heerenveen, 2-1!!! Hanssen scores! If it stands CSKA Moscow are out, Heerenveen are thru. Heerenveen are thru, CSKA are out (Marsielle beat Dinamo Buc. by 2-1) Our Greek player aboard is heading to the last 32 with Giannakopoulos! A great day for the Greek players.
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