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  1. Pantelic is your BAM? :) PAIXTARASSSSSSSSSSSS... Ok ok.. in all seriousness.. Decent player.. good around the net.. good sense of smell... Will not kill himself for the team... will not help out defensively.. attitude problem a la masse... And of course EGO bigger then his talent... 15 goals for ajax in 26 games is nothing to go crazy for... Lets not forget Machlas once scored 31 in a season in Holland... Suarez for example.. last year with Ajax... scored somethign like 44 goals... Better then Mitroglou? Ya,, maybe... But according to him... he is better than Cisse.. :)
  2. I think u meant Half-assed :) Scocco would feature for Pao in at least 18 to 20 games... There are injuries, resting (don tforget we play sunday-- wednesday til decemeber) Plus im sure.. against many teams... we would have a 4-1-4-1 with 1dm (prob Gilberto) and a front 5 of Govou-Ninis-Cisse-Leto and Kara Scocco could easily slip into Kara's spot. Kara cant play 30 games anymore even though his mind tells him he can.. His body wont handle it... With boumsong Kats ansd Gilberto in the back.... we coudl do lots of damage with that lineup... Just my thoughts...
  3. it doesnt panic me at all... But I am upset that we let a player of his calibre and low price get away... 2m for a player with his potential is nothing.. Its too bad..
  4. The sad things is.. greek players are not worth much on the market.. which makes the likes of selling mantzios tziolis and co. much much much more difficult..
  5. Euro... GLENDIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA You guys need to get a top drawer striker or it will be tough to open up teams away from Karaiskaki..
  6. adonis We sold Tziolis for 1mm ruka we sold for 800 but have a 30% clause for furture sale. Mantzios is still with us. Mattos ha sbeen loaned out 3 times for a total of 1,1m Ivan was loaned out for 400k with a buy out of 1m Gabriel will be loaned out for 400k Just because we send them on loan... doesnt mean we get no money.. For example we loaned Mantzio to Eintracht for 400k and to anorthosis for 200k So we actually made 600k for Mantzio and we still have him Tziolis was loaned out to werder for 300k two years ago.... We actually made good money with these players and then e
  7. I agree Euro2004... If Cisse gets injured... Suazo can step in.. but has never really played euro football and has become injury prone recently.. Plus his wages are at 1.8 per year.. Nemeth is young, has tons of talent... and can Also replace Cisse if injured... Maybe he wont as well as Suazo.. but he is also a wildcard... HE can replace Cisse... but he can also replace Ninis or Govou. Its like a 3 in 1.... Plus im of the mentality that Speed wins. and in Nioplias system... Nemeth would fit like a glove...
  8. Not a big fan of Moises... he is decent at best.. not a huge improvment over ledesma
  9. Nemeth is also someone that can be very versatile in case of injuries.. Ninis and govou can easily be replaced by Nemeth... I always liked him though so maybe im biased... That kid can play... Besides.. if wee buy him for 2m and then turn around and sell him in 3 years for 6 or 7.. maybe its worth it.?
  10. I have many chilean friends from my days working in restaurants.. used to follow chilean league.. Suazo is a pure goal scorer. a true box CF not much speed... but killer in front and great insticnt. Id rather get Nemeth just for future potential
  11. Pro-po for the new season that is right around the corner is nearly upon us. I will try to keep things going for a while. I think Ill be able to keep it up. Here are the matches for week 1. 1
  12. Euro... I stopped my subscription with Mytv because of iraqgoals :) They have almost every game out there.. not only greek league Great site... there are a few other... but iraqgoals is the best one
  13. Game is on Saturday at 8:30pm Gr time :)
  14. Im at work Crazy but i heard the game is on ET1 which i think is part of the MyTV channels.. If so I can watch the full rerun after work tonight.. WOOT Ill check in from time to time Crazy...
  15. Damn I was so close^^^
  16. I disagree ^^^ the prospect of having Mantzios as backup to cover for Cisse is scary... He is over rated and lazy.. and def not Pao material... I want a backup I can have faith in to replace cisse should he get injured. Mantzios is not it
  17. The only NT players away will be the greek ones... BOUM Cisse and Govou didnt get called up and gilberto retired... also Simao is not going to africa .. he got a stay after the long trip from north america so missing will be Tzorvas Ninis Kats Kara Marino Vyntra Spyro Dimoutso and ioannidis. The line up will look something like this.. -----------------Danny Fernandez------------------ giourka-------Boum-----Bjarsmyr---------Kante ------------Simao----------Gilberto---------------- Govou-----------------------------------------Leto ------------------Cisse---Petropoulos------
  18. IMO romendhal and ibagaza do NOTreplace galetti and belluschi... not by a long shot.. They are both good players.. but i dont think either can win u a game like those two could
  19. What pao has done Olympiakos did in the last 2 years? Lets see and compare... In the last 2 seasons.. Oly made it to the 16 twice.. In the last 2 seasons... Pao made it to the last 16 ONCE.. (in their only CL appearance they also made it to the 16 of uefa after eliminating ROMa with two victories... Thats pretty comparable.. In the past 3 seasons.. Oly has 39 points coefficient.. Pao has 38.. not including this year... where u know pao will get at least 10 or 12... (they already have 4) Oly are out.. Next season.. where ever Oly play in europe.. they will have 42 points co
  20. Govou is great at Man Marking and I read in an interview at lequipe.fr and they said Lyon would always use him when defending the lead because he was their best defensive winger :)
  21. You got your man... Valverde is the new coach for Oly.. Now there are no more excuses... :)
  22. ^^^ I love the ''with Valverde and 4 new players'' you already have 7 new players in ur squad... Pw pw.. shambles.. 5 coaches in 1 year... actually 11 months... pw pwww.. rezili
  23. We had 5 more clear chances in the 2nd half... and a good goal called back for no reason. Very strong pre season so far for Pao
  24. Iraklis look to have signed Josemi who is a CB that played for Mallorca last season. I think it was on a free transfer... This guy was once linked with us.. I think 2 summers ago... He is absolute crap by the way
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