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  1. PLEASE tell me ur joking....... We have tons of Avraams... We need a mellberg
  2. Govou had an off season in ligue 1 but was incredible in the CL for Lyon. As for my previous post Euro... Id say itll be something like that for most games in greece. When it comes to derbys or Euro games they'll prob have Simao in at DM in place of Viana and maybe even Kara dropping in the middle with either Ninis or Leto riding the pine. As for Govou Defensively... I dont know if you had a chance to see him last season in the CL but he was the one that was playing out wide and was forced to fall back and help out Reveillere and he was great at doing it. Besides greece has a way
  3. Viana is more a CM then a LW I see him playing next to Gilberto or Simao and I get the feeling that Kats will drop back and play next to the CB we will sign. Viana is more taking over Kara's Role. Itll be somethign like this Vyntra---------CB--------KATS------Spyro ---------------------Gilberto------------------- -----------------Ninis----Viana--------------- Govou-----------------------------------Leto -----That guy that scores all the goals----
  4. PRASINAAAAA PANDOUUUUUUUUUUU Xaxaxa Just messin.. Hope to see you all back here next year
  5. 131-NikosVazelas 130-Thrylos 128-AEKPROTATHLIMA 127-Irlandos,MAdboy,Crazy,euro2004,Genome,cyberfish,athinaios 30
  6. U got both games thrylos.... I am one up on you.... I will post the scores today or tomorrow. Looks liek an interesting last week
  7. I have a three game advantage.. not two..... So either im up by one... or its over...
  8. Sorry thrylos.. I forgot Erase ur post and start ur picks all over.. Sorry dude... thk god i remembered today :)) 1--
  9. agreed.. I go somethign like.. ----------------tzorvas------------------ marino----bjarsmyr---sarigui---Kante ----------------Simao---------------- Cleyton-----------Kara----------------Lazo ----------------Ruka---------------- -----------------Petro---------------------- Bring in Ninis. Cisse. Leto if things go bad...
  10. 127-NikosVazelas 124-Thrylos 123-AEKPROTATHLIMA 123-Irlandos,MAdboy,Crazy,euro2004,Genome,cyberfish,athinaios Thrylos gained one game on me the passed 2 weeks... I put everyone else at 123 to make it interesting.. but its between Thrylos and me.. with AEKPROTATHLIMA tryin fr the comeback of the century I will post the games today but I wont post my predictions til next week as we do have 2 weeks til the next games.. You are all free to do the same...Thrylos... U should wait for me to post bfore u do so u wont complain that i am tryin to copy your answers :P
  11. Before Oly scored... Oly had 1 chance on goal.. and pao had 8.... After the goal.. Oly had 3 and pao had 4... Pao dominated and lost.... Thats football.. Best team doesnt always win... We should of won games that we dominated.. and we didnt .. whether its Luck, skill, coaching or just the way it goes... Pao should of been +12 by now... It's a shame itll be so close in the end..
  12. We played offensive football... as opposed to last year with HTC where we played 2 0-0 games in OAKA with AEK and OLY and had maybe 3 chances... Nioplias has been with the team for 3 months and changed the mindset... It hasnt panned out yet... but we are a few players away from having a truly dominant team...
  13. That argument can be said for latter years cyber... We lost points to ergo and serres and iraklis last year or we could of won the title... In past years we would sit back and playcounter football... practically fall asleep during those games... Fine.. we lost today.. but we were clearly te more dominant side.. hell look a the game thread.. no one could believe we didnt score.. Its upsetting we lost but this team has made giant strides in the last season.. With a bam CB and a Bam rm next season we will be even better
  14. Yes Sharpos... and u play Xanthi and Aris at home and Panthrax on the road.. So we need 2 wins in the last 3 games
  15. We beat PAOK ARIS and AEK once ... and dominated every single game we lost or drew except karaiskaki... Would u rather win derbys liek we did in 07 when we beat gavro 2 times and lost the championship by 8 points?
  16. Why? we dominated the first half and they scored on a counter.. We missed 2 chances and hit the post..... Thats life... I truly believe that wit TZORVA in the first match.. it would of been us advancing
  17. Seasons liek this are dissappointments... When will Oly get a chance tobe in the final 16 against a sophmore team like BORDEAUX? Or when will pao play for a chance to go to the qaurters agaisnt Standard.... Or last year vs Villareal. Sad.
  18. ok boys... 4 weeks left.... I will put anyone that wants to play for the last four weeeks in fourth place.... with the same amount of points of the 4th highest propo'er Crazy and I both had 6 picks and Euro had 1 Standings 120-NikosVazelas 116-Thylos 113-AEKPROTATHLIMA 112-Irlandos,MAdboy,Crazy,euro2004,Genome,cyberfish,athinaios and everyone else still wanting to play with 4 weeks left... Anything can happen.. BUT IN THE END... THE TITLE WILL BE GREEN
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