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  1. Horrible result. Even if Oly win the league.. this will hurt them financially in the coming years... you watch... Cant spend 15 million next season.
  2. I remember hearing on the radio last thursday that he went to Villareal for 8m
  3. adonis... the deal Barca made with Marquez was that they would conditionally release him in order for him to sign for the NY Red Bulls. Should he try to sign for a european club there was a 7 million dollar clause ...
  4. is Mansour really on trial....? We should sign him... he will be a star im sure. I actually saw an u-21 israel match vs england and he was really good... I remember following him because they said he was at Real. Wow... would be a mega signing... believe me. Just looked it up on the net.. they say West Ham is also in the running for him.. hmmmm
  5. I think hands in the air is also allowed if you are protecting your face... Im not sure though but i remember hearin that.. For all those who thought Malezas and Cirillo would be good signings for PAO... did you watch the first half.. If Malezas was playign for PAO he would become a Melissis within a month. As for the game... Im kinda happy PAOK drew.. but i had an 8 game parlay where i got Braga, Rosenborg, Partizan, Aktobe, Basel, fener to draw and bate to draw and the onyl match i lost was AJAX... woulda paid off around 1200$ F***!
  6. Fair enough... And all i am saying.. is.. just because there are other players available... doesnt mean they would come to Pao. I dont rate Bogherra I mean he is ok but nothign special.... Hagenland I believe PAO tried to go after last january but he was not interested in a PAO move. Mensah from Lyon is horrid. Lyon couldnt wait to get him off on loan... they couldnt sell him to anyone. I liked Mensah from ghana in the WC... but that was the kid we had on trial and didnt sign last year. Either way.. We agree on certain points... and on others we dont.. thats fine... All I wanted wa
  7. Worry not.. Im sure there will be somebody thjat has ConnX streamign the game on game day... Ill keep u posted
  8. Kyrgiakos is NOT better then Boumsong.... please stop the insanity. He is not a Killer CB but how many would come to greece anyway. and according to reports gallas was asking for 70 to 80k a week thats almost TWICE what Cisse makes. Please. Ego ...down. Whos to say he was actually going to come to PAO anyway. Gallas that is. Could all have been a ploy by his manager to get him extra moneys wherever he signs. And Boumsong was really good vs Bayern in the game he played... only one of the two he played by the way... He was stellar vs Real in Madrid and Lyon was good vs real in France
  9. Not saying Ruka is worth that much Drakos... he has potential but im basing it on the fact that Croatian players playin in Croatia for soem reason get a heavy price tag... Either way... Lets hope he gets sold for 20 million. 30% is ours :)
  10. I honestly wonderm of all the people that pass judgement on JAB... how many of those have actually seen him play for longer then a few plays or whatever they see on youtube.
  11. Crazy... I am more then happy with the Boumsong transfer... He has proven himself in europe and his strength is in the air game... where PAO lacked someone since Kyrgiakos left. And u know I meant SL :P Besides.. who does Boumsogn have to fear? Romendahl? Hasnt he played for like 11 teams in his career? Or 34 year old imbagza? Im sure its not Riera... he has scored 14 goals in his CAREER... I really think Oly transfer are over rated.. Besides... Oly is stilllacking in the main goal scoring department... ST All your strikers put together last year had 2 goals less then Cisse
  12. 800 k for ruka + 30% of next transfer... So if he is sold for 8m to soem other team we get nearly 2.3 more
  13. Not worried at all... and not gettin my blood pumpin... Im sure he could handle himself fine in the CL... especially with Strikers like Mitroglu and Blanco to worry about.
  14. Crazy.... Take all the videos of Boumsong and how bad he looks... Then take all the youtube videos of Nunez, Romero, Biscan, Archubi, Belluschi, Diogo and how great they loooked and come to a conclusion about how important little videos liek that are... Last year he was part of a Lyon team that eliminated REAL from the CL... Started 6 games in that run Boumsong played 2 year for Juve... started 30 matches... and Juve won promoition that year with mostly a bunch of rookies up front.... But he is not good enough for PAO... Had Melberg come from West Ham and not from Juve... there wou
  15. Crazy...how ya been... Just to correct you about something... Riera is slower then a replay... Romendhal is really fast and imbagasa was great but he is 34... IMO you need a better player up front
  16. First off, Gallas is ahead of who on the National Team? Cris is brazilian not french. second, you can forget Kyrgiakos ever coming to pao. Dream a little but it just wont happen. I hope we land Gallas.. but somehow I see some no name like Douglao
  17. I know... I dont know how they judge talent.. I watched Mensah in 4 games.. Tall, Super strong off the ball and Very Fast. Btw.. looks liek Moon is off to South Africa on loan for 100k
  18. David doesnt have a euro passport and would take up a foreign spot. I am guessing Pao dont want to invest a foreign spot to a non starter as they already have Gabriel.. Mensah was an HTC decision... not good enough for him
  19. U been hearing rumours that he will sign... I made it official.. :P Morris sucked man. When he was here, we had a horrible defence. Last year we were 2nd in the league only 1 goal more then PAOK.. and they apparently had a dominant D. Im not saying we are good but Morris would be a step back. We need Air Dominant CBs. someone that can win a header.. and morris doesnt fit that bill. sariegui will be used occasionally especially if we sign Gallas. He will be the type to come in late in games when we are ahead and teams try crossing into our box for late goals. And he is fine that way. Sar
  20. Morris sucked ass when he was here. And just because he played in spain doesnt make him good... Sariegui played in spain for 9 years. Besides we have enough short quick CBs... We are lacking in Air dominant Cbs Gallas will sign with Pao.. you read it here first
  21. I love the fact that you have my name and the word vazelas in your sig thrylos... feels nice
  22. Looks liek we made an offer to Gallas for 2 years /2/5 per year
  23. Yes pre-season begins next thursday.. although Im not too worried about the CB situation. Unlike other years with winners like HTC saying we dont need a CB, Nioplias has expressed his true belief that he wants a gun at CB As for not getting inorder... Man relax.. transfer season started 8 days ago. And our priority was replacing Salpi and getting a CB And as for our ''idiot director'' pursuing Viana instead of looking for a CB. If u believe that.. then u must reallt believe all the papers. We dont know whats going on and what they are looking for. Didnt they try to sign Bordon last wee
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