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  1. That will be our biggest disadvantage... Playin 2 games a week til march
  2. I still would of liked Nemeth Euro... I just would of never called him a BAM
  3. ^^ ya i mixed up the 5 and 6 :P He scored 15 goals ina league where the average goals per game was 3.7 Like I said.. Surez scored 44 goals for Ajax last season. Djibril scored 23 in 28... After him the most goals was what... 11 :P Nemeth is a BAM? a young kid with potential.. OK if u say so... Our sloppy seconds are your BAMS... U said it :) As for ''recent'' BAMS... Get a Gilberto or a Cisse on your team.. kai ta leme meta ;) Heck even Govou is better then any player you have signed :P FYI not a huge fan of Riera I like Toro and Dudu though
  4. Pantelic is your BAM? :) PAIXTARASSSSSSSSSSSS... Ok ok.. in all seriousness.. Decent player.. good around the net.. good sense of smell... Will not kill himself for the team... will not help out defensively.. attitude problem a la masse... And of course EGO bigger then his talent... 15 goals for ajax in 26 games is nothing to go crazy for... Lets not forget Machlas once scored 31 in a season in Holland... Suarez for example.. last year with Ajax... scored somethign like 44 goals... Better then Mitroglou? Ya,, maybe... But according to him... he is better than Cisse.. :)
  5. Euro... GLENDIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA You guys need to get a top drawer striker or it will be tough to open up teams away from Karaiskaki..
  6. Not a big fan of Moises... he is decent at best.. not a huge improvment over ledesma
  7. IMO romendhal and ibagaza do NOTreplace galetti and belluschi... not by a long shot.. They are both good players.. but i dont think either can win u a game like those two could
  8. What pao has done Olympiakos did in the last 2 years? Lets see and compare... In the last 2 seasons.. Oly made it to the 16 twice.. In the last 2 seasons... Pao made it to the last 16 ONCE.. (in their only CL appearance they also made it to the 16 of uefa after eliminating ROMa with two victories... Thats pretty comparable.. In the past 3 seasons.. Oly has 39 points coefficient.. Pao has 38.. not including this year... where u know pao will get at least 10 or 12... (they already have 4) Oly are out.. Next season.. where ever Oly play in europe.. they will have 42 points coefficient... If it was the cl this season.. they would be in pot 3 with a possibility of playin in pot 4 should teams liek Juvem Standard and Liverpool qualify next season.. That woul make a draw very very difficult for Oly next season.. and may make them exit early which will keep on hurting them.. until they put together back to back runs in europe Forget about the past.. Pao made it to the 4 twice and to the 8 twice.. Oly will never achieve that success in the CL
  9. You got your man... Valverde is the new coach for Oly.. Now there are no more excuses... :)
  10. ^^^ I love the ''with Valverde and 4 new players'' you already have 7 new players in ur squad... Pw pw.. shambles.. 5 coaches in 1 year... actually 11 months... pw pwww.. rezili
  11. That was exactly my point... budgets play a role too... as AEK have none... but still
  12. The game is much quicker in the uk as well.. especially england... Fullham has a great home field... craven i think it is? plus lots of prem teams get players at a young age as well and dont pay high transfer fees. everton raped AEK and they are 15th in the league. Its just different kinda game out there... greek mentality is what needs to change
  13. I inculded wages in there because thats what greek press does.... Like sayin Ben arfa would cost 18 million.. when its 8 to Mars and 9.3 to the player... I heard they spent somethign like 9 million GBP on Andy Johnson.... I could be wrong... Its got to be more then 20 million euro in two years anyway... no way they only signed 2 players this summer...
  14. The difference is that Fullham's budget is something like 50 million... Aris is what...... There is a huge different between the greek league and the EPl..... There should never be any comparaisons.. whatsoever... I dont care what anyone says
  15. All Ben Arfa is is a telented..a very talented prospect. There is no guarantee he will rip up the league. Bellusci didnt. Ben Arfa was a failure at Lyon and Marseille. a Massive failure togo along with his price tag
  16. NikosVazelas


    One game in and a surprise away win vs Levadeiakos
  17. Mareska a HUGE signing? I wouldnt say that at all... Id say he will be a good signing.. with many chances of him turning into an Oscar. They still havent replaced Leto, Djole, Kovacevic and Belluschi not to mention that last season their biggest problem was depth. They need another RM and a LM just to have some depth..If galetti is Injured, what then? Mellberg played 22 games as a starter and 5 as a sub in total of 53 games... thats half the games... Im pretty sure if Juventus wanted him they would of kept him. Not to say that he isnt great. Mellberg is a very good defender. Very good. But in september he is going on 33... and I think its startin to get a little old for defenders at that age. Its still a risk.
  18. They lost Antzas, Djole, Leto, Belluschi and PAtsa.. and have signed a Defender... a very good 33 year old defender... nevertheless... How can that be fine.. They need 3 big signings just to catch up
  19. http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/183922 It looks liek its gonna be a spanish team... Rumours include Villareal and Valverde... Oly needs two BAM signings just to cover up for the two players that left in Leto and Belluschi.. if in fact he did leave... And I believe they are short a DM with PAtsa leaving.
  20. apparently, belluschi is for sale with an unknown team having made an offer for 6 million... that means Oly will lose nearly 4 million on the 7 they paid in 2008
  21. only by midnight the night b4 the first leg
  22. im sure the kid has talent and he might turn out to be the next big thing in greece. but to say he might be better than Pato, who left brazil at 18 and cracked the starting lineup in Milan scoring 4 goals in 229 minutes of play at 18 years old is beyond me. Facts are facts. diogo is almost 22 and has only played one year of a league football in brazil.
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