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  1. but Crazy... its you that i want...
  2. umm.. Dudu has only recently been called up and has played... what.. 3 games.... Silva is the captain of the national team as we speak. as for last year, Silva came off injury and still played 29 games but eventually lost his starting job . im not comparing the two anyway, i was just stating my opinion. Besides i hope ur not seriously contmeplating comparing DUDU with Silva are you? and imo, Dudu is ok. but honestly, did you know who he was before his name appeared in the paper As for Leto, just because he was signed by liverpool doesnt make him a star. Mark Gonzalez from Chile also signed there as a 19 year odl and now, only 3 years later, he is lost somewhere in spain. im not saying LETO wont be goodin fact i did say he has potential. im saying he is a loan player who wont play his whole careeer at oly anyway. On side not, everytime i try and type DUDU 's name, for some reason i always type DUDE first. odd
  3. now this may set u all off seeing as how its coming from a pao fan, but id be terribly dissapointed if i were an oly fan with the transfers to date. Oscar sucks from what i have seen. Leto seems to have potential but in no way covers the GAPING hole left by Lua Lua departure. Dudu was a sub last year at CSKA with only 19 appearances due to a lack of form. Avraam is good but nothing more. Considering you lost Lua Lua who by far was one of if not the most dangerous player last season, and Nunez who is an up and coming talent and not to mention Ledesma who although not amazing was a solid DM when he played, and with an againg Stoltidis, Djole and Kova, i wold be yelling from mountain tops at my management to do something about it. you cant always depend on officiating and games won on paper. or maybe u can i dont know. But speaking from experience, i am telling you that if u yell really loud and scream hard enough and pray really really deep, your prayers may be answered too. And although i usually disagree with DUDE and still do when it comes to Brandao, who I feel is good (at best), i strongly second his post above and its actually refreshing to see an Oly fan not brainwashed from tabloids, radio and all other forms of media out there. My grandfather is 71 and hes been that way for 55 some odd years. by the way, on a side note, i am watching the opening ceremonies for the olympics, and man oh man are they amazing this time around. Truly unbelievable. Wow.
  4. its alot to risk on a player that has played his whole career in b division brazil. and he is nearly 22. if he was that great and worth so much, how come no one went after him. besides the supposed Arsenal bid. i would neverwant to spend that much on one player. what if you sign him and after the 4th game he breaks his leg. its a big risk. id rather get young layers, around 4 or 5 million and get 3 of them rather than one 11 million dollar player especially if with 11 mil, u only get 70% of his rights.
  5. it isnt possible DUDE. maybe thats why the TOP was 58-42 for England.
  6. if we draw and italy draw against the czechs, we will advance... but lets go for the win.
  7. you forgot nikopolodis and zewlakov
  8. 3.2 million for lua. apparently the main reason they sold Lua Lua according to Novasportfm is because lua lua was set to make 1.8million this season and the dikoish feels it is too much to pay for him. so they decided as a whole to sell him and buy another player. imo a very bad move.
  9. Samaras started 4 games at celtic and came on in 17 games as a sub. he played a total of 851 minutes... which comes to a little more than 9 full games. thats a a scoring ration of 2 goals every 3 games. very good at celtic. He sucked at the Euro but then again who didnt.
  10. lackzo is released and sifakis option was not picked up... seems like sifakis is Aris Bound.
  11. Too bad, Parnto is gonna be a very good keeper.
  12. dude and duscher are a no go according to novesport. Apparently duscher turned out the offer of playing in greece. why is it thatgreek media always say a bunch of bs when it comes to names coming to greece. its all mindless hogwash. from now on, until i see a dude in greece with a oly or pao scarf, i will consider any rumour just that, a rumour.
  13. espanyol was an ok team this season but they had some pretty decent players. Oly should of gone for Laudrup from Getafe. forget about everything else, Getafe played some great football. i know pao is linked with him but oly was also looking for a coach. my top three free agents are Deschamps, Laudroup and Perrin.
  14. http://www.sportdog.gr/new/article.aspx?id=65044
  15. peseiro went to the uefa final too
  16. I dont see how pao is that far off. Grant it we do have a few , and i stress a FEW players that arent as good as a few OLY players. Lua lua galetti and Belluschi all have class. Ivan is the best LM in greece but would prob be better as a CAM. Our Dline is on par or BEtter then olys. Our DM`s Mattos Simao and tziolis are just as good or better then Mendrino, stolitids and Ledesma. You have Kova up front. Pao has Salpi, Manucho and postiga. In net Pao have the upper hand as Galinovic is 30 and is having an awesome year. Nikpolidis is 36 and has maybe one year left. I agree that pao is young and inexperenced but considering we lack some talent in a few players as opposed to Oly, pao is doing an awesome job being 4 points in front of oly and AEK. at least, on the field. forget on paper. Everyone is saying that pao is a bad team and is playing horrible football.. Yet such a young bad team have managed to get 4 points more than the much more experienced , supposed more talented players that oly has.
  17. i disagree that lemonis had nothing to do with the cl success this season. He changed the philosophy of the way oly plays in europe. He used pao`s philosophy. stay back on d and counter. He realized that oly cant compete in europe by playing there 4-3-3 like they did in recent years. Sollied tried it and got rattled. Pao has been playing that way for years. A basic defensive style 5-3-2 with one of the DMs dropping back as the 3rd CB when needed. Mattos did it this year in copenhagen and simao did it wonderfully in Atletico. You cant expect teams like oly and pao to play open and compete in europe. The typical `tsoukou tsoukou goal`philosophy which pao perfected over the years was the reason OLY did well this season. Lemonis made that happen. His only real mistake is that he continued using that system in greece, even in karaiskaki against the smaller teams. instead of opening it up to playing say a 4-2-4 or 4-3-3. Too bad though. he was funny in his interviews, well some of them, and he was a pure gavro. we will see him next year in the super league with my guess is a team liek KAlithea or inonikos if they get promoted or maybe as a replacement for a team like LArisa if Donis comes to pao.
  18. dont be too quick to judge a kid who is 19 years old. you saw him play 4 games. relax. the kid is 19 and has great promise.
  19. I dont think theyre age is that bad. if u think about it, Cleyton, Iglesias,Lambropoulos,Alexandrou, Para, Kyriakidis and Gikas are all under 23. Fotakis and sarmiento are both under 29 and they have kotsios and katsiaros who are 30. only dabizas forster and venetidis are over 30. As for the galitsios loss, Larisa in the summer signed Mixalis Boukouvalas, who is 19 and was the RB the whole tournament for the national team of the Neon which went all the way to the finals. He showed huge promise but got hurt this season and had surgery. he will be ready come july. i think the way AEL showed capable of signing players, they will pick up a solid CB and possibly a keeper this summer.
  20. Arsenal has a great team. awesome to watch, but there is some confusion to what some people say about arsenal not spending as much money as other big teams. their midfield cost them 47m and adebayor cost them 18. the difference is they get them very young and play them earlier. and u can tell that with all the players having been there for a few years and slowly introducing other players into the lineup that wegners system is being taken in perfectly.
  21. i think zurawski is 31 not 34
  22. i dont know about samaras over salpi. and i wouldnt know about callin salpi a trash bag player. Samaras has alot of potential but doesnt have the guts and work ethic of the so called trash bag salpi.
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